Hp tech support sucks and the case managers

I purchased a HP Pavillion 6 months ago. My laptop has been shipped 3 times for repairs. The following has been replaced- motherboard, LCD screen, hard drive twice and the battery.

Calling India for tech support is interesting, let me tell you. They have no idea what's going on. I spent 3 hours on the phone speaking to Raj. I finally had enough when(Raj) ask me to run the same hard drive test that I just completed, 1.5 hours.

Even if you escallade the issue, HP is still useless. Try talking to there case managers- wow thank god this issue was escalladed, I just wasted my day time minutes on you!

Please tell your friends and family; In my opinion do not purchase any HP products. They do not stand by there products and only care about the bottom line.

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Reporting: Hp tech support sucks and the case managers
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Hi 4-jets,

I am sorry to hear about your experience with HP. I work for HP and would like to review your case. Please email me at psgsocialmedia@hp.com with your contact and product information. Please include in the subject line Attn: Veronica-Cnet.

"The views expressed in my contributions are my own and do not necessarily reflect the views and strategy of HP"

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HP is a load of BS. I have had multiple issues with my laptop and have been trying to get in contact with someone from the Manager department for the past month with no luck. I have sent in my laptop to get serviced for the same issue 3 different times; every time they say they fix it and then a week later it stops working again. I’ve also called and have had them service me over the phone with the same results. A case manager had originally reached out to me and told me if I had another issue to contact her directly. I tried to contact her and have left numerous voicemails with no call back or reply. I have called the retail store and had them put a message to have a case Manager call me about the situation and 2 weeks later still no call back. I am getting severely frustrated with the customer service I have received and all the while I still do not have a working laptop and it’s only 4 months old. And to top it all off I’m out $800 on a laptop that won’t work for longer than a week. HP doesn’t give a **** about anyone but themselves and I will never buy another HP again.

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Hp tech support really sucks!

I have a HP Pavilion Elite 110f. It's less than 2 years old and today my hard drive crashed. So I call Hp tech support to be stuck with some guy from India that I couldn't understand (believe me I was trying!) He kept telling me I had to pay $129.00 to talk to someone because the warranty period was up. I said I know what is wrong with my computer and want to order and new hard drive with op system on it. So he tells me it would be 89.00 for a refurbished hard drive and 220.00 for the op system! I'm not paying for an op system I already paid for. after trying to explain to this guy for 45 minutes he would not let me speak to someone else even when I told him i couldn't understand him. He told me, "call back again and maybe you can get someone you can understand better!!! Can you believe it! So I call back again and get another Indian call person but one that I could understand and was actually pretty helpful. So after an hour on the phone talk to the supervisor and then some guy who worked in the hard drive dept. and told me I didn't have to purchase a hard drive from HP and he would send me the op system. So basically all is well until I get a call 10 minutes later from some woman from the HP call center in India being extremely rude and telling me I MUST order the hard drive from them or the op system won't work if I buy one on my own. She then tried to explain why but couldn't understand her and she was yelling at me! I told her I would take my chances and see what happens with buying the hard drive on my own and said to me in a cocky voice, " ya that's fine, it's not going to work!" I said listen, i have been extremely nice and you have been extremely rude calling me and yelling at me, you need to check your attitude lady! Needless to say I have never experienced crappier customer service in my life!!!!

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HP Support

Hi guugles,
I apologize for the experience you had with HP Support. If you would like to contact me further regarding this matter please feel free to email me at psgsocialmedia@hp.com. Please include your contact and product information and Attn: Veronica in the subject line. Again, I do apologize for the inconvenience.

"The views expressed in my contributions are my own and do not necessarily reflect the views and strategy of HP"

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I cannot agree more with you hp sucks and there case manager

I have going through hell with my laptop issue. Hp was suppose to replace my laptop with a new one but they didnt. they have been sending refurbished computer with the same damn problem and claiming its new. can you believe that I have receive 3 different laptops as a problem and each of them as same exact issue. (distorted screen). and now they dont want to do anything any more. they said they can only give me half of my money or send the computer out for repair. Come on Hp, who say that to a customer, that you send your so call brand new computer for repiar and why will you tell a customer to get half of hismoney back with no computer. is that a gain or a loss. Hp doesnt treat customer right at all. i was advised not to buy hp from the onset and now I can see the reason. HP SUCKS AND THERE MANAGERS AS NO CLUE OF WHAT THEY ARE DOING OR HOW TO TREAT CUSTOMERS

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Simular digusting interface with HP tech support.

