Hey guys I am at a crossroads, I'm using a friends computer, because my old computer is just not very good. I want to be able to do audio editing and video editing.
It's a HP - Pavillion HPE 210F

I ran crucial.com and have a 16gb ram memory upgrade on standby as well as an upgrade for the hard drive to a 6gb/s.

My issue is that I can't seem to find on any website, a clear way to find an upgrade for my graphics card and my audio.
I want to know if maybe I should even just replace my motherboard? Should I be replacing my OS? I am newer to these upgrades and really am not sure. I am techy enough that I could learn how to do all the labor myself, I just don't know about power replacements, etc. etc.

Or is all of this not really worth it? Is there a computer that is already at the level of what I would be upgrading to for less than 400 or even 500?

ANY AND ALL HELP HUGELY APPRECIATED, you guys and gals are godsends! Happy

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Here's the thing about audio.
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Hey, thank you for the info! The only problem I'm having is that my audio isn't good enough for Cubase (and as such, most likely any other serious audio engineering software). Is there anything you could suggest? Or is it possible I don't know something about my audio? (Yes, it is highly possible) haha.

For the RAM, when I run Avid with 8gbs, it has some lag issues, I was told that 16gb is all I would need for a very long time and that I shouldn't have any more issues with it. (It's extremely important to be able to playback the video in the program and actually see the results of editing/sound). Would you agree?

And sorry to ask for what is probable obvious to people in the know, but is a GPU a way to make my graphics card run better or is it a whole new graphic card system? I was a little confused when I looked it up.

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At the office we have 4, 8 and 16GB machines.

There is so little difference from 8 to 16 that if folk have 8, I don't advise them to change. The move to SSD is much more bang for the buck. Last week I snagged a 500+GB SSD for 120USD.

As to the audio card, many good ones out there but if I was to buy, it would be any of the Creative Lab SoundBlasters.

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Nice! Can I ask one last question?

Thank you for the input!
My last question is for upgrading the processor, my system says that I can upgrade to any of these:
•AMD Phenom II X4 9xx/9xxe/8xx Quad-Core (D)
•AMD Phenom II X3 7xx/7xxe Triple-Core (H)
•AMD II Athlon X4 6xx/6xxe (P)
•AMD II Athlon X3 4xx/4xxe &regWink
•AMD II Athlon X2 2xx/2xxe &regWink

Do any of these ring a bell as a clear winner?
And like I said above, I'm down to spend up to 500 to get my computer back up to snuff, including my graphics upgrade, ssd, and any other items I may need to get it up and running. I'm really trying to avoid paying over 800+ for a brand new computer to edit on.
Thank you again for your help!

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I'm not a fan

Of calling out SATA 2 speeds. That speed is low impact compared to seek times and what is known as "media speed." Yes it's nice to have SATA 3 but why folk call it out when the SSD speed gain is so high.

As to RAM, if you don't replace it all, well the fact you have 8 is great. I'd not change that.

About the CPU. If you do that and the GPU change you broach the area of changing the Power Supply Unit (PSU.) If you want to compare CPUs, use CPUBOSS.com.

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I doubt your going to buy a new machine for 4/500 bucks that will do what you want.
So that leaves the upgrade path.

Your machine comes with 8GB of ram running at low speed.
Scroll down to the memory area and expand it.
Your options are to replace that ram with 2x4GB@1333 that will get the higher speed.
Replace that ram with 4x4GB but then your back to the low speed.

Your machine comes with sata2 ports so your limited to 300MB xfer rate.
Your machine comes with a 5400 rpm hdd....that's not good for perf.
Replace that unit with a 7200 rpm unit or better yet a ssd.

Video card
Your machine has a 300w psu.
Unless you want to upgrade that I would not go any higher than a gtx 750 ti.

Do you have a w7 install disc?
If not then the first step is to create/buy the hp factory restore disc.

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I like what you're puttin down!

So! I've put on order a 500gb SSD and I got a reboot usb for the factory restore.

My question at this point, is for longevity, should I just shell out the $1k for something or is there a way to make my computer last a long time. I'm finding, the more and more I read into this kind of work (restoring and upgrading) is that most computers are fine and can use a little pick me up, until the point of which it needs a new power source/processor. I checked out my processor and 3ghz seems good to me?
I hate to say it, but I'm rather lost in a world that I should know more about.

I'm down to put in the time and money, I just want to make sure that it will be able to handle large audio and video editing jobs and not make me want to punch the wall everyday haha.

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Go with the ssd.

That should give you a nice bump.

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