Hulu Plus stopped working some models Vizio & other brands

Just found this Vizio support page listing the Vizio models the Hulu Plus app STOPPED working on. https://support.vizio.com/s/article/Hulu-Plus-no-longer-working .

There are similar complaints for Samsung models.

Symptoms: Vizio TV logged me out of Hulu Plus app. When you try to get back in, it never displays the device activation code, just "Loading...". If you choose "Log into Hulu Plus" it just sits at "Waiting" once you enter the userid/password, no matter how long you leave it trying.

Netflix/Amazon/YouTube/etc built-in apps all connect to the internet and stream just fine.

After calling Vizio and uninstalling the Hulu Plus app then re-installing/unplugging and waiting 60 seconds while holding some button/playing with DNS settings/resetting the TV to factory/(etc) to no avail, called Hulu support. The first time I called, we went thru many the same gyrations as with Vizio support and there was no fix. The second time I called, Hulu acknowledged a known issue with the Hulu app on some smart tv models, Samsung included, and gave me a month's credit.

After calling Hulu support again yesterday, they elaborated that there are Vizio models that cannot take the upgraded Vizio app and the built-in app version will simply no longer work. Got another month's credit, but now there is no hope it is going to get fixed. They suggest getting a Roku like device or getting to Hulu Plus thru an Xbox or Blu-ray attached to the Vizio.

I don't know who I'm pissed at more, Hulu for cutting off the old app or Vizio for not being able to upgrade to the new one. My XVT553SV is only 5 years old. You still see them for sale new on the Internet. What does that say for buying any smart tv with a built-in app?

If I were you I'd definitely call Hulu and report your dis-satisfaction and ask for a credit if they don't offer one. Log into Hulu Plus, in the top right window pick Help, then Contact Us, then troubleshooting. On the left, put in your phone number and they will call you back.

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Reporting: Hulu Plus stopped working some models Vizio & other brands
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That was predicted.

The folk that write code for Smart TVs are not that plentiful and when this began the makers were all over the map without a standard OS and design. The result was predictable. And yes, a Roku is the better solution.

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going to become more common

I believe what happened to you will happen more and more as tv and other appliances become smarter. They are only going to be able to keep the software updated so long then quit long before the tv or appliances end of life.

For the tv, it may be better to do what the tech told you, just get the roku or some other streaming box because at least, it is cheaper to replace when they quit updating. that is what I am doing.

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The YouTube app no longer works officially either on XVT473SV. It does not look like smartapps on our models will be officially supported any longer. Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be any money to be had by supporting "older" Vizio models.

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Come on,

it's 5 years and still going, I say that's a pretty good TV. I bet you didn't buy it because it WAS smart.

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I have the same issue

I have a Vizio E55-C2, I bought it last February, it's a year old, and my Hulu app recently quit working as well. I am less than happy to have a TV that's barely a year old that won't run it's apps.

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Had the same problem

I had the same problem with my less than 2 years old Vizio tv.

First I reached out to Hulu. They told me Vizio tv's didn't support the speed they needed.

I then reached out to Vizio. After troubleshooting, we ended up doing a factory reset. Although I had to reenter all account info on all my apps, Hulu works again.

Hope this helps some of you.

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Vizio Smart TV apps no longer supported

My Vizio Smart TV is only 5 years old. Last summer, I got a notice that YOUTUBE would no longer be supported. Today, 6/24/18, I got a notice that beginning August of this year Hulu Plus app will no longer be supported. This really sucks! What good is a so called Smart App TV that has no usable streaming apps? I suspect Netflix is next. My Cable provider is now streaming YouTube and Netflix. Coincidence? Frustrating.

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Hulu app

If you download hulu to your android or iPhone and buy a chromecast or other streaming device, then hulu(plus) works just fine. Thank goodness. Plus I have a roku TV and there is a hulu app. It also comes with the hulu button on the remote. Hope this helps!

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So what all these posts are saying that if you have a Vizio there is no hope to fix this problem. Mine is only 1 year old and recently the Hulu app would just shut down. After looking at several sites to "fix" I came across this forum. Doesn't seem like Vizio really sells a "Smart" TV after all. The Smartcast that I have did go through and update, even calls itself "NEW" . I really don't want to buy a Roku but sounds like that is investment I need make to watch the shows I want to watch.

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Vizio Hulu app not updated

I spoke with 2 Vizio representatives today. They kept telling me that my "TV" firmware was up to date. But the problem is that the "Hulu" app has not been updated in over a 1½. And that's the problem we are having.

Either they "can't" update it or the "won't. Either way we can't use our "smart" television the way we envisioned them when we spent our money on them. And the way we had hoped. Which is why we settle on the Vizio TV.

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This is happening with many old Smart TVs.

And by old, just a few years old. Your common fix is to turn the Smart TV into a TV then plug in a Roku or Amazon Fire stick or box. Figure under 40ish to get current.

My old Roku (I think Gen 2) is current and I think it's over 5 years old.

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Stop buying hdtvs that way

Buy a rig because of great PQ, not smart features. Those goals are always better accomplished externally. Sorry.

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What It Means Is I Will Never Buy Vizio Again

I spent probably a total of about 24hours of hour here and there, trying everything in the book. Plus one blaming the other. Vizio even came out and replaced the card in the TV. This wasn't just on one TV but 2 that had this issue. One was relatively new. To advertise something and then it not work to me is false advertising. Either fix it or give me my money back. I'm done with Vizio. They lost my support and anytime anyone ask my opinion on TVs I will clearly steer them away from Vizio. There are too many choices out there and I'm sure they work. I spent enough of my time trying to resolve it and then to put up with the blame game.

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What maker has not had this issue?

If I take the above for what you wrote, then ipso facto all Smart TVs would be on your never buy list.

But that creates a new problem. Very very few models don't have the smart tv feature!

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Hulu just disappeared without warning

So, first my Sony DVD player tells me a few months ago that it no longer supports Hulu and the app disappeared. Today, my Hulu app no longer functions on my Samsung DVD player. From reading this, it sounds like nonusers trying on my Vizio TV either. No email or warning on the app. Really Hulu!

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"So It Was Foretold."

This issue has been talked about since the first smart and then other "smart" players. It continues to catch folk unaware why this happens but if you want something beyond the usual 2 year support timespan look to getting a Roku. My second generation Roku is over 5 years old and the apps are current, Hulu and more are fine.

Why is that? The TVs and players are all over the map as to OS and devkits so imagine trying to keep the apps running across 10 plus thousand models or TVs and BD players. It was bad when they put the Smart into Smart TVs and never got better.

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No Vizio TVs For My Family

I fought for days between Vizio and Hulu. Each blaming the other. I now have 3 Vizio TVs I can't watch Hulu movies on. They left us out in the cold with no resolution. Other than get a new TV. When and if I do it will NOT be a Vizio. They can kiss my rear. I'm already screwed on these TVs. But I work in the IT business. So people ask my recommendations on lots of electronics. I guarantee that if Vizio is brought up they will get my full opinion. Leave your customers on their own with faulty equipment you're going pay for it sooner or later.

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Please include all the makes this happens on.
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I had more issues with PQ and...

...failed panels with Vizio than anything. No need to sweat it if any HDTV suddenly decides to no longer support an app. Most of us leverage inexpensive media streamer boxes for this. It’s a very nominal expense.

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