Hp Power Throttling Disable Problems

I have tried many ways to disable power throttling in windows on a HP Beats 15-P099NR Laptop, everything from the power management, to regedit is there a way to force it to disable the power throttling and stop it from throttling down and I have had every version of Windows 10 installed on it since I got it used last year from a pawnshop ?

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Reporting: Hp Power Throttling Disable Problems
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You can't disable the CPU throttling.

And same for the GPU. Both have a thermal diode that as the temp reaches a certain point the clock speeds are reduced. These are baked into the silicon because we could not rely on software alone to throttle and keep the chips from melting down.

I think your model is at so the next move would be to try fan control software and max out the fans and/or put it on a cooling pad.

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Can't Disable Power Throttling HP Laptop

yes that is the model which has said to had cooling system problems since its release I only hear the fan speed up every so offen but not all the time power throttling is controlled in power management but that don't seem to help fan speeds up when ever you are in bios settings then after booting it slows down back to the basic speed, I am right now installing HP CoolSense for fan control hopefully it works but even fan control in bios has not helped all I need is for this laptop to stay at the full speed which it was designed to in order to do my work if I can't find a solution for this problem I will have to spend over $1,000 for another laptop that works Sad money and time lost for someone like me on a limited government income I have it on a cool pad all the time but it does keep it cool I dont see any differents ?

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The HP model here was closer to 300 dollars.

It's a cheap thing, but folk expect a lot for so little. For 1K, you can get into the usual i7 and 1050 Ti machines which are very nice.

HOWEVER, how do you know it's throttling and not the old APU issues?

I only have your top post to work with. Not much story or what app you have an issue with. Here's my cheap AMD A10 laptop It was 220USD to my door.

It's actually pretty nice now I changed the HDD to SSD.

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Same issue

I guest I will just have to find another laptop which the newer windows 10 1906 will support you can only upgrade what I have with 32gb ddr3L and a top high of priced Seagate Nytro SSD 3.8tb but the back bone of the problems I have with this laptop 15-P099NR is about the same others had with theirs of the same model the design was a mistake by HP

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At home and office

We have a few A8 based laptops and they are OK but not for gamers who expected more. Even that A10 barely wheezes along on today's titles.

At the office we stop at 16GB RAM so I can't imagine why 32GB since it's not paying off. For the office work we stop at 8GB and 240 to 512GB SSDs.

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know the feeling being a entertainment laptop its truly lacks what it needs looks great led keyboard and all but sucks at the cooling fan not speeding up where it needs to be only seen it reach on a few times up to 2.7ghz but most of the time 2.4ghz which is below what advertised at this point I see no reason to try to waste good money on more upgrades since its not doing its job others had the same concerns about this same model Sad crying shame HP would put out a wasteful design of this kind

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you might purchase

a good gaming laptop ,they can get expensive though. My new laptop cost around $1300 . Lotsa fan action happening Wink

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"entertainment laptop"

I had a dv6000 with the old Turion X2 and it was fine. It played videos, did the internet just dandy. You are asking for a gamer laptop which this is not.

And yes, HP and most store staff may not be honest but I will.

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I disagree

I disagree for one reason I have done my testing of hard core more upto date video games called Forza MotorSport 7 which is UHD format and it worked like a champion only problem was HP Programming to not able to disable the dam power throttling but I beat I know just what the problem is now the cooling system has gone bad like others had the same problem the fan speeds up only when you start to boot it up at times other than that it stays at a slow speed, Radeon HD built in has the OverDrive Option from AMD just for Xbox Live Play anywhere gaming but the max memory if anyone wants to agree or not is 32gb ddr3L 1600mhz, reason I know this because I am a trained Computer Technology Specialist of 38 years just a lot of hardware companies place the same hardware in higher in laptops with over clocking software and others disable that options cause they want more dam money. Period

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Not here to swagger.

My first programming was in 1972 and through the years I've designed, built many systems and I am not talking PCs. I'm talking boards with processors like Motorola 680x0, 68360, Ti DSPs, Microchip PICs, and some dozen others.

Along the way I did start to use PCs in test automation which we designed and built custom PCI cards.

My background is in Electronics so heat control and more is well, second nature for me.

-> If you want to pick a bone about HP, I'm with you all the way as they changed from a good to a mediocre company.

But the machine is what it is. Not a gamer.

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Let's say you are that good with hardware.
Why not open it up and hardwire the fan to run at the speed you want. Install some potentiometer to set the speed if you like.

Stop accepting HP's design decision and use your training to overcome the design.
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HP problem not ours

HP use to be great at putting out good products but companies like theirs do screw up at times like others do its called being human good apu bad idea on the bios programming thats how car companies do with engines many styles same engine but the programming is not the same is what the customers of all income levels can afford, I talk with HP and came to a solution best to just get another laptop as reasons the cpu, gpu and apu are not upgradeable in mobile devices cause their soldered to the main board. I have came across a few here who had a good idea but this laptop has a cooling problem same as the others of the same model had other level is the apu speed, The gpu side was easy to turn up but back end of the cpu side you can forget it.

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You need to be back to HP and their forums. Here, outside of warranty issues we go at this in other ways.

If you were just here to rant, that's fine but let folk know so they know you are not open to changing the hardware as you see fit.

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No such

Looks like your here looking for a fight so Mr ratt go fight else where this conversation is over since there's people like you with a smart remark like that

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That HP model you are upset with.

Since you are not open to hardware modification it appears you are broiling for a spat or to take on HP over this model.

The model would be OK for playing video from the web, Netflix and such but not suited for more than a card game or may old DOS DOOM gaming.

I had hoped you would see the machine for what it is and then think about how to modify it to eek out more. But it appears I upset you and I apologize.

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You are way out of line here
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You are with stupid answers I solved my problem already like I said Conversation Over over clocked apu on cpu/GPU both ends 32gb ddr3l 1600mhz memory working perfectly good bye cnet

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