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HP vs. Sony

Hi, I need some help with choosing a new laptop. I?ve narrowed my choices down to either Sony or HP. I have a budget of around 1500$ and I?m a first year student so I need something that can survive dorm life, also something that is a good computer for everything from digital editing to gaming (I dabble allot but nothing hard core). I figure that I want one with the duo core processor, but I?m extremely techno savy so I can?t tell what really sets them apart from one another
I?ve gone to many stores from best buy to micro center but I never get the help that I need. So can anyone please help me?

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Is Vista an issue?

Sony's track record on what happens when a new OS rolls out has been abysmal. If Vista is a non-issue, maybe Sony but I don't buy Sony because of their company track record on ROOTKITs and more.


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not really

I don?t know much about Vista but it?s not a huge issue, unless vista is really worth the extra effort.

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My thought

I think the hp might be a better value for the buck if your looking at a budget around 1500. If you want a comparison look at the dv5000t compared to the Sony FE series its couterpart for sony. If you upgrade your OS to media center addition 1GB or Ram, 100GB hardrive NVida Geforce Go 7400 and bluetooth with all bands for wifi and add in 2 years accidental damage and general coverage you come out with a price of 1463 which is just below your budget. Now configure the sony FE with the same stats except you will get a better graphics card and a webcam built into your system but the large capacity battery you selected for the for the sony is also a 9 cell not a 12 like on the hp. Anyways the price of the sony similary configured comes out to 1874 that's more than 400 dollars just for a webcam and a slightly better graphics card and missing a slightly better battery. Anyways pt. is this isn't exactly rare for sony they overcharge you sometimes slightly sometimes not so slightly like in this case you can check other models just went with 15.4 since that seems to be a popular size at the time. Also if your looking for reliability look at the user reviews of the products since they are the best way to determine time tested durability.

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Real comparison

I am a laptop engineer and having 3 years exprience with different laptop brands.Sony is designed product with all audio video and graphics to the BEST.Not a single make can compete with it. Having lots of software / utilites provided by sony NOT by microsoft which we cant expect from other brands.HP is just a plane notebook nothing great with it.Before deside to buy any laptop just have a look with sony i am sure u will change ur view/decision.In short there is no comparison between hp and sony yes in terms of prise also......

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While that may be so, can you comment on...

1. Sony's track record when the OS changed to XP?
2. Sony's stance when you need to upgrade from Home to Pro (XP).
3. Sony's ROOTKIT debacle.


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i don't understand

what is a ROOTKIT? and what happened with them?

is this OS change something i should be worried about?

and i think i'll most likely just get the pro preinstalled since i've heard it's a little more reliable.

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I'll choose HP

I myself are in the process of buying a new laptop. I think that HP is the better choice (HP dv5000t), as compared to Sony with their high prices. Not much has been heard from Sony concerning quality, but some people like them for their style!

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Take a look also ...

... to the Dell Inspiron 6400 / E1505. I have it and I really love it. Good quality, impeccable after-sale service. It has the same GPU than the HP but on the ATi side : ATi Mobility Radeon X1400. But it has a 9 cell battery but I can get arround 6:30 of battery life when I type on Word. It's sure that if you play games, the battery life will drop.

Also, take a look to the Apple MacBook Pro if your budget accepts it. Powerful GPU and it can run both MAC OSX and Windows XP with BOOTCAMP.

THe HP dv5000t is also a nice choice. Configure it with the T2300, 1 GB and the nVIDIA GeForce Go 7400, this can be an affordable gaming machine ... but don't play big and heavy games on it ... you will be disapointed.

In order of gaming :

1. MacBook Pro for heavy games.
2. Both Dell Inspiron 6400/E1505 and HP dv5000t for normal games.

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it seems to me

it looks asthough that with HP you will get more for a better price, but with sony you pay more for just a slightly better graphics card. is that right?

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I don't think so....

Sony's good for A/V stuff, but the overall quality of the machine & its components also seems to be higher. But then again, I don't own an HP...

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HP Pavillion dv5030 Notebook PC Best Ever

Best computer buy I've ever made. Replaced a 24-month old Sony PCG FRV37 with an HP laptop and would never, never go back.

