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I agree quite heartily with this comment by Obama

I thought this hit the nail squarely. I'm not posting it as political but as an example of what I feel is a media disservice to the public who rely on them for news and views. Lock it....delete it if you feel it's against the TOS but, IMO, it needs to be said.

"The 24-hour news cycle and cable television and blogs and all this ? they focus on the most extreme elements on both sides," Obama said. "They can't get enough of conflict. It's catnip to the media right now."

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Reporting: I agree quite heartily with this comment by Obama
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They did finally get around to it..

but were far from on top of the story, for whatever reason. But it's far from the only thing they were johnny-come-latelies on, and there are STILL stories they are not covering that they should.

Their bias is very obvious.

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(NT) Strange. I heard that story on network news just fine.
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After it happened? That is the point.

When did you hear about Van Jones?

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That's funny...

That's funny, I looked at the evening news broadcasts of NBC, CBS, and ABC, but didn't see it when Fox had already covered it. NBC and CBS had the broadcast time to cover a "fluff" story at the end of their broadcasts, but didn't seem to have the time to cover the Senate vote.

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(NT)'s THAT network that bugs you. ;-)
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Three comments

First...Obama may not like the fact that 24 hr cable news is on 24/7 when it OPPOSES what he has to say, but when HE is using up the media almost daily and sometimes MULTIPLE times daily, he doesn't seem to mind THAT a bit. Gimme a break on this egomaniac. seems awfully strange to me that one of the most popular news magazines chose to put Glenn Beck from FOX on the front page rather than what Beck was actually reporting on, which was the massive TeaParty rally in DC. I would THINK that the rally was a MUCH MORE important front page picture and story than Beck, don't you?

Third...the reason for the name of the rally being TeaParty was a pretty self-description. Taxation without representation which is what this stupid health care issue has actually become now. Anybody with an ounce of intelligence saw this coming long ago, and the TeaParty rally was a revolutionary protest against it.


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Well, my post wasn't about Obama but an

agreement with one of his comments about news media focus. You mentioned Glenn Beck making a magazine's front cover. Knowing Mr. Beck's outspoken nature and political leanings, I think that provides evidence that the statement is true. It does seem to me that this president, more so than most who came before him, is seeking to use the media as his own tool. Certainly there's plenty to say that, for the most part, he had the media in his pocket during the campaign. But I don't think he's finding the media to be as friendly now as they were prior to his taking office. Frankly I'm a bit surprised by this myself and equally surprised to hear him make the comment I highlighted in the OP. But it's one I agree with.

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Fox News BUSTED. Caught coaching crowds at tea party.
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Have you ever watched MSNBC?

I guess not. They would be "busted" several times a day for cheerleading Obama and the left.

Same for CNN.

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Got a link to them doing it?

I provided one; you can do the same.

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Turn on your TV!

I was watching the ED show not long ago and they had a "poll:" "Are GOP lies about health care changing any minds?"


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A "show" is not news

Do you want me using Bill O'Reilly or Sean Hannity quotes to prove Fox's bias? I'm guessing not.

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Reminds me of election coverage last year

Fox reporters were fond of going to public places during last year's presidential campaigning and talking about the "massive" turnouts at small town public places like restaurants to protest the Democrats, Obama, et al.... while the camera often proved the "crowds" were not that massive or even there to do anything other than eat lunch.

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Did that give you a tingle up your leg?

As Chris Matthews said during MSNBC's Convention coverage?

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So what are you trying to say here, Ed ?

I watch MSNBC less than I watch Fox... so you will have to explain what Matthew's meant, and by extension, what you are trying to say.

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You really don't get the reference?


Last night during MSNBC's Potomac Primary coverage, Chris Matthews and Keith Olbermann were discussing Barack Obama's speech. Matthews ? who, in the past, has both cried over an Obama speech and compared him to Jesus ? described exactly what happens to him when Obama speaks:

I have to tell you, you know, it's part of reporting this case, this election, the feeling most people get when they hear Barack Obama's speech. My, I felt this thrill going up my leg. I mean, I don't have that that too often.
MSNBC is so in the bag for Obama that it's not funny.

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This explains so much.

I guess some of us are less concerned about TV pundits.

