HP Envy 17 inch fan runs fast after service center repair

So, my high end HP Envy 17 inch 4K display laptop just got back from the service center today. The reason it went to the service center was because the screen was covered with vertical lines and distortion. The computer was running fine, otherwise.

Anyway, when I fired it up today after receiving it back from the authorized HP service center in Grapevine, TX, I noticed that the cooling fan just runs fast all the time, which it never did before. Even with very low CPU usage of under 5%, the fan runs quite fast and is quite audible.

So, I today did a chat session with HP about this and the representative updated the BIOS, which did not make any difference in the fan speed. He also adjusted the cooling mode from ACTIVE to PASSIVE, which also did not slow down the fan.

He then said there is something else wrong, hardware related, and I would need to turn around and send the laptop right back to the service center.

I thought I would ask here if anybody has any ideas what may be making the fan run so fast. Thanks in advance for any ideas.

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Reporting: HP Envy 17 inch fan runs fast after service center repair
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HP does not issue schematics.

So most of the time this is fixed with a motherboard swap. Shame really but let them fix it.

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If they reinstalled the OS

they may not have gotten all the drivers needed for that model installed. Download the drivers for it and install them. If that won't fix it, then send it back.

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They didn't...

Thanks. No, they did not do that. The repair receipt indicates:

Replaced parts:
Hinge Up 935939-001

The receipt also states:

Repair actions:

Driver Updated and/or reloaded
Replaced Part
Performed Extensive Testing

It seems like the processor is just running hotter that before I sent it in. It's as if they overclocked it somehow.

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Here's a thing.

Even a driver update can cause more work to be done and more heat. If you want to return to how it was you set it up as it was and hope it goes back to how it was.

"And that's the way it is." - Walter Cronkite

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Okay, so HP tech support asked me to send it back in to the service center to take care of the continually fast running fan issue. So, I sent it in and received it back on Wednesday. They re-installed the operating system and replaced the fan and heatsink rangers 1.X.

Well, the fan still runs fast all the time, regardless of CPU usage. So, I called HP tech support and the guy said it was because there were still updates that would be coming through and the fan would slow down after that. So, I did all the updates. Fan still runs fast ALL the time, regardless of CPU usage.

Now, today, an HP rep on their forum tells me via private message that this is normal because "it is an i7 processor and there is a SSD 512GB Turbo Drive G2 installed the fan is intentionally running at a high speed when multiple tasks are being performed in order to cool down the system".

The only problem with that explanation is that the fan never continually ran fast like that for the first 1.5 years I owned the computer. I am quickly losing faith and interest in HP. Any ideas much appreciated.

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Second update:

So, after extensive private messaging with HP support, it appears that they are going to say that the computer is operating normally. Apparently, they have increased the fan speed in the BIOS, and the fan is going to run fast all the time.

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That was expected.

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similar thread...

Yes, I am aware of that thread, and have posted there as well.

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Third update:

Heard back from HP again, and now they say:
"I understand your frustration as the product should be performing correctly with normal fan speed.The second repair for the fan issue could be resolved with a motherboard replacement."

I've asked them how confident they are that replacing the motherboard would cause or allow the fan to not run fast all the time, if indeed that is controlled by the most recent BIOS settings. I'm a bit reluctant to send it back for a third time.

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I would not make that bet.

Makers do the fan speed increase all the time. It's on the web so here I'll just write it was expected when they see failures and more. Replacing the motherboard would be to try to satisfy the owner but as you suspect they won't "fix it" to the condition it was when you first bought it. They can't because the company has rules about such work.

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Maybe so...

but there's no reason for the fan to be running this fast with 4% CPU usage. It's really aggravating.

I downloaded SpeedFan and it does not display the fan rpms, but it does indicate Temp 2 at 75C, which seems pretty hot. All the other temp readings are 34C or less.

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I'd be repeating the above so let us know.

So if they resolve it or not, it would be nice to hear how it turns out.

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