blockade runner, possibly just an old schooner used for running rum. In any other country, it would be rescued and investigated. Dendrochronology (Tree-ring dating) could date it very quickly, but I haven't heard of it being carried out.

I'd have thought a Blockade runner, even in this parlous shape would be historically valuable and an interesting adjunct to the Biloxi Museum. While recovery would be fairly easy, preservation would be expensive, and it's a Civil War ship and not a Revolutionary or earlier ship. The older the more likely to be preserved.

In some ways I wish Canada could recover the Hamilton and Scourge wrecks in Lake Ontario, and set up a Marine Museum for the War of 1812, but they're really too deep, and recovery and preservation would be very expensive. Then again, they probably have been declared War Graves, which means they stay where they are. The Hamilton is just so attractive with its figure head.