The short version is my new HP would not boot when my phone was plugged in. It took 3 months for me to figure out it was a BIOS bug so I cleaned off my files and set aside a day to call HP.

What happened next made this my last HP. Not only did the call take over 8 hours but the laptop upon return from repair would lock up in 5 minutes.

Called HP and they would not repair the 3 month old laptop since "they had done all they can." I pressed for repair since it was now some other issue than what lead them to take it in and was told I should have bough an Envy.

Over the next 6 months more calls and web surveys ended with HP never offering to honor the warranty or replace the failed laptop. On top of that I learned HP can't fix the BIOS issue since they buy the BIOS.

HP? Nope. Keep shopping.