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Humming Speakers

Okay you electrical geniuses out there. I've got a nasty hum problem here. If you can figure it out I'll owe you big time.

I have 6 tactile transducers. My receiver (a new Pioneer Elite) only has one sub pre out so I have a splitter. One line goes to the main sub and the other to the amps for the transducers. When I plug the sub into the receiver, everything is fine. But when I plug in the transducers I get a hum in ALL my speakers (yes, front, surrounds, etc).

Any time I have an amplifier plugged in (power on or off) and this second sub line plugged into that amplifier input, I get the hum. It doesn't even have to be the sub line. If I use a L or R front channel pre out, I get the same hum.

I've tried several high end amplifiers with identical results. The sound goes away when the amp is unplugged or this second output is unplugged from the receiver. I've also tried multiple cables going between the two.

Also note... I don't have the tactile transducers or speakers plugged into these amps. So it's not a fault at the speaker or in the line between the amp and the speaker. I have plugged the second amp into multiple outlets, with and without line conditioners with no change in results.

I'm stumped. I'm sure there are other things I can troubleshoot, but I don't know what they are. Anyone have any good ideas? If you do PLEASE toss em out. This thing is driving me CRAZY!

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I am a speaker who hums, & lately it is "At Last" by Etta

James that comes to mind.

Isn't the term "tactile transducers" overuse of the English language?

Do you really need a second sub line & splitter? Splitters are often a problem source despite the integral purpose of avoiding just that. Why do such things need to be made as cheaply as possible when a lot of us would be glad to pay 5 bucks instead for one that actually works well?

A nasty little ground loop in there?

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Bass shaker? Why not invest in a high quality sub woofer


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(NT) I have a high quality sub... you gotta try transducers!
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And the question remains...

How do I track down the cause of the fault and then how do I fix it?

I don't think it's a power source otherwise the Pioneer receiver would be humming as well.

It's not a line coming from the amp because there aren't any. It's not the cable going between the receiver and amp... I've tried several.

I don't think it's the actual amps because they're high end and I've tried multiples with the same results. And the Pioneer receiver is brand new and doesn't hum on it's own.

Anyone smarter than me have an idea?

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Have you tried attaching the spade-lug tails on the subwoofer cable to the Pioneer and the amps? This sounds like a definate gounding issue and that would at least omit that posibility...

Monster and/or AudioQuest have these if yours doesn't.

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Spade Lug Cables?

What are spade lug cables?

I wound up connecting a wire from the chassy of all the amps to the chassy of my line conditioner. It's not pretty but guess what? It did the trick! The hum is just barely noticeable now.

Would the spade lug cables serve the same purpose?

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Spade-lug tail cables are high[er] end subwoofer cables, but have a seperate "U" shaped spade on each end which you can screw fast to the AVR and subs to control any grounding issue.

If you go to the AudioQuest site and look under innerconnects->subwoofer cables, you'll see an example.

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Yep... I'm thinking ground

Yes... absolutely a ground loop from what I can tell. I just can't narrow down from where. It has to be something to do with how the amps are interfering with the Pioneer receiver.

By the way, this is all top of the line stuff. The amps are parasound and the tactile transducers rock your world durring a movie. Now it's like there's something missing.

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Sounds like a ground loop problem.

Make sure all the amps are on the same circuit. run extension cords from one outlet to test out. John

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Ground loop issue

I had a similar problem with my subwoofer and receiver where when I would connect my subwoofer to my receiver I would get a constant hum output from the subwoofer. I actually remedied this by taking a basic piece of wire and attaching one end to the grounding screw on the receiver (usually for a turn table or antenna) and the other end to one of the amp screws on my sub. This made it so they both defined their ground (0.0 Volts) the same and the hum went away.

You could try doing the same thing with your transducers.

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