The HP is a well-thought-out system and the Altec Lansing speakers are outstanding. The ports are where you want them to be, the screen is bright, the keyboard very solid and responsive.

I had a couple of questions and got good, understandable support from somewhere in southern India. I am completely satisfied with my purchase of the HP dv5030 from Circuit City.

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HP vs. Sony laptops

I used to work at Sony in the support area as a Senior Advisor. I would NEVER buy a Sony laptop, especially the FS model or any other Foxcom model. JUNK. Their very high end systems are ok but the cheaper models they have and if you cap at 1500, then you get the cheap model. JUNK. I could buy anything I want and I use a Toshiba notebook...
One thing the Sony lower techs are good at is formatting your system. and it usually, it works fine after the format. DUH... their video editing software works but do not add any software to assist the editing or the techs will format you first,,, they do not care about your data, just another call...

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Lazy Worker?

If you worked for sony then you must know that for every hp sold 2 vaios are sold. The most selling laptops in the world are Dell then Sony. HP comes in fourth place. Sony can't just be #2 in the world above HP in sales for nothing. HP is tacky looking from the vaio. Looks do matter also which HP lacks.

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Sony Service is a nightmare!

I have a Mac and AppleCare is wonderful although I rarely need to use it. I have an HP and I am happy with their service, especially their e-mail support. I also bought a Sony. "Customer Service" and "Sony" should never be used in the same paragraph. Sony's customer service by phone is abysmal but it is even worse by e-mail. Usually,I receive the second e-mail saying that it would be better calling on the phone. These are all desktops NOT laptops but the level of service is probably the same.

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I have EXTENSIVE, EXTENSIVE experience with HP's support based in INDIA. You will have better success repairing your device if you take it to the top of a tall building and throw it off the side, then you will in dealing with HP's India-based support! And even the HP "Brass" will admit they're bad news. I will NEVER buy HP anymore. SONY service - a blessing!

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Sony's service is great IMO

I've had 2 Sony desktops and one Sony laptop with a replicator I'm currently using and swear by Sony. The first two are still being used by family members that needed computers. I've never had trouble with their service, but of course rarely needed it due to the quality of the computer and most things I can take care of myself. I'd buy another one without question.

All the computers had TV cards that worked great but never have gotten into gaming so can't say how well they'd be but I'd imagine with the graphics it'd be great.

I have 2 sisters that use Mac's due to work and they love them, so I can't diss a Mac.

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Currently own an HP, Very Pleased

I've owned Toshiba, Dell, and HP, but never Sony. My work laptop is a Dell Latitude D600 and I'd take my HP NC6100 any day. Better built, more features, Much better keyboard, built in Bluetooth...

I'm now looking to buy one for my daughter for college!

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It's Sony, forget it!

Your answer is simple.... If it's a SONY, forget it.....
Ok they may make a decient product occasionally, but every time I've broken in and bought one, it works for a while.
Once you need customer support, forget it. Sony takes the attitude it is YOU that should be grateful Sony allowed you to buy their product.
It's Sony that flooded unaware PC users that played Sony CD's, a 'root kit' secretly installed on their PC's that allowed hackers to gain access.
It's Sony that sells 'protection' software for games that refuses to allow you to play games you legally purchased, if it detects software Sony deems unwanted (even if you bought that software legally)

And you want to buy any thing from Sony?

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Sony's been good for me...

I've never owned an HP, but I've owned 4 sony VAIO laptops. I think that they are solidly built and just seem to work better than a lot of other computers I've tried. My current VAIO (a PCG-V505AX) is more than 3 years old, and it still works GREAT. I've never even had to contact customer support. It's actually got better specifications (processor, RAM, etc.) than a lot of laptops on the market right now (except for the duo-core). In my opinion, it's worth the extra cost for a Sony because it's possible it will last you throughout college--whereas other laptops might need to be replaced after a couple of years.

I also got to use one of the T-series (might've been TX-series) laptops for a few months at my old job, and was absolutely AMAZED by it. It was fast, the screen resolution was amazing, and of course you can't beat the size.

I recently bought a Dell Inspiron E1405 to replace the current VAIO and am now returning it. It seemed like something was crashing every other minute--and that's only with the pre-installed software on it! Structurally, it didn't feel as sturdy, either. I'm a lot happier with my 3-year-old Sony than I was with the brand-new Dell.

