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HP Pavilion f1703 blackout - reported today 5/14/05

My f1703 monitor began blacking out a week or so ago.
I was able to unplug it and plug it back in and it would work for a day or so. Then, it started happening more, it will only come on for a second or two. I called HP support this afternoon (but, since it is out of warranty - 15 months old)..they would only offer me a refurbished one for $350. I want another one of these...what, so I can pay $350 in another year for another replacement. I don't think so!
I asked the HP Support person if others had reported this problem and he said "NO". After I did not accept his offer to replace my bad monitor with a refurbished one...I went online and searched "known issues HP Pavilion f1703"...hoping to find a solution....and I found this website. This is amazing to me! I have read every post related to the blackouts and it appears MANY people have reported the same problem.
So, I guess HP has NO WAY of tracking "repeat" problems/issues with their equipment...Yeah..right!!

I (like another post I read) am responsible for the hardware purchases for a very large (Fortune 500 Company)....and because of the loss of respect that I now have for HP....I WILL NOT purchase one more item from them. It is very obvious that they do not care about the little guy. So, maybe the BIG GUY can get their attention. I realize that my own personal $500 monitor is no big deal to them...but, losing a couple of million a year...could possibly make them take a second look at customer service.

All they had to do is admit that there is a problem and offer a remedy for it (replacement, apology, something!!). Instead, they offer nothing but a big fat LIE (they are not aware of this problem).

My next step is to try the power adapter replacement. My fingers are crossed that this will work....if not, I will purchase a new LCD flat panel monitor (I will try Dell...maybe they value their customers)!


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hp blackouts

In reply to: Extended warranty

I also found out my extended warranty didn't cover the monitor. The sales department was just eager to sell me a new monitor. Good business practices would require them to be upfront about the faultly monitor and do something to help their customers. They are going to lose customers if they don't shape up.

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HP Pavilion f1703 Blanking out problem

In reply to: You should have bought an extended warranty


Would you share with me the phone number you called to have the problem with the HP Pavilion f1703 monitor?

Thank You,
Rudy Ramirez Jr.

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In reply to: HP Pavilion f1703 Blanking out problem

The number I used was 800-474-6836 - Be Firm and do not give up! They will replace it with persistance.

Good luck!

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HP f1703 monitor blackout

In reply to: HP Pavilion f1703 blackout - reported today 5/14/05

I have 2 of these monitors and both blacked out. I called HP this morning and conveyed my problem....and that I knew the model was having serious issues. A man identifying himself as customer representative, Adam Price, told me he would replace both free of charge. He's sending me new ones (he wasn't sure if it would be the same model...I sure hope not), and I could return the old ones, all on HP's dime.

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HP f1703 monitor blackout

In reply to: HP f1703 monitor blackout

Hi Allison11:

I just spoke with HP and they will replace my monitor as well. Expecting it within two days. Thanks ...

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HP Pavilion f1703 blackout

In reply to: HP Pavilion f1703 blackout - reported today 5/14/05

Dear Kev7kris:

I have the exact same problem! After turning on and off and the pluging-replugging routine last night the monitor worked for a few hours. Then today no matter what I do I would not stay up for more than two seconds and then it blacks out! I have to look to see how many months ago I bought this.

Please let us know if you find out a fix.

Shame on you HP! This would be my last product I will buy with the HP brand name. My Micron PC from 9 years ago still runs like a champion.

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hp pavilion f1703 blackout

In reply to: HP Pavilion f1703 blackout - reported today 5/14/05

I have just experienced the identical problem. Does anyone have an easy solution or do I have to replace the screen? Help!

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Recall on HP f1703 blackout

In reply to: hp pavilion f1703 blackout

Call 1-800-474-6836 and let HP know that you are aware of a recall on this product. They will try to tell you that you have no warranty, they will try to sell you a different monitor. Don't let them give you the run around. This recall is good for 27 months after the manufacturer's date, whether you have a warranty or not. This applies to serial #'s beginning with CNC and manufacturer dates extending from October 2003 through June 2004. Check out the HP Official Website for more details, and good luck. The magic word is "recall"!

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No blackout ...yet, but

In reply to: Recall on HP f1703 blackout

I have a f1703 montitor that will not hold the focus when it comes out of hibernation. It will go to sleep okay, but when it comes out of hibernation, the fonts on the desktop are dark and sorta blurred. No blackouts yet, monitor is 7 months plus old. I turned down a replacement after reading this forum. I was fearful of getting a bad replacement. Any advice out there?


