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HT-C5500 Still not working with Netflix with 10.12 FW

I was just offered a firmware update to HTB-c5500WWB-1012.0

The model number on the unit is HT-c5500\XAC issued in ON, Canada

However the original problem still remains( alluded to in another locked thread on the forum) - the netflix icon on the main menu does not work, selecting the one from the apps menu causes STOP to appear in the LED bar, and the box to hang. It has to be power cycled to work again.

After speaking to Samsung Tech support on the phone a few weeks ago I was told a F/W update was needed for netflix and it would be included in the next update.

It is quite vexing that this feature has not been made avaialble when it is on other Samsung devices -it is pretty much the reason why I chose this player.

In fact the only new feature of the update seems to be that the turn on/off jingle preference is now ignored, and it is played every time :/

Can I have some input from samsung please, is the 1012.0 FW supposed to enable netflix, perhaps I am doing something wrong?

P.s the player can connect to N/W and Netflix works on the pc on the same LAN. Netflix support say there is no IP comms coming from the player at the IP it reports.

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Reporting: HT-C5500 Still not working with Netflix with 10.12 FW
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HT-C5500 Still not working with Netflix with 10.12 FW


I don't have any information regarding the Netflix service for the Internet@TV options in Canada (or any region outside of the U.S.). I don't have a release date or any further information. I wish I had more input to offer. I don't believe you're doing anything wrong; it's just that the service may not have launched yet for your region.

If you have further questions, you may want to call the Samsung customer service center in Canada.


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I'm having the same issue

Mr samsung tech guy...

Could you please call whomever you need to in order to get some answers? I'm sure someone in the company CAN answer the question of when the issue will be solved if you can't. As a consumer, I find it very frustrating when tech support simply rolls over and says they don't know instead of taking the initiative to find out the answer. I've called samsung several times and when the tech doesn't know, they, like you, simply say they don't know.

Whats it going to take to get some answers?

A very annoyed customer?
Complaints about samsung appearing all over the place?

Please help us out.


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claimed already supported


thanks for responding. But according to your company's website the service is launched, and already supported on the player - In canada.

It is quite clear on that page that the c5500 should already work.

As it clearly does not it would be appreciated if you could find out which Fw version I need to get this working. And post instrcutions on how to find it on your support site and get it installed.

All I can see is the 1012.0 version which does not work with Netflix.

That's not too much to ask is it ?


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Since this is outside the USA your request may have to go back to the country you're in.

Go ahead and ask but sadly it may be outside their realm.

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New Update Available


It looks like a new firmware was just posted on the Canada site. This will probably include the ability to stream Netflix for the service there.

V. 1018 is ready for download, so try updating that firmware first through the network if you already have one (or downloading it and unzipping it to a freshly formatted thumbdrive if not), and then attempt to link your account to your player by launching the widget.

Remember - remove the disc from the player before upgrading. The instructions for the upgrade are available online in the event you attempt to upgrade through the player and it doesn't note a new firmware updates is available.

Here's the site for CANADA BD-C5500
And also the site for CANADA BD-C6500

Other models may also have firmware updates. You can check by clicking the SUPPORT tab at the top right hand side of either of those pages, and dialing in the model number into the search box in the middle of the screen.


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Close but no ceeegarrr

The link you sent is for the BD-c5500.

The discussions above have been regarding the HT-c5500

I downloaded and tried to use the firmware on usb as you suggested (thinking perhaps the BD and HT were the same) but the machine will not allow it.

I upgraded to the latest version via the Internet upgrade (version HTB-C5500WWB-1012.0) and the machine tells me that is the latest version and no more upgrades are available.

Is it possible that something else is wrong with the machine?
Is there a patch that has yet to be posted for the HT-C5500?
The firmware shown on Samsung's site says that the October 26 2010 version of 1012.0 is the latest but it's still not working.

When I try to fire up Netflix the screen simply goes black and the machine hangs.

Back to you Tech Guys!
Let's get this figured out okay?


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Close but no ceeegarrr


The best I can guess would be that the service hasn't launched in Canada yet. Unfortuantely, I'm not able to confirm either way yet. I don't believe anyone has the ability to run Netflix in the Canada market yet.

But I don't have any further information on this, and I can't confirm either way.