When I required assistance with a problem and contacted Hp tech support, I was shocked by the extremely uninformed ability of the contact. Then, after many hours attempting to resolve the problem with HP tech support, I found that an escalated contact person was rude and ultimately unhelpful. HP was unresponsive to my needs.

Ultimately, most of the guts of the original HP computer have been replaced with items which have excellent tech support. I shall never purchase an HP computer; however their printers are stable.

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Same problems with a new computer

I bought a ProBook 4545s almost a year ago. It didn't work correctly right out of the box. First the screen went dark and a restart was all that would light it back up. The touchpad never worked correctly. Tap, Tap, Tap, over and over, finally it closes 2 windows you don't want it to. Won't scroll one time then you touch it and it flips all the way to the bottom of the page.

Started with online chat which just made me more and more angry. They were making me repair my own NEW computer and nothing they told me ever worked. Then I asked for a supervisor, then his supervisor. I called every number I could find but always ended up in India with someone speaking so fast and not in English that I couldn't tell what they were saying.

3 times they sent a tech to my home to replace parts that even I knew wouldn't help. They didnt change a thing about the performance. The third tech had one part that had not been replaced and both parts that had already been replaced. Didn't fix any of the problems.

Now, almost a year later, after replacing enough parts to build a new computer, plus me working on it, they said they would replace it with a "refurbished" one. I told him I already had a refurbished one, I bought a NEW one and it hasn't worked since I cut the tape on the box. He agreed to send me a new one. UPS came, opened the box and it's a used one with rubber feet missing on the bottom. A Windows 8 sticker on the back but it's loaded with Windows 7 Professional. My original was Windows 7 Home Premium.

My cell phone bill was $350.00 higher than normal when I got it this morning from all the minutes I wasted on the phone with them last month. I can buy a laptop for that much!

Now I have over $800.00 in a used computer and a year of grief under my belt.

The "new" one is all configured wrong. Nothing worked correctly.Refurbished? HA! I've spent the last 3 days installing virus software and removing viruses. The screen went black the first day just like the original one. It has absolutely no software on it like the original did - completely empty.

Yesterday I spent an hour on the phone with someone else in India just to get Internet Explorer 10 to work. They couldn't get it to work and had to downgrade to IE-9. Now I keep getting pop-ups telling me to upgrade to 10. Some web sites won't even work with IE-9 or it's something wrong in the computer. I had to download Firefox just to get some sites to load but about half the places I buy from online won't take my password with either browser.

I can turn it off, fully charged, and when I go back to turn it on the battery is dead. It's a total piece of cr@p.

I spent one day searching the Internet for a U.S. branch to call for help. I actually got an American once but was quickly switched to India. As far as I know there is no one to call that cares. I even had to argue with them to get a warantee on the "new" computer. When I called Tech support about the browser the serial number was no good and not in their system. I had to find one of many case numbers from the past year in my email. Before I turned my original one in the serial number had dissapeared.

I have no idea what will happen to this computer next but I know it won't last long. I'm positive they will do nothing about it.

Do NOT buy Hewlett Packard. Total junk with no support.

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My printer is the isssue

CS sucks at HP. Never mind waiting on hold for hours, they finally said they will send me a refurbished printer to replace my 4 month old PRINTER that has printer head issues. I now have to send the defective printer back to HP so, I assume, they can refurbish it and send it out to some other HP sucker.

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HP uCMDB support sucks

I opened this ticket more than 6 weeks ago and i have asked for this ticket to be escalated to level 3 number of times, but these guys are refusing to do so. Every time i open a ticket, i have the same problem. Always dealing with people who doesn't have the skill set to address the issue. To be hones with you, i think the CMDB support is a joke. It is extremely frustrating dealing with these guys.

