HP Mini 210-1000: Is it a born loser?

A couple of years ago, my wife bought an HP 'Netbook,' the Mini 210-1000. It runs Widows 7 Starter with an Intel Atom processor and 1 gig of RAM, the typical 'stock' configuration.

From the beginning, this little guy was slow, compared with a typical desktop or laptop, but was small, light, and worked well enough for my wife's field work (Mostly MS Word), along with a tiny Canon companion printer.

But it seems that with each download of Windows Updates, the poor little thing got slower and slower. Now it takes Internet Explorer a full 30 seconds to come up, and other applications are similarly very, very slow to respond... some take minutes!

I've run Ccleaner, Malwarebytes and AVG's virus scan, but these utilities give the machine a clean bill of health.

There is an HP Netbook Forum on the Web, but the last posting was nearly a year ago, indicating to me that interest in this and similar models is very low. If this Mini could be returned to its original state it would be usable, but as it is now, it's not. I'd be tempted to re-install Windows and simply avoid updates, but am looking for any alternative advice or ideas. What a shame to simply trash a nice little tool like this; there must be a way to make it useful once again.

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Try an alternative OS
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30 seconds sounds right.

There are smaller OSes like Puppy Linux that can move faster. I don't know if I'd go big with Ubuntu.

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Not a bad idea, but...

I did exactly as you recommended with an old Dell laptop, which had marginal memory and a noisy fan. I put on Precise Puppy (Linux) and found that it ran very quickly, although it wouldn't handle my Windows applications, of course. But for general surfing it's great, very fast.

The trouble here is that my wife does not want to learn another OS, and is Windows-bound for most of what she does. I have already initiated a System Restore on the HP Mini, and as I write this it's being taken back to the original factory configuration. If that seems to work as we remember from a couple of years ago, I'll simply turn off Windows Updates and let my wife try to use it as-is. Many thanks.

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There is no OS to learn. Web browsers are web browsers.

Email can be the same old Thunderbird.

Speed or Windows?

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too bad

I think digger's idea of Lubuntu would have worked out for both of you. If she didn't like the Libre Office that's added to it, she'd probably prefer then Abiword, which is a knockoff on Microsoft's Word, for those who just cling to Word.

utube has some abiword videos

Problem with whatever it came with is no longer properly patched against exploits. Maybe you could do JUST the security updates on the system after reinstalled and avoid all the other updates?

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I threw in another gig of RAM in mine

Made it a little more tolerable. Max it out, as they say.

FWIW, creating a cleaner windows 7 starter image helped a little more too. Google around for more specifics, or ask the kind folks here how to do this Wink

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It's not a power house

Being based on the Atom cpu and the little ram it has, it being a "netbook" becomes very mobile when at the time smartphones still didn't offer much and laptops were still huge. Overall, it does fit the nitch it was intended to provide windows based access to popular pgms. on the go yet transfer to/fro as the case may be.

You can upgrade the ram to 2gb replacing the 1gb in the 1-slot, There really isn't much more you can do other than replacing the HD with SSD if you go that route. While the others offer "Linux OS" as an option, that's up to you. I have a HP mini too and use if for client paperwork at their location and links back to any s/w I bring or need to d/l from web. Yes, its not a speed demon but my connection to my paperwork is fine for me and fits the briefcase with all the papers still. Battery life is decent compared to other laptops w/o any extended battery cells.

Yes, netbooks have given way to "tablets" but heaven help you if that breaks.

tada -----Willy Shocked

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Back in business

Thanks to all for the info and suggestions. I have now taken the HP Mini back to its 'factory condition,' after which I uninstalled a lot of unnecessary programs, many from HP, which seemed to have no utility at this point in Netbook evolution. In addition to killing these 'housekeeping' functions, I also turned off Windows Automatic Updates, as it seemed before that each platform of updates made the machine run slower.

So the Mini is back to as fast as it was in the beginning, which isn't all that fast, but it runs MS Word and the portable Canon printer just fine. That's what the Mini was bought for in the first place, and what it will be doing for the rest of its life.

Thanks again, everyone!

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MS updates

I have all the updates from MS they provide. As far as I'm concerned and noticed there really aren't that many constant updates for the "starter" windows. Sure, some security and such but overall, it really hasn't updated as much as any other version of Win7, like "home premium".

Just thought I'll inform ya. good luck -----Willy

In fact I'm typing from the HP mini for this reply Happy

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I got a hp 210 from my brother it was running very very slow to open program it took 5 to 10 minutes. Configuration was 150 gb hard disk 1 gm Ram. I cleaned up and partitioned hard disk 100 os (used 35 gb) and balance for the my files. Removed all backup files like system upgrade and temporary files checked with CC cleaner de-fragmented hard drive & upgraded to 2 GB ram downloaded all updates including drivers.

The result is
Ms word - 3 seconds
Excel - 4 seconds
Outlook - 5 seconds
Google - 5 seconds
system start - 40 seconds

rs gopal

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