I do apologize for posting on the BD-C5500's firmware - I missed that detail.


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netflix in canada

Both Netflix and Samsung are advertising that the service is available in Canada. It's probably something simple that someone hasn't figured out yet....or it's not high on anyones priority list. In any case, I hope they have the issue sorted out quickly. I'm only haning on to my netflix account so I can view it on my home theatre. If there's no fix for it, I'll drop the service all together and go back to blockbuster.


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I'm having the same problem

Thanks for posting this, I have been in touch with Samsung Canada and they told me that they had no idea what the problem was. He suggested that I return the home theatre system and get a new one. Which I doubt will fix anything.

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Samsung tech did not fix the issue

Samsung tech told me to reset the system: Press and hold the stop button when on the main menu. It did not solve the problem.

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Info Required from support


Has this issue been reported to the relevant development group ?

This is clearly an issue that is affecting a number of people, if not all users of the HT-C5500 in Canada.

To say that I don't have any info is not very useful. There must be an avenue for you support guys to contact someone more technically knowledgable about the firmwares for devices than yourselves.

It surprises me also that there is no changelist on the Fw releases, so we as users have no way of knowing if a basic feature has been included or not.

Please can you,

1. contact someone respsonsible to report users are having issues with the device.

2. Find out whether the 1012.0 FW for Canadaian HT-C5500 devices is supposed to support netflix ? Please not a 'my best guess' or 'I don't know' answer. If you dont have the info yourself, why not try to contact someone who does ?


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Info Required from support


The fact is that I can speak on U.S. products only.

I don't know what's happening in other markets. I'm not able to speak for other regional products when it comes to functionalities and services.

I have contacted the appropriate departments in Canada and shared some of the posts and opinions here. I can't do anything further, nor do I have any updates.


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1. I believe that the canadian tech told me that it will be looked into. They told me to call back in 2 days.

2. Yes it is supposed to do netflix:

I did notice that it says that netflix is deactivated when I looked under apps, settings.

Is that just because I have never logged in with my username, or is that something Samsung deactivated even though they also have posted that it is supported?

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Mine shows deactivated too

I HAVE tried to log in to my Netflix account but the machine locks up and goes black when I do.

I believe it ships deactivated because until recently, Netflix was NOT available in Canada. The firmware updates SHOULD have addressed this though (IMHO). Obviously, Samsung is dropping the ball here with their lack of customer care and information.

Or else they've made a LOT of flawed machines.


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Right, I hear you, I too see the black screen and "STOP' on the display. But what I'm saying is that you are supposed to get past that screen and see a netflix login screen. From there you put in your username and password. I'm wondering if that activates the netflix on the device, or if it is always supposed to be activated and logging in has nothing to do with it.

I have also found that there is a place to manage apps, and that all the rest of the apps show up to lock, or delete, but netflix is not on that list.

I hope that Samsung can use this info to possibly solve the problem. Unless the things I am describing are normal.

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netflix man says

When I called netflix originally the guy there said that when you access the app on the internet@ menu, it is supposed to open a web page with netflix which gives you an activation code ( 9 digits). You can add this to your account on the netflix website and you are ready to roll, in theory Wink Then the HT should show its netflix status as activated.

They told me they license their app to samsung who has the respsonsiblity of making it work / releasing it on their devices.

Although the firmware was updated 26 Oct, I notice the release date on the app is 26th Sept, Afaik it might be before Netflix was officially available in Canada.

At least now someone seems to be looking into the issue rather than just telling users to reset their machines!

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did you call back?

I'm just curious, they told you to call back in two days...did you? What did they say?

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Lost case id

I sure did call back.

However, they lost my case Id and I had to start all over. I didn't have time last night to deal with that. I will try tonight again

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Call Back

So now they are going to call me in 1-2 business days since the level 2 tech was not successful in fixing the issue...

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It's working

Just went to the samsung website, there is a new update dated today (Nov 5th). I downloaded and installed the update and am now watching a movie on Netflix.

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So long and thanks for all the fish !

Yes same here.

1013.1 Fw and Netflix app update makes everything work.

That was actually a pretty good turn around time on the FW update - assuming the problem was not known until we reported it !

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The new update is working for me too!
Thanks to everyone for reporting the problem.

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