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On Additional note..

In reply to: No blackout ...yet, but

Computer is HP Pavilion a1030n, with Pent.4 530J, 512 MB Ram, 200 GB 7200 rpm ATA hard drive. OS Win XP Home Ed. HP doesn't know how to fix the focus, wants me to try to hook the monitor on another computer, but I my laptop is too old to test this big of a monitor on it. I can't find any info on HP's website re: focus on these things. I could sure use some suggestions.



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Reply To HP Blackout

In reply to: HP Pavilion f1703 blackout - reported today 5/14/05

MY HP PAVILLION F1703 is the same
just after i had it a year, it broke
what happens is that the screen fades to half darkness, and it turns off after <1 second
if i turned it off and on it would be fine for an hour or so, but after about a week this has been happening every 5 minutes or so, and now it happens, it won't return to its normal state, i.e. i press "on" and it turns on to half darkness and then off after a second,
having spoken to an expert, i was told that it was the backlight that had gone, not anything else, and all TFT's have these backlights in the top, but the backlight in my f1703 was faulty
but having looked on the internet , it seems that many people are having this problem, is there any way that will be cheaper than getting a new monitor, such as replacing the light myself?


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in addition

In reply to: Reply To HP Blackout

HP are untrue in saying that the power adapter is to blame, as i have tried numerous adapters from HP and the problem still exists, anyone know where i can get a decent monitor for a good price??

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HP F1703 monitor

In reply to: in addition

after reading comments in the Forum - I contacted HP at 800 474 6836 - with the necessary info - I will receive a new monitor in 2 days - and instructions on returning old one. Very satisfied!!
The Customer service person had no problem once I gave him the model number and serial #.
Very satisfied with HP! This is so much better than purchasing a new one!!!

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F1703 blackout

In reply to: HP Pavilion f1703 blackout - reported today 5/14/05

This is eerie, i just went out to search the internet and found all these problems with this monitor. Mine is doing the exact same thing.

The thing blacks out and i used to be able to fix it by just unplugging it and plugging it back in. This all started about 3 weeks after the warranty expired.

I would try the self fix but I cant solder well enough to do it. If you all hear anything about this let me know. Thanks

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Replacement from HP

In reply to: F1703 blackout

Well they really dont want to try and replace this monitor, but i finally got them to.

They are going to replace it with a refurbished one of the same model.

I will let you know how satisfied I am

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HP monitor blackouts f1703.

In reply to: HP Pavilion f1703 blackout - reported today 5/14/05

Thanks to the person who wrote the article. I thought it was my computer that had the problem now i'm sure it's the monitor. It does blackout and now it's more frequent than ever. I'm a teacher and I need my computer especially now during final exams. I'm witt you. SHAME on HP! BTW right now I'm on a friends computer!!!!!

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Help me do it myself

In reply to: HP monitor blackouts f1703.

Im going to try and repair it myself but How do I open the f1703 up? I was able to disconntect the stand but dont know how to open the unit itself.

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HP Pavilion f1703 blackout

In reply to: HP Pavilion f1703 blackout - reported today 5/14/05

The same thing happened to my HP Pavilion Monitor after I had it a little over a year. It no longer works. At first it would black out and come back on when I restarted my computer, would work for a week or so and black out again. Then a few months ago it blacked out and it has been out every since

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my fix

In reply to: HP Pavilion f1703 blackout

Hi all,
I was given this monitor with the ?Blackout? fault.
Had a look inside and could not find anything fried, put it back together and it worked for ten minutes?
Found this thread with a Google, so had another look inside and found one little heat mark, had a look on the components board and on the first power board there is a big Power transistor that looks like it should press onto the back plate to use as a heatsink, but there is a slight gap there, this will cause it to overheat, it also has a small heatsink on the components side with two holes in it but this is to small to cool down this Transistor.
Looking at cooling for this monitor, there is none, not for the two boards under the backplate, bad design.
It?s working as I speak and as been on for the last two hour out of the case, will keep you posted on the outcome.

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Join the club of Blacked out Monitors

In reply to: HP Pavilion f1703 blackout - reported today 5/14/05

I would think that HP would do a recall on their faulty monitors. Mine has been doing it from day one but, now it's alot more frequent. I'm curious to know if the replacment of an electrical adaptor worked. I am tired of being shut down due to this monitor when I'm in the middle of things. I will probably just go buy another non-HP monitor if I can't figure out the problem.