I either have to find another job or advise my company to stop paying for support, because the support is usless.

if i would have known about this support issue, i never would have implement uCMDB in our environment.

The next job that i get, if they have any HP products, I will decline the offer.

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HP - make better computers or improve tech service

Unfortunately, I've learned my lesson the hard way. My HP-360 was a dream when it was working but it broke after only 6 weeks -- and that was the second one. (The first HP 360 broke after two weeks so I returned it to Costco for a refund.) No more concierge service for me, so this time I bought it directly from HP, where I can expect real technical service. The built in microphone stopped working this time and, after futile attempts to gain the "real technical service" I had hoped for, I was required to do a "reset" (removing all of my applications and data) and send it in for repair. I was concerned with my new "baby" being injured during shipment or service but that didn't happen. Everything was returned to me precisely the way I sent it in. No scratches. No dents. No broken screen. And, No Repair. Yes, I said, "no repair." After spending additional hours on the phone with HP tech service, it's about to go back to the repair center once more. Do you think they will fix it this time? Stay tuned!

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AGreed My Leap Motion Envy I7 , 16gb w/ graphics card..

My laptop arrived as a failed device ..Through its' two year history with me it was returned 7 times for repair..It never worked right ...The Leap motion never worked..The machine was simply a lemon. Three months of it's history spent with the HP repair people never to be returned in proper working order. I thought since I'd had to deal with all the aggravation they could give me an upgrade in machine to a maxed Omen... Not much more than the original.. A little appeasement...Forced to a fifty mile trip to Fed Ex to return the failed machine in a NH snow storm...No pick up , not to a certified Fe ex facility but to Fed Ex..All the wasted time and lost effort...All the work to deal with the failed device and I JUST WANT A LITTLE BUMP UP AS THEY POUNDED ME DOWN..

Am I wrong to think this..?

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Great, I rush right out and buy one of those.

gfn5cnet You are being reasonable in expecting some form of consideration for the inconvenience to which you -- A CUSTOMER -- have been subjected. But, HP apparently is under the impression that there is an endless pool of potential customers and none of them will read your post. Poor quality combined with poor customer service -- great, I'll rush right out and buy one of those.

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HP support is non existent

Hours on hold, unable to troubleshoot. Wish I would have read reviews before I bought the new printer.

HP sucks!!!!!!! 6 month old printer has crashed!!!! HP support what a freakin joke!!!!!

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HP support is non existent

Update, 2 hours on hold finally spoke with a support individual and they will be sending me a (rebuilt) printer not a new replacement... obviously there are issues with their product. I now need to send my printer back to them, I assume, they will fix it then send it out to another individual that received defective product. HP, you are an interesting company.

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Well, it still sucks.

I have had always used HP products. I had to deal with customer service once before about HP photo smart estaion tablet "exploding". They just replaced it. last year I got an HP Pavilion X2 12'' and had to send it in under warranty for free. Well they made it better but didn't fix it. 1 year later it is as bad as it was before. After talking for 2 hours and 4 people (1 of them being really rude, and the first one understood nothing). I convinced them to give me the repair for free (out of warranty) because they failed to fix it before. But, that wasn't my only problem. The device was "damaged" (Fell apart on its own, design flaw) I found a few people with this problem. they want to charge me about 450CAD when I paid only 600CAD for the laptop. I'm ok with paying but not more than HALF of the laptop cost. (I asked about it when i sent it in the first time) They told me same price as before. I was than transferred to the complaint department. I have been talking the the complaint department for 5 days and they won't offer me anything.

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HP technical support is the worst I ever contacted.

I do not understand how HP can advertise their technical support as a benefit for buying their product. I have been a telecom consultant for 30 years and have never encountered the incompetence of technical support as with HP. I thought Dell was bad but they at least have moved some of their tech support to other countries than India.
I have advised numerous clients not to buy HP products and will continue to do so emphatically. I can't wrap my head around the fact that HP has not done anything to improve their service or their products. If I consulted my clients the way that HP does - I would be out of business, But money talks....

