HTC One sucks!!! This is the last straw

Aug 12, 2014 6:46PM PDT

I have been using it for about a year and this thing is basically falling apart. It looks well built and sturdy but the inside is a whole different story. I was at the service center recently and I overheard that many people are switching to other brand of mobile phones because of these issues. So many problems that affect even the basic functionality of it.

1. HTC One Camera can't capture images of reasonable quality. It has a purplish tint or hue which distorts the colour and makes images basically unusable.

2. Frayed HTC One original charging cable wire, the insulation wears out quickly and individual wires can be seen, some damaged.

3. When charging HTC One via computer, it starts the sync tool. When you close it, after a few seconds it will start again. Also, it keeps asking you what to do with the documents inside again and again, leave it alone and you have 30+ dialogs stacked one on top of the other.

4. Calls starting to break up halfway even in locations where this does not normally occur

5. (!!!) HTC One Battery life drains very very quickly. If the night before it is fully charged, the morning after I wake up to see the battery is at 70%. 6 hours later, the battery is flat. I often get an alert saying that the phone is using up more battery than the charger is able to provide. Even when I close all running programs and processes, even when I activate 'Extreme Power Saving Mode', this only provides marginal improvement of about 2 to 3 hours. It defeats the whole purpose of having a smartphone and it doesn't compare to some other phones which you don't have to charge so often. Basically now it's plugged into the charger most of the time

It was bearable initially but these problems have become worse over time. The last straw was when the phone consumes more power than supplied by the charger even during 'extreme power saving mode'!

When you read smartphone reviews, please bear in mind that the reviewers probably test it for only a few months, and when they do so, often they are not using it as their main phone and so, it is not representative of what you will experience. So please, do not buy HTC One.

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Battery usage history
Aug 12, 2014 7:23PM PDT

1 hour charging --> 7% battery
Battery flat again in less than 20 minutes

Battery usage graph: see

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Replace battery
Aug 30, 2014 3:18AM PDT

battery could fail at any phone, no phone is safe from that

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I agree with you!
Aug 30, 2014 2:05AM PDT

My colleague had HTC One as well, and it broke in less than a month! (battery died, and dead pixels appeared on touch screen) Luckily it was covered by warranty service. I would suggest looking for other brands

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Would not recommend buying HTC One phone
Sep 12, 2014 12:46PM PDT

Bought HTC One silver (32mg) in June 2013 at Best Buy. In September 2014 phone stopped working after hard reboot. Sent to HTC for repair.HTC just sent me a quote to replace motherboard on this phone for $216. Really?
HTC quality sucks. Phone was very well taken for. No single scratch, never been dropped, ideal condition.

HTC Ticket #: 214378003900

Asked HTC Customer service at least give some discount on repair. They don't care. Even it's one day after manufacturing warranty you have to pay full price. HTC One M7 can bought used on craigslist for less then 150 bucks and HTC wants over 200 for their crappy built phone that needs motherboard replacements.

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Does HTC build their equipment in-house or subcontract?
Aug 8, 2015 7:59AM PDT

If the latter, the factory doing the work is the one responsible.

And iPhones aren't always better; the iPhone 5c has a penchant for developing dead spots on the screen where one can touch it and nothing happens...

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That's an easy one.
Aug 8, 2015 9:20AM PDT

HTC from what I saw did both. Almost no maker is capable of building an entire phone from scratch today. Motorola, Nokia in years lost past made everything and build it entirely. I wonder if this a factor here. That is, if there's some bug in the CPU they bought from John, Dick and Harry's CPU shop how would they fix that today?

Also, with the OS from Google and flaws like StageFright, what will these Android phone/tablet makers do? Hope we all forget about it?

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Oct 28, 2014 4:19AM PDT

I've had an HTC One for about a year and a half now. The original charger did start to fail, after a years worth of use, but I have had the issue with the sync popping up a lot on my laptop. I ended up installing MobileShare on my computer for backing up instead of using the HTC sync program because it rarely worked properly.

I have never had problems with the calls or the camera and I take thousands of pictures a month for my business and traveling. The power saver does help but at this point I am upgrading to an HTC One M8. My phone is only turned off for an hour or so a day if that and has multiple apps constantly running and hundreds of messages exchanged daily because I own two businesses and it is also my personal phone.

Also I have heard that many of the phones Best Buy sells are actually refurbs so I don't know that I would trust the quality of them. A few friends also got the HTC One after I recommended it and love it. Maybe you guys just got some of the bad ones as I'm sure there are with any phone.