I would be interested in your resolution.

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HP replaced my Monitor for free

In reply to: Join the club of Blacked out Monitors

After reading further I found some great information on this site that helped me to get HP to replace my monitor. Without this site I would not have known how to handle the situation. I used the phone number provided and after about 30 minutes was able to get HP to send me a free monitor.

Thanks for providing such a great forum.

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Club Member

In reply to: Join the club of Blacked out Monitors

My hp monitor has been sitting on the floor for many months now - its completely blacked out. I've called HP on several occasions but gotten nowhere. HP tells me my monitor does not qualify for their replacement program because it was not made during the time period they're covering (I think mine was made three months earlier).

I've asked them how they determined which monitors they're covering, and gotten no response. So, I'm back to my old 15 inch CRT. Will never buy from HP again.

Let me know if you have better luck with HP.

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HP Pavilion F1703 Monitor blackouts

In reply to: Club Member

After reading all the email on this site I called HP about my monitor. It is 13 months old and having black out problems. The first technical support person I spoke to told me my monitor wasn't covered by the replacement even though it met all of the criteria. He said because my serial number was CNC 425 instead of CNC423 or CNC424 my monitor could not be replaced. I finally hung up and called back and got someone different. After giving the technician the same numbers I gave the first technician he immediately agreed to replace the monitor without any further question. I should have the new monitor in a couple of days. I will write again if I have any further problems getting the replacment. If you were told no to a replacement I would keep calling until you finally get someone that can help.

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HP1703 Monitor

In reply to: HP Pavilion f1703 blackout - reported today 5/14/05

I have had the same problem as all of the rest. I just received a free replacement today. My warranty had expired a year ago. They did not force the 27 month from manufacturer date, no questions asked. Only took one phone call. Received my new monitor in two day. Just got to press them and they will break.

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hp f1703 monitor blackouts

In reply to: HP1703 Monitor

is the dc adapter replacement the answer to the blackout problem

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In reply to: HP1703 Monitor

My monitor was replaced but the second one they gave me was guaranteed for three months. Three months and a few days later it has gone wrong again and they won't do anything. I think it is disgusting for such a reputable compnay. I will never buy hp again

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monitor f 1703

In reply to: monitorf1703

If you go on the hp site. Hp admitted there was an actual problem. They extended the warranty to 27 months. But that doesn't help.

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Same Problem

In reply to: HP Pavilion f1703 blackout - reported today 5/14/05

I have an HP Pavilion f1703. A few weeks ago the same problem started. I was able to correct it by unplugging and replugging a couple of times but now that does not work anymore. I bought an extended service plan that expires in October 2007 but the plan is not being honored. I had a suspicion it may be the power adapter. I am glad to read the posts from you and others concerning this problem. I am also glad to see others agree it may be the power adapter and that there is a universal one available. This is my first visit to CNET and I am happy I found it. Thanks to all for your information on this.

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Successful HP Service Call on HP f1703 Blackout Problem

In reply to: HP Pavilion f1703 blackout - reported today 5/14/05

Here is my experience:

I have the HP f1703 monitor blackout problem and learned a lot from this discussion. I called the HP Help Number 1-800-HP-INVENT after checking the HP site describing their response policy to this problem:

I purchased the monitor while living in the U.S. - I now live in Canada and was connected to Canadian HP Service. After giving Model No. and Serial No., the Rep told me I was ineligible because the date of manufacture was outside the window covered by the service response for this issue. After correcting her that the monitor was made in October 2003, she informed me that my S/N code indicated my unit was ineligible. After informing her that it started with CNC and was in fact eligible according to the HP site, she conferred with her supervisor for a time and then provided me with the details to ship the unit at HP expense to be repaired with no charge to me.

Since it is now March 2006 and the Mfr date was October 2003, it has been 29 months since Mfr. This is 2 months beyond the 27 months stated on the HP web page above, so this may not be an issue with HP response (I had expected it to be an issue, but was pleasantly surprised). Like another posting said - be persistent, but know your facts and be prepared. Good luck.

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f1703 Monitor

In reply to: HP Pavilion f1703 blackout - reported today 5/14/05

I totally agree with you when you pay such a lot of money you expect the product to last a lot longer then the normal. The customer service people are not there to help. They are only there to tell you they can't fix it and that is it. I think at least they should put on their website how to fix it as this would help some people. I won't purchase HP again either.In fact if you type this product into google you will actually see the extent to how many complaints they have had.

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