Best of luck with your decision and in school.

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The operative phrase

was that you have never had to contact Sony Service. My Sony came bundled with Corel Office 12. It had a glitch. Sony telephone support couldn't handle it. Neither could Sony E-mail support. "it is too complicated for e-mail support, try phone support. I finally sent an e-mail to I got a hot call from supposedly the President's Office at Sony.USA. It is Corel's problem. It is my problem. But, it is not Sony's problem. Period. He was a spin doctor who should have worked in the Beltway.

Call Sony support with a fake problem and see what help you get.

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yeah, i don't doubt it

although i think i'll pass on calling with the fake problem...i've had my fill of customer support phone calls trying to return the dell i bought. btw--that computer also had some serious issues in its pre-installed software, which sucks because you're stuck with the software & its problems even if you don't want it, until you can get it uninstalled from the machine.

i'm not going to argue about sony support though, since i have no basis to judge. i'm also lucky since i have a friend that owns his own tech consulting business, so i usually go to him first to fix anything that goes wrong.

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I think HP is the way to go

I personally have a sony that I bought maybe about 6 months ago, i got the cheapest laptop model from them that would suit my needs. Now i realize how stupid i was for getting a laptop that has pretty bad specs for a $1400 model. I got sony because sonys name translates to high quality (which is true when u pay the $$$ to sony).

HP has some great models that are based towards entertainment that have the working power too. You would definatly want 1GB of RAM and get a duo core intel. if you are a gamer, get the 256MB graphics card, but if you are just a casual gamer, get the 128MB card. MAKE SURE that the graphics card has its own GPU and doesnt eat off of the CPU (i made that mistake). I have a 60GB drive and have hundreds of documents, pictures, at least 2000 songs, several games, and programs and have it at about half full. If i were buying a laptop today i would be satisfied with the 80GB. even though it is still slightly expensive, you should get a DVD-R,RW drive, its worth the extra maybe $50 and it keeps you away from the dying CD-R,RW technology (it seems like i just stopped using floppy discs).

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I bought an HP dv/8000

I purchased an HP dv/8000 from Best Buy. For $1600, it is a great unit. Has more stuff than I will ever use and also has the TV tuner thing. I had my last Gateway Laptop for 8 years. So when I bought this, took my 25 yr old daughter and she explained things in terms of Chevette vs. Mercedes.

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one last thing

I think I?m leaning toward the Sony SZ. It seems to have more things that appeal to me, such as the finger print scanner which is something that I would like to have since living in the dorms there is a lack of privacy. the only thing I would like that it doesn?t come with is the media center edition OS, but I guess I can?t have everything.

But my question is, is the GE Force 7400 a good graphics card? I can?t tell if it has dedicated memory or not. Are there any major problems with that series? I?ve read the user reviews and it seems like a solid computer (or it does from my none tech savvy view). And with the specs I?ve chosen (Intel Core Duo Processor T2400 / ICD 1.83 GHz, 1 GB DDR-SDRAM (DDR2-533, 512MBx2, 100 GB Hard Disk Drive, DVD+-R Double Layer DVD+-RW Drive) do you see any problems? Or have any suggestions?

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sz series

dont go for sz18 go for sz28 its good

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Go ahead

The SZ28 series is pretty cool, but unless your rich don't go for the premium carbon fiber casing.

"Hybrid Graphic System lets you set your graphics performance. A simple hardware switch enables you to toggle between an internal graphics chip for optimal power consumption with excellent performance and an external graphics chip for even more robust performance, for unmatched control of your time and output.


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Hp is a better computer

Sony is a good brand but does to much stuff like tvs gaming systems e.t.c unlike hp focuses on 1 thing witch are computers lots of people say that sonys better then hp but really they don't know what there talking about sonys great for tvs and all but not good for computers they crash really fast and go slow. In a year the computer will be slow and crash and unlike hp it's harder to find parts for the Sony computers because hp again is a computer company so they have any add on or parts last but not least style many people are going with Sony because of there style, don't go to Sony because of there style because it's how the computer works I had a sony and it crashed in a year or two so I tried hp and I had for a year and a half now and had no problems and it's still super fast so if your looking for a good computer go with hp

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