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HT-BD3252 + Sony KDF-50WE655: HDMI connection problem

PROBLEM: When connecting the Blu-ray player to the TV using an HDMI cable (Spec 1.3) (Video 7 port) the TV will intermittently display video, or not (that is to say the TV screen goes black and there is no audio)

I've read the BD-C6500 + Sony KDF-50WE655 HDMI problem and it seems as though there are several element which are similar. However, I am still at a loss as to how to rectify the situation. My DirectTV (on HDMI 1) has no problem making through the HT-BD3252 an on to the TV's Video 7 port. However my PS3 (on HDMI 2), the Blu-Ray player and Netflix/Pandora have issues. More often than not, I simply get the black screen on the TV when I select any of the before mentioned items. It began as an infrequent oddity, but has now become pretty much the rule.

I've tried a system update (via WIFI), but am told that the latest version of firmware is already installed (it's never been the best of my knowledge). Ironically, the display for Netflix/Pandora works just fine with the AV cables...does no good for the PS3 player (don't know if the Blu-Ray would show through the AV cables..haven't tried that yet).

Have tried swapping cables, swapping inputs (DirectTV has no problem regardless of which input it's on...TV has only one HDMI input..that is video 7), restoring to factory settings, unplugging & shorting cord prongs, all manner of removing power/disconnecting HDMI cables and reassembling, standing on left foot with one hand clapping...everything short of throwing it out into the yard.

I've had the Samsung unit ~1.5 yrs...was hooked up to a Phillips plasma for first year (no issues), placed into climate controlled storage (by me, using original abuse issues there) for 6mos and then most recently attempted to connect to the Sony KDF-50WE655. I've successfully connected using component video and AV audio, have set up the wireless, have successfully streamed Pandora and Netflix movies, but only in AV component mode.

Has someone found the right combination of actions and/or devices that would address this type of issue? Appreciate any constructive ideas as well.

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Reporting: HT-BD3252 + Sony KDF-50WE655: HDMI connection problem
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HT-BD3252 + Sony KDF-50WE655: HDMI connection problem


I'm not sure what resolution that particular model has, but have you tried changing the output resolutions of the Blu-Ray player and game console? Sometimes changing from 1080p or 1080i to 720p (or the other way around) has better luck with pass-through connections. That's the first idea that comes to mind.


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HT-BD3252 + Sony KDF-50WE655: HDMI connection problem

Hey, thanks for the response...haven't tried changing the resolution yet, everything is working at the moment and am reluctant to change anything (funny how it just comes and goes with no apparent cause/effect...sunspots?). BTW, wouldn't changing the resolution to 720p defeat the purpose for having a Blu-Ray/HDTV (however, should it work, it may be worth it!)?

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Similar problem

I had a similar problem with the BD3252 back in July - fortunately it was under warranty. Took it back to Best Buy who repaired it - they said they had to replace the HDMI board (or something).

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Was hesitant to offer as a "fix", but here's what works...With both the Samsung and Sony deactivated (turned unplugging/rewiring/chicken bones required), activate (turn on) the Samsung (HT-BD3252) on first. Allow it to power up normally. Once audio is heard from the speakers (indicating you have an HDMI (1 or 2) signal from the satellite and or cable provider), then activate (turn on) the Sony (KDF-50WE655). When ready to deactivate (turn them off), deenergization is opposite of energization. Somehow this eliminates the need for the Samsung to "see" whatever bloody "handshake" it's looking for and allows you to enjoy whatever it was that caused you to buy them in the first place. OBTW Samsung graciously offered to diagnose the problem if I paid them $80 (in addition to the shipping) and mailed the HT-BC3252 to them. For some stupid reason (I dunno...maybe it was the $650 I paid for the thing!!!) I expected more from one of our NAFTA conglomerates.

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