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HP 4200c Scanner Driver

Has anyone gotten the HP 4200c flatbed scanner to work on Win Vista? HP says they will not provide a driver update for Vista. I wonder if there is a generic driver out there. Thanks

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HP4200C USB will work using SUN's Virtual Box software

I got Virtual Box downloaded from Sun Microsystems for free and it does work with USB devices. For me I needed a way to get my HP4200C USB scanjet working again while using Vista. While it did work, I hated the extra subsystem that got loaded up when Vista booted up just to have XP for my use when ever I needed my non-working Vista HP4200C USB Scanjet.

On my PC, Virtual Box ran faster than MS Virtual PC 2007. But that's a moot point NOW! Today I just wanted to play around with my HP4200C scanjet because my wife's old XP pc is dying and her replacement PC runs Vista like mine. Soon I'd have NO XP system to run the HP4200C Scanjet with. A month ago I noticed the HP4200C Scanjet driver package version 2.02.2000 installed on Vista with some warning of being a unsigned driver but it installed. Under Device Manager Vista said it was a WORKING device but the HP Prescision LT Scan program could not detect the old HP4200C and then I gave up.

So bascially I had a non-working HP4200C Scanjet since February 2007 when my desktop XP system got replaced by a HP Laptop running Vista. So after 29 months my attempt to revive the HP4200C Scanjet worked!

Here's my notes that I can remember on what, how and with what?

1. Used sj655en.exe download from HP
2. USB attach the HP4200C Scanjet
3. Device Manager says Imaging device HP4200C Scanjet is working
4. Driver info shows I'm using software version 2.02.2000
5. Driver info shows the driver version date 1/8/2002
6. Digital Signer shows NOT digitally signed

I imported scans from the following programs:
Photoshop Elements 6.0
Photoshop CS2

The HP Precision LT Scan software results:
Scan to Email - works Outlook translated to Thunderbird email and created the attachment file correctly.
Scan to Copy Utility - worked with my printer with no problems
Scan to File - while it scanned, I couldn't do a "save as", under Vista the prompt for the file name did NOT come up. So I tried overriding by completing the full name at the area where the folder was desginated and it saved! My guess is that the scan program had an interfacing problem on presenting the name of the file with the OK box or cancel.

Well after a couple hours of my HP4200C Scanjet working I decided to put things to rest and try it again tomorrow to see if I was just dreaming about sucessfully saving all of my scans of photos, magazine covers, etc.

I'm not a Windoze tech, just a user who's comfortable with drivers and how they install or not.

Additional info: I tried out Vuescan with and without the HP4200c driver and it couldn't detect the scanner. Their scanner.inf didn't have the HP4200C model but I used the HP4100C instead but it still could detect the scanner so I gave up. Yes, Vuescan is still installed on my Vista system and I have no idea if it influenced the old HP driver to work or not. But I'll remove the Vuescan software tomorrow and go for a retry of the scanner. Hope I get lucky!

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My HP4200C Scanjet is still working after I cleaned up

I removed Vuescan totally off my Vista hard drive and the HP4200C Scanjet continues to work with my apps via the import's function interfacing with the HP Precision Scan LT software.

I remember setting the properties of every executable that came with the packaged driver install software changing the compatibility to XP Servicepack2. But when I reviewed the properties to confirm whether or not this was the fix I was disappointed to find that the compatibility setting was NOT at XP Servicepack2 but unchecked and gray'ed out.

So I'm not sure at this point what made the old HP4200C Scanjet work again after 29 months of my on & off feeble attempts to try it out under Windoze's Vista Home Premium operating system.

Maybe Microsoft made some changes to Vista? Or maybe not? For sure it wasn't due to an HP4200C Scanjet driver update since it's been qualified by HP as to not work and no further support would be offered.

But it's still working!

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Hp4200CScanjet didn't work on 2nd Vista Laptop

As I suspected, my luck wouldn't hold out for getting the sj655en.exe installed on a 2nd Vista Home Premium laptop. First thing I noticed was that service pack1 was not installed. Now I have to do a little bit of making the 2nd laptop catch up on Windoze maint.

I do still have the 1st laptop (HP G60-243cl) running Vista Home Premium working with the usb attached HP4200C Scanjet!

Now it's just a matter of trying to figure out why it works on one and not the other.

If you don't believe me, I can make a video clip of it working on my Vista laptop.

For now, I'll just consider myself lucky to have gotten it to continue to work on my Vista Home Premium operating system with the non-supported HP 4200C Scanjet. My spouse will finally give up her dying XP desktop since the flatbed scanner now works.

Now the research begins on the differences between these 2 laptops.

Sorry didn't mean to mislead anyone or give you false hopes of reviving an old flatbed scanner.

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Wow! After servicepack1 my hp4200cscanjet now works!

OK, Wow!!!!
After I got my 2nd Vista Home Premium laptop sync'ed up with Servicepack1, I clicked on the HP Precision Scan LT program and it scanned a magazine cover page in color without any errors.

The 2nd laptop has not seen Vuescan nor did I re-install the sj655en.exe HP 4200c scanjet driver upgrade. So now I'm guessing that Microsoft Vista servicepack1 has fixed/changed something that allows my old legacy HP 4200C Scanjet to work now with the HP Precision Scan LT program. The 2nd laptop also works with the import function of Photoshop Elements 6.0 with the one minor hiccup of having to override the filename when you do a SAVE-AS. Still not bad as it sends into the application you imported from.

I'm glad I didn't have to do anymore work on this and can now put the issue to bed. Especially now I don't have to buy a new flatbed scanner.

I haven't tried out my other flatbed scanners (Canon) since it had the same unsupported disclaimers from the manufacturer. But I'll come back for another update in a week or two when I get a chance to try it.

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