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Windows expiring soon!! HP no help

I have been having a problem with my HP 24-g020 since downloading the Windows update (Fall Creator). All of the sudden my Windows 10 license is expiring. I find this very odd as I bought computer with a licensed copy of Windows 10 fully installed on it. I contacted Microsoft about the issue and was told that the license I had was a generic license that HP is supposed to change prior to the computer leaving the factory. Microsoft told me to contact HP. So I contact HP, and guess what they say "it's not their fault and if I want a fully license copy of Windows 10 I will have to buy it". HMMMMM Guess who is not going to buy a licensed copy of Windows 10? This guy!! Because the computer I bought came with a licensed copy of Windows 10 PRE-INSTALLED.
So I escalated it to the next level. I dealt with Nina on the HP forum, she escalated me to Tech9, and then to JeffHelp where I provided him with all my data"
Please include:
Your Full Name: Martin A. Rickert
Contact Number: No dashes- or dots... No spaces 785*******
Email Address: martin.rickert@**************
Country Location: United States/Kansas
Serial Number: 8CC6191F4Y
Product Model Number: V8P00AA#ABA
Any HP Case Numbers or HP Service Ticket numbers:
Description of issue: See image below
Forum Name: Re: Escalation of Windows will expire soon on
Then it went to iMaxx who has been monitoring to see if a case manager has been assigned. On 27 November a case manager was assigned to me by the name of Zaul. He called me once and emailed me once all in one day. Have not heard a peep since. My Windows in expiring soon and so far I don't have a clue on what to do next.

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I will not enter into a debate here but offer what could be the cheapest exits but will comment that I've seen this expiry after malware or other infections. Sometimes removing the malware fixes it but half the time it doesn't. This is not a HP problem since we assume the liability for protection and backups.

I take it there was no backups or recovery media made to go back to so what would be the cheapest exit? Try ordering the HP Recovery Media for this model. That should be the cheapest fix.

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Being assigned a case manager who only contacts me once! I have made repeated attempts to contact this person Zaul via phone and email. Still have nothing back from this individual. Why is it once the Escalation person is involved do the relationships with HP break down? I have downloaded one thing, it was from Microsoft. It was the Fall Creator edition, it was not Malware and then this happened. I run my anti-virus program nightly and have not come up with anything at all. I have run my antimalware since you said something and again nothing.
I don't want to start a debate either, but I am upset that it is not HP's problem I bought a computer with a licensed copy of Windows 10 correct? No computer comes PRE-INSTALLED with an operating system that is a TRIAL which is what I was told by the HP support person. The box the computer comes in said PRE-INSTALLED WITH WINDOWS 10 not PRE-INSTALLED WITH TRIAL VERSION OF WINDOWS 10.

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Not debating much here.

The update can trigger problems if the OS isn't spotless. For example some install DVD/CD emulators, some antivirus suites and so on. These are not malware but like a house of cards where everyone's deck isn't quite the same you are never quite sure will it will fall down.

So my reply is to share the cheapest possible exit.

As to what happened here the only issue that I don't see addressed is the backup of the PC along with creation of the restore media.

The restore media has sadly been pushed to us to make and keep around.

-> My view is the industry needs to do better.

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HP Care Manager?

If I am assigned an HP Care Manager, I would expect some care. He called me and emailed me all in the same day. I have been calling and emailing him every day since with no reply from him. Now it is the lack of HP Care that I am getting from the HP Care Manager that I am getting frustrated with more than anything.


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My story on HP is worse but off topic.

3 month old laptop, sent in to repair, returns in sad condition, won't run for 5 minutes, HP rep tells me "We've done all we could", "You should have bought an Envy" and more.

My last HP.

I don't expect anyone to tell you the cheapest exit or perform forensics on this. I'm here for you and attempting to help you find a cheap exit.

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Your Story

Sorry to hear that. I am an avid HP user, this is the first time I have had problems with any of my HP products. My problem now is not the product it is the support. Why will the support not get back to me, and if they do not, what is my next step? Can I escalate this further?

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My story over the next 6 months was darker.

After HP service killed the laptop. That is, it looked fine but would hang in under 5 minutes on boot, bios screen, etc..

Over the next 6 months I would call in to ask for escalation or refund. They would go again over they did all they could. HP's warranty at this point was worthless and I hadn't done anything like move to another country to cause this.

