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I am installing SP2 tomorrow

I have obtained a copy of SP2 from my friendly computer shop and will install tomorrow. Will the SP2 firewall run along side Zonealarm? Has anyone disabled the SP2 security programs and kept their old security programs? What is the general consensus on this?


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Reporting: I am installing SP2 tomorrow
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Hi Basil

The basic consensus is to shut the SP2 Windows Firewall off and use Zone Alarm because Zone Alarm blocks both incoming and outgoing whereas Windows Firewall blocks only incoming.

This is a copy and paste from Microsoft.
"Q. Should I use both the built-in firewall and a software firewall from a different company on my Windows XP computer?
A. No. Running multiple software firewalls is unnecessary for typical home computers, home networking, and small-business networking scenarios. Using two firewalls on the same connection could cause issues with connectivity to the Internet or other unexpected behavior. One firewall, whether it is the Windows XP Internet Connection Firewall or a different software firewall, can provide substantial protection for your computer."

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First off, good luck!

You do not need to enable XP SP2 firewall if you have ZA. 3rd party firewall should do the job. The Windows Security Center should detect the status of your ZA, your AV and Automatic Updates.

For example:
Firewall - ON
ZoneAlarm is currently ON.

Automatic Updates - OFF <-- that is if your setting is Off.

Virus Protection - ON
AVG reports that it is up to date and virus scanning is on.

Here are quick links:
Windows XP Service Pack 2

What to Know Before Downloading and Installing - Learn the steps you need to take before installing SP2.

If ever you'll received an alert from Windows Security Center saying that your computer may not be protected because ZA is not running, do this:
Open ZoneAlarm at your taskbar. Go to Firewall Main tab Advanced Settings and check the option: disable Windows Firewall.
Shut down ZoneAlarm. In security center turn on XP firewall. Reboot. After ZoneAlarm loads, security center shows ZoneAlarm is running, and XP firewall shows it is off (it was switched off by ZoneAlarm); if you shut down ZoneAlarm, XP firewall comes on, Security center shows XP firewall on; turn ZoneAlarm back on, XP firewall is turned off by ZoneAlarm, Security center shows ZoneAlarm firewall is on.

Will the SP2 firewall run along side Zonealarm?
Yes but you don't need to run 2 firewall. ZA supports XP SP2 system.
Has anyone disabled the SP2 security programs and kept their old security programs?
I tried before and it is OK because Norton Internet Security 2005 has the option to monitor its status. Also I unchecked the option in Security Center of Windows to monitor the Automatic Updates since I know already if it is on or off Happy
If I want to know the status of my AV or firewall manually, I simply bring up Norton or hover the mouse to Norton icon in the taskbar to check the status or Windows Security Center.

The same with my other box, I bring both up manually to check whether Outpost Pro is detected by Security Center and if Security Center can detect the Outpost Pro.

Most 3rd party security programs are now compatible to SP2. Most vendors released a program update already that will make their products detected by Windows Security Center.

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condolences and a word of advice

before you install, set a restore point...
install the sp2.exe and not a slipstream method, that way, if you 'lose' anything, sp2 can be uninstalled via control panel....

good luck!



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Thanks, Roddy, Donna and Jonah..

I'm off to bed. I will let you know if I have problems.


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Well, that wasn't too painful...

and all seems to be running OK. Thanks again to all who gave me advice.

One other thing - I may be wrong, but wasn't there some sort of adjustment to be made in Outlook Express after installing SP2. With my memory it might have been some other update.


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That's great news Basil, the

adjustments to Outlook Express all depend on what you want to do. There is a link inside the Microsoft link that I gave you in my first post that tells you about them. One of the things that I like about SP2 is that it blocks HTML from opening by putting a little bar in the preview pane so if it is spam, you can just delete it without the HTML opening and sending a signal back to the spammer BUT if you WANT to open it, such as a CNET newsletter, etc. you just click the little bar and it opens. That option can be shut off BUT I highly recommend that you keep it that way for the reasons I just said. You get used to it and it doesn't take but a half second to open the e-mail.

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Hi, Roddy.....

It was the HTML blocking I was thinking of. However, I believe some malicious material can download even when the message is in preview mode, so I have preview disabled.

The HTML graphics are usually from trusted and well used scientic sites and anything else I delete in mailwasher, so I have re-enabled the HTML setting.

Thanks again Roddy - you are a gem.

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(NT) (NT) Glad it went well for you Basil, you're welcome

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