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RE: some of us are less concerned about TV pundits

How will you know what to think/do?

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Wha? It is directly relevant to the subject.

If you're NOT concerned with TV pundits, maybe stop bloviating about Fox since you clearly don't know what you are talking about.

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More of the same...
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Telling the truth is not a tactic. It's not a competition or a game.


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Telling the truth?

The truth is that the stations that you said failed to cover the news story... did indeed cover the news story. The reality is that they just don't regurgitate the same opinion that you would like them to, nor stress what you want them to. When confronted with "the truth" you fall back on the complaint that things are not as "simple" as what myself or Josh or anyone you don't agree with would have you believe.

Now you can bloviate all you want but your words have always spoke for themselves... less to your credit than you would like to believe.

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Excuse me but

"The reality is that they just don't regurgitate the same opinion that you would like them to"

The REAL reality of it was that they didn't cover the story....they instead held interviews with people (politicians mostly) who denigrated and devalued every protestor that was in DC with various derogatory remarks about them.

AND they spent most of the day 'covering' Obama's hasty retreat out of DC to a state that held last minute 'town hall' meetings on a Saturday.

THAT isn't coverage....

It's not like the cowardly lion in charge didn't know very much in advance of this march on DC. He knows how to waggle his finger in somebody's face, but sure didn't like the idea of well over tens of thousands of fingers waggling in his instead.


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(NT) Don't you wish it was that easy?
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CNN also busted

It appears that out of hundreds of hours of coverage at Fox News, and literally NONE at CNN and the other media, CNN was more interested in covering any 'wrong doing' of Fox and went out of their way to find one instance, rather than actually cover the REAL event and reason they were all there.

So CNN had a 'gotcha' moment out of hours and hours of Fox coverage...that still doesn't excuse CNN for their lack of coverage of a truly newsworthy episode in DC.

I happened to have been switching channels the entire day to all of the tv stations that should have been covering this story, and there was NIL being reported other than on FOX.

Sorry...I'm wrong. There was ALOT of coverage of the President at his unprecedented 'town hall meetings' on a SATURDAY conveniently out of state and very far away from any massive 'town hall meeting' being held in his own backyard. Lots of praise for that guy...but lots of disparaging remarks about the people at the rally and accusing them of not 'representing' the majority of the country.

If you call that 'coverage', shame on you.


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Was there "literally none" or was there some coverage ?

I would suggest this is another case of outrage on some folk's part, not because there wasn't any coverage, but it was not the coverage you, and others would have desired to see.

My opinion is simply give the public the right to decide for itself... instead of claiming a minority of outraged "Tea Baggers" are actually speaking for the majority of the nation.

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OMG, grim

In case you missed it because the rest of the media wasn't exactly covering the country's town hall meetings prior to the 'tea baggers' at DC except to interview Democrat politicians, this is NOT a minority of people ticked off. We are now in the 'majority' and the fact that the rest of the media chose to disparage us and what we believe and want by their comments like 'Republicans' backed us or organized us, etc. SHOULD have awakened the media to the fact that we are real people who believe that government has overstepped its boundaries and invasion into our lives.

I never expected that the other media would give our side much credibility, but I DID expect that they would at least report honestly instead of making every interview they've done so totally one sided and biased.

The very fact that NONE of them gave any coverage to the Van Jones issues that brought about his resignation until the very day he resigned and they all reported his statement about how it was a smear campaign by FOX even when his own past and current words were being used against him, and the fact that Acorn was literally left alone by the media AND the White House until those kids went out on their own to bring enlightment to the subject of their corruption, and the media waited until over a week AFTER the fact to report anything about it, and the fact that the President who has been hand in hand with Acorn since before he ever left Chicago and nothing has been said while he quietly backs away from that group, makes me ill.

Obama even commented in his almost daily interviews that he 'didn't know that the Feds were giving money to Acorn'.

If you think only a handful of us are outraged, I'm wondering where YOURS is?


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What ever you have to tell yourself

I don't agree with Obama's plans myself... BUT... the agenda proposed by most teabaggers is ludicrous because it borders on inaction where action is needed... and more "stay the course" where change is most drastically needed.

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Same old tactic


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Isn't that the network that "covered up" what was going on in Iraq just so they could have access?

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