So over the next 6 months, calls, Web Surveys about my experience and if I was satisfied. Nothing worked. Since the signs were clear I closed the book on this and share here about what HP USA is like as well as never recommend their products.

A HP SocME did get in touch over this so I sent them all the details and they couldn't help either. They know my case well and it's a mystery to this day why HP would do this.

-> But back to you. I do not expect HP to help you much. It's a software issue to boot. It's a shame they let you down so my goal here is to help you find the cheapest exit.

If it's in warranty, and dead, maybe you should go for full refund. I wish I had.

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Hp tech support sucks

In the pass I always stuck with hp because they were good system and if there was a bug they soon had fix or replacement
But now with the junk there trying to pass off with defects they know about and keep selling them without fixing the problem
taking older models with adam CPU's that just barely ran windows 7 loading windows 10 and calling it a new laptop
the worst tech support i can not believe what I had to do just to speak with someone by the time I got to speak to a person which I had to go through a sales person (because there is no live tech support number) who connected me to someone who connected me to someone in tech support who connected to someone else who hung up before I got to say a word
and had to start over
This is after opening up over 8 case number and only auto reply emails with no support contact
after months, of trying hp told me it was a soft ware problem and i would have to pay them for support because the software support is a limited time
After speaking to Microsoft tech support (free) they told me it's a hardware default problem that hp has not even tried to fix and it has been causing Microsoft tech support a lot of time
the only fix is one of two an external device or a program that will block the default setting on my laptop
This is not the hp i once trusted

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Not HP problem always

Sometimes removing the malware fixes problems but half the time it fails. This is not a HP problem since we assume the liability for protection and backups...

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HP support Sucks HP Made in China

I am telling my experience with HP support, how they force you and manipulate things on the phone according to them. I buy a Laptop last year from HP and now it’s dead. I got a call on my cell phone today 8/13/18 in the afternoon I also got my complaint number which is 5018583414. The representative on the phone told us that we only have one option and that is repair for this device only, it hasn't even been a year since we bought the Laptop and it's not working. I don't trust this device anymore also they updated the serial number when the representative called me. How can it be a genuine HP product when the serial number isn't available on HP.com? They updated the serial number when the representative called me before that the system wasn't taking the serial number that the device had on it so how can we trust the device after all these issues? If the device was working and we hadn't checked the serial number online then how would we figure out what was wrong with the device. Thank god it happens in the first year during the warranty status otherwise who would help us?
So far I talk with two representative and they offered me repair. But I have no trust on the device anymore. I don’t wanna keep this China made garbage. But HP doing nothing. One of the representative told me why you not returned the product in first 30 days if you not trust the device. I told him back that The laptop is dead after 6 months and I hadn’t have any dream in the first week of buying this device that my laptop going bad after few months. If I had that dream I definitely return this garbage in first week not in 30 days. And now they making fun of us. Because they have my money and my trust and I have dead laptop. I will suggest everyone never buy HP laptop. They deliver products from China at low cost.

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I wish I would have seen this forum sooner!!! I called HP last week because I had an issue with my HP desktop. The tech made me sign up for a warranty in order to help me. After being on the phone for hours with a guy from India who could NOT help me he hung up the phone on me. I called the next day to cancel my subscription and to refund my card and I was told that a case manager would call me back. It's been a week no one has called. There is no billing department that can help. There is no number for the case manager. Every day I call HP and all I get is an Indian who cannot help me that tells me that there is no phone number to give me where I can actually talk to someone who can help and I just have to wait for a case manager to call me. This is a major scam!!!! What kind of company does not have a billing department or a phone # to talk to someone who can help that is not overseas!!!!! At this point I am disputing the charge with my bank. I WILL NEVER BUY ANOTHER HP PRODUCT IN MY LIFE!!!! WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER!!!!

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Malware fixing problems

Sometimes removing the malware fixes problems but half the time it fails. This is not a HP problem since we assume the liability for protection and backups...

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Jesse ex-HP TECH

I had worked as computer Technician for only 2 months in HP Tech support. What I saw inside people with low very low salary who do not know about repair computers. HP hired people that know only unassembly computers. This the razon for HP tech support sucks..

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