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I agree with thought_stazi all the way

Nov 25, 2005 4:40AM PST

As you know my discussion has been locked, click on the link below and you can read it in its entirety and its comments.

In my opinion thought_stazi is using something that has been institutionalized in the American culture/life for hundreds of years, and it is called TOUGH LOVE. I mean really thought_stazi is right about the moderators in these cnet forums. I read the policy and the only issue it brought up was piracy and offending other members. I mean really it is tough love people, get over it. It is everywhere. It is used in the military. Think about it, trainers and sergeants don't tell soldiers to eat candy and dance all day, NO they tell soldiers to do push ups and train. My father served in "Nam" and he told me how officials used vulgar and obscene language at him when he didn't do something right. Really you people need to stop getting offended for no reason at all AND get over it. It is a word if you think about it. If someone called me stupid or some other vulgar word like the f word, I would not care at all. You know why, BECAUSE who ever is responding to a discussion or comment I have created is sitting behind a KEYBOARD typing in curse words and calling me names, and that doesn't offend me. Also for this spamming thing and having business names in a name, GUESS WHAT I HAVE A BUSINESS COMPANY IN MY NAME, I USED TO WORK FOR ALIENWARE; SUE ME. People need to stop acting childish, grow up and start acting as adults. If there is an offensive comment targeting you, SO WHAT IT ISN'T HURTING YOU. I don't care if moderators are volunteering. It seems to me that any idiot that knows the english language and has submitted tons of posts can be a moderator, and so I shall. I'll become a moderator and see how people like it. That said,I would like to make an honorable mention to Ray Harinec. He responded to a post that was made my thought_stazi, and you can click this link to read it

Ray Harinec said that thought_stazi admires the Fuehrer (Hitler). Well here is an FYI for you Ray. Thought_stazi's name refelects how the moderators here in cnet forums are like the secret police of the USSR(Soviet Union). Cnet moderators are like the secret police of thought. If you did your studying and reading THE USSR AND GERMANY HATED EACH OTHER DURING WW2, so really you have no proof that through thought_stazi's moniker he admires the Fuehrer. Just because Nazi rhymes with stazi, and they are basically the same thing (before Nazi was an army, they were just a gang terrorizing Jews) it doesn't mean that thought_stazi likes Hitler. You are a fool for thinking that and an ignorant one as I might add. Besides you are the one that corrected thought_stazi when thought_stazi mispelled Fuehrer.

Discussion is locked

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Don't even try to reason in bad behavior...
Nov 25, 2005 5:04AM PST

Bad behavior is bad behavior. To put someone else down is to believe they are better than everyone else.

To put up with it is the same as a terrified victim rationalizing what their victimizer is doing is acceptable.

The military usage of such language is for survival purposes only. The ones that use such language trying to help those under their care would be the first ones to condemn such hateful, self important behavior in civil society. Ther is no excuse. Please don't try to excuse it.

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I'm not
Nov 25, 2005 5:23AM PST

but people need to stop acting as babies and shut up about something a little offense. If you can't take it being called stupid, then you will never make it the real world.

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Responsibilities of an adult
Nov 25, 2005 5:33AM PST

One of them is to realize that you don't teach somebody by criticizing their efforts when you haven't even tried to find out what those efforts were in the first place.

Another of them is to realize that as an adult you have control over how you decide to react...and it isn't necessary to be rude and abusive to a complete stranger in order to up your ego level and call it tough love.

If the replier believes the original poster is stupid, the choice is easy....close the window and go on to another post instead. There will be others along who will deal with the post instead.

Like I said...there are plenty of forums across the net that will welcome abusive and rude behavior...go find one as CNET won't, and calling the Moderators the 'thought police' isn't an endearing phrase. This person has called us worse over the years and we're still here trying to figure out why HE is.

BTW, in case you don't know it, resurrecting a locked thread in order to keep the 'debate' going is also a rule that Lee Koo passed down about a year ago...and repeated practices of it is a bannable offense. I don't think it's in the TOS, but it IS a rule nonetheless and there's been enough discussion about this. The purpose of a locked thread is to end the discussion.........period.

I'm locking this thread, and advise you to not resurrect it again.