HP Omen (i7 8th Generation & RTX 2080) Worth Price???

As a student on a budget, I have been trying to replace my old gaming laptop with something that has staying power but is cost effective. My question: is this HP Omen Desktop on sale for cyber Monday worth the price? I have been considering the idea of build a gaming PC as the price of used graphics cards (particularly the 1080 ti) has decreased drastically but I believe that this might be a good deal for the components included. Any insight on this would be greatly appreciated.

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Reporting: HP Omen (i7 8th Generation & RTX 2080) Worth Price???
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Not a professional reply, more like an opinion.

Coming from a place where sales and discounts are faked and where prebuilt pcs are mostly a scam I can say that this isnt really horrible, 1.5k budget tho, welp what can i say its seemingly worth it to an extend.

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It's a Best Buy item.

So I think it's just so-so because it's a HP. The 2080 card alone is a big part of the cost. My only worry is the 2080 card is some "special" with reduced GPU RAM or such. Otherwise it's an OK deal outside of the company.

Remember folk, HP from what we know doesn't manufacture any more. They just find deals or have them made by others. Gone are the days they could fix issues like BIOS and such.

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Power Supply 500W?

I was looking at some of the comments and a person mentioned that this PC has a 500w power supply (less than normal). Should this be a sign of concern?

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Why they do that.

When you buy these prebuilts they don't put in a better than needed PSU. So the PSU is set to what is required and nothing more.

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Let's get a price on the 2080 alone.

That came up as 750USD being today's cheapest price. So this HP is doing fine IMO. The only problem I have with HP is their warranty and support. You can find those complaints on the web as well as my story of HP walking out on a warranty plus damaging my laptop at 3 months. Total loss.

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Is it worth the customer service?

That's sounds like a bit of a problem. Having this experience with HP, would you still purchase this PC if you were in the market? Like is this deal worth the negligent customer service? (I'm on a shoe string budget!)

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Nope. I no longer consider HP to be a valid company.

There's a longer story about my last HP. At 3 months it was over 8 hours on the phone as they tried to resolve it with remote support then finally sending a box to ship it back. Up till this laptop I had no issues with HP and long before that spent millions of dollars for test equipment for our engineering group way back when.

So for me I had experienced HP's support many times and it was never a problem. Then the PC revolution happened and they got into PCs, laptops and more. At the time of this failure and what happened made me very aware this was not the company I had dealings with for decades.

So nope. About the only HP products I've bought are refurbs on Groupon.

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General Conclusion

It's cool that you are in the field of engineering, I've actually been considering engineering as a major! So given your extensive experience with HP products, I'm starting to believe that this would not be the greatest deal after all. Thank you for your help in looking critically at this sale, I appreciate your insight and experience!

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The GPU alone

Was about half the cost of the PC. Most gamers I know don't bother with 4K gaming. It's still not the place to be.

Take the time and watch Linustechtips at
The gamers I think are the happiest head to 144Hz gaming rigs with just the 1070 card and builds from

Some go to 16GB RAM and all SSD and maybe the 1080 but all are waiting to hear more about the 2080. All the ones that tried 4K gaming were upset over lackluster framerates at ultra settings.

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This is super helpful!

This is fantastic information (and it really does make since that refresh rate would be more beneficial)! I think I will keep an eye on some 10th generation cards (as well as other desktop parts) and try to build a gaming setup. Speaking of which, while I initially wanted to purchase a desktop for longevity and the ability to upgrade, I did see a laptop that fits some of the specs you mentioned. Would you consider this MSI to be a worthwhile investment?

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Very nice machine.

That's about what I paid for an Acer Predator with 1060 about a year ago. So thanks for sharing that. Prices do erode over time.

-> HOWEVER, computers are horrible investments. Little return when you sell them.

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Such truth!

Great point on both of these topics. I might pick this laptop up instead of the desktop. How is your Acer Predator holding up?

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Very very well.

I write here and for the office doing app development so we buy gaming laptops since we get near bleeding edge performance for a discount.

This Acer is holding up better in one area that usually has me replacing the keyboard yearly. The sheer amount of typing I do wears off the key tops. So the Predator keyboard seems to have tougher key tops and is barely showing any wear compared to an Asus Rog.

Hope this helps.

In parting, maintenance is the usual 1st of the month canned air to the vents. I may forget once in a while but that's it for maintenance.

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