Never ever post your password on a public site! You do that and you might as well have your new email account hijacked also. I would highly recommend that you change your CNET password immediately.

Second word of advice, I highly recommend that you do NOT post your email in a public site, this is probably the reason why you got your email hijacked in the first place.

Julie, the more personal information you divulge on the Web, the more likelihood that your accounts will get compromised. So please let this be lesson learned.

I have changed your email address for you on CNET. Now go change your password here:;contentAux

If you ever need assistance with your CNET account, you can always find the CNET "Help center" link at the bottom of any CNET Web page. Or simply go to this link directly here:

Surf safe and be persistent about keep your personal information private and off the Web.