I'm assuming you are trying to use ink cartridges from some source other than HP approved and that these are cartridges that have been refilled, not by you but by the seller.

If so, this is my response.

We know that some 3rd party ink cartridge sellers are less than, what can I say, perfect. We also know that refilling cartridges is often tricky and the instructions differ for each make and model. Also, if a cartridge is used over and over again for refilling, some weaknesses can result. So from my point of view, despite the inordinate cost of Printer manufacturer approved printer cartridges, I would always use approved cartridges.

But not only that, if using approved cartridges doesn't immediately fix the problem, disconnect the printer, uninstall the printer, uninstall the HP printer software, reboot the computer, then reinstall the software and only then re-connect the printer.

If the problem still remains then it is possible the printer is damaged.