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HP WinCrisis utility

I have this HP Pavilion dv2416us (DV2000) laptop that i'm trying to creat a WinCrisis floppy disk & compress (using WinZip) the bios file once saved to a folder on my C: drive.
The laptop will not boot up because of a bad reflash, I believe.
Been to the HP business forum under the link: CRISIS RECOVERY DISK, followed by:CRISIS RECOVERY DISK #2.
They explain how to create the disk to a external floppy drive & i've tried it & get confused how to change the HP bio's file name to bios.wph to copy to the disk files already created on the disk.
This procedure is so tedious to perform for me & not too familiar with moving the files around to the right place.
The only way it's possible to get this done is have someone walk me through the procedure step by step.
Have printed out all the info needed.
The WinZip procedure is rather hard to figure out also.
You must have it done correctly so that the laptop will recognize the bios created on the floppy.
I know how to go into the recovery mode method by pressing the Windows+B keys to get the fan to speed up.
I'm very familiar with flashing any bios when a system is up & running & have done it many times without any problems on some of my client's computers.
I know once I get this procedure accomplished I will be able to do it anytime.
Hope someone here can guide me through the procedure where I can understand it better.
Not too savey at this & would like to know more about it.

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Reporting: HP WinCrisis utility
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Me too.

I read your post and after all this it reads as if the machine has suffered a fatal issue and needs a trip to HP's shop.

Ask them for an estimate.

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WinCrisis reply

I forgot to mention all the details i've been through this whole ordeal.
HP (On phone,chat & email)already offered me a lousy deal of $249.46 to send it in plus they pay shipping.
I even wanted to talk to a service rep but kept bumping from that.
Bull on that!!!
They should make these laptop a recall like they do on the batteries the same as Dell does.
I have a Gateway M465E laptop that's never had any problems & bought it on EBay used.
Like i mentioned their out for your rmoney & nothing else unless your product is still under warranty & that's it.
Yop name & i've done it on this laptop except getting the disk setup correctly for the reflash.

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249 is not a bad deal.

I usually see 400 and up to change motherboards for such failures so that's a good deal.

Good luck in sorting this all out but even I found the instructions written poorly. Since I didn't write it and don't do this often enough I must decline from rewriting such here.

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HP Crisis Recovery procedure

No! That was just to test it & this laptop has a bad reflash & not a GPU overheating issue which requires either repairing the GPU coming unseated or replacing the mobo.
They offered this discount since I was causing such a fuss on getting them to extend the warranty for alot of them having the very same problems.
I went as far as telling them I was going to take action on this matter if they didn't get my issue resolved fast by sending it in & get it fixed for free.
I'm wanting to get this reflash taken care of & see if that's going to get it to boot to bios so I can furthur test it for the wireless issues which it started out having when my client brought it to me to fix.
Wireless would work at times then it would stop working & had a problem with it not booting up & a dark screen.
Heard alot online about 1 long & 2 short beeps but this one is only beeping twice(short)which is documented on HP support docs as being a bad bio's reflash.
I flashed it to the current reflash & that's when my problem started.
Some have stated that not to reflash it to the current one but now it's too late for this one.
Suppost to have fixed a wireless issue.

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Yes, it's a good deal.

On many boards if the bios gets a bad flash there are no options for field recovery so the full price of repair is incurred. I have done this crisis recovery only a few times and creating the boot diskette or CD is not well documented but did push some to their limits. For example some demand step by step instructions along with how to unzip files and how to use unzip, the dos command line and more.

I wonder how detailed such instructions must be today. In the past I'd write "unzip these files and place them in the root of the CD." Today I find folk asking what that means.

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HP WinCrisis utility

Thank's for your reply.
I'm going to try & access the laptop hdd by using my external drive kit to see if I can get itno the device manager to see if there's any conflics with the video drivers for the Turbo Cache drivers since I deleted them a while back & it stopped booting to the HP bio's with no video.
Might be a real challenge since i've never done this before.
Can get access to all the files from it.
Trying to use the utility for the Crisis Recover procedure to see if it might be a problem with the bio's being corrupt.
Have all my folders ready to get started but having problems getting them arranged & compressed for the floppy external drive.

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Laptop gone

My client came by to pick up the laptop.
Told him it was either the bios or the GPU gone south & would need another GPU or have it fixed.
That's if it doesn't have an issue with the bio's.
Has been an experience though learning about the crisis recovery method.
Desktops are the only thing I will work on for now on unless the laptops has need for a hdd,battery or reprogramming etc.
No more mobo repairs for me on laptop's.

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