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HTC Sucks- agreed!
Jun 22, 2015 11:45AM PDT

I have had my HTC 1 M8 for less than a year and still have another years worth of payments on the phone. I always charge my phone at night as the battery is always low and I need it for the upcoming day. I got up this morning to find thousands of tiny cracks throughout the screen. I called AT&T as that is who I bought it through and they recommended going through the insurance instead of the warranty. Well, the insurance was going to charge me around $150 . I called HTC to go through the warranty instead. Turns out the screen is only warrantied for six months. I explained to then that I believed it to be a defect in the phone as phones just do not explode overnight. They said it was my fault for charging it overnight and that is why it exploded. They were going to charge me $200. So, be warned: if you have an HTC1 M8 phone, it is considered normal for the screen to explode while charging, and it is your fault! They do not stand behind their product.

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To each point
Aug 8, 2015 7:56AM PDT

1. I've not had as much of a problem with hue in my M9, but focusing and stability are sub-par

2. There's one or two factories that make cables for all companies. HTC can only do so much, until enough people complain of the same problem...

3. Could be a bug, they happen nowadays - the greater the complexity + faster deadlines = more chances at problems

4. Never had that problem, so yours might be a defective unit

5. The more apps installed, especially those that are ad-driven, causes this. Keeping Facebook or Tinfoil logged in has the same effect. Try a hard reset and using only the apps you need, and use as few ad-based apps as possible. Ads waste bandwidth along with collecting data, regardless of how benign. Since nobody has unlimited bandwidth to waste on ads, and looking at all the issues, 99 cents for an app is nowhere near as bad as anything ad-driven. As long as the paid app has every ad and function pertaining to ad and data collection turned off as part of the deal. Phone app developers can't have it both ways, since the reason to pay is to get rid of anything ad-related.

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Forgot to add
Aug 8, 2015 7:58AM PDT

How old is the HTC device in question? Li-Ion batteries lose life the moment they're made. After a year of use and recharges, it won't hold as much power as it used to (down by 20~50% depending on usage and frequency). Why companies want sealed cases so one can't replace a battery, especially if they want to use the device longer than two years -- it's an ecological waste to throw away something so useful. Just brainstorming ideas...

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About htc one
Aug 11, 2015 12:55AM PDT

I`ve been using htc for a long time. At now i have the same - htc one. Actually i can`t find something that could be wrong in this phone.

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Htc m9 sucks
Dec 5, 2015 2:24PM PST

I totally agree. It is by far the worst phone I've ever owned. I will never buy another HTC phone. It's like they thought they could get over on us by putting the bare minimums on the phone and charging and arm and a leg. This phone has absolutely no special features what so ever. It's basically a flip phone turned into a smart phone. And the one thing that is suppose to be what makes it stand out, the camera, is horrible. I hope they do go out of business because that's what they deserve for obviously not putting much effort into this phone and selling it at top dollar. I personally feel like they played us as fools and know it too. Don't buy this phone. I know you read some reviews that praise it and sometimes it's hard to believe the negative reviews because of this. But I'm just a normal guy like everyone else and I'm telling you this is for real, no if, and, or buts about it. You will be very disappointed and wish to God you would of listened

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(NT) HTC M9 - a terrible phone
Jul 8, 2016 4:15PM PDT
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Not as much as my Samsungs did...
Aug 18, 2016 9:36AM PDT

That's pretty amazing, I've used my HTC One M8 for probably two years, or whenever they came out and no problems to speak of, although I find it kind of weird that you can't do basic edits on a photo, just fancy stuff you don't need. I'd just like to brighten a pic and can't find an option to do it..... just skew, add a shape, silly effects but no basics. Maybe that's android and not HTC. I probably will not buy another HTC though due to the ridiculous price and all the updates that usually screw something up.

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Oct 12, 2016 6:31PM PDT

I've had my HTC ONE M9 since September, 2015 and can't find anything wrong with this phone. My friend has an Iphone and she says my pictures are clearer and more detailed than her pics taken with her phone. It does take great pics! The only thing I could nitpick about it is I wish the speakers were louder. They are fine but sometimes when I have the fans on or in the kitchen when the dishwasher is going, I'd like to have louder speakers. Beyond that, it's been a wonderful device. I have a great local service provider too so no complaint with me. Love

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HTC One sucks!!! This is the last straw
Oct 18, 2016 7:04AM PDT

I think Htc one 7/8 is good. Sability performance. Camera good.
Htc m9 is so hot, camera not so well. but nice design.

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