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How to Transfer my Videos from my Mini DV tapes to my PC

Nov 19, 2013 7:51PM PST

I may have just made a big boo boo, I was looking for a camera just for doing video tutorials where I take a video of the PC Screen of the software I am doing the tutorial on. and Narrate the audio via microphone as I go. I now found out that the Canon CamCorder I just purchased uses Mini DV Tapes. all I want to be able to do is transfer the Data from the Mini DV tape to the PC hard Drive then edit and re-process it into true DVD format for publication to my customers on DVD Discs, Now here is the next problem I have discovered, the camera only uses FireWire interface, and as we all know PC's running Windows Vista and forward do not support FireWire, I however have a Mac that I am very proficient on. Any Ideas on how I can do this would be very appreciative. Thank You very much to all that assist


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Clarification Request
Which camera model?
Nov 20, 2013 12:18AM PST

That will probably give an idea of which software drivers (if any) need to be installed on a PC or Mac in order to transfer over/import the raw footage. It can certainly be a slightly easier ordeal on a Mac, at least that's my experience Wink.

You could also post this in the camcorders sub-forum. Some very helpful experts lurk there with a heck of a lot of experience.

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That's a bold statement.
Nov 19, 2013 11:46PM PST

I have a Dell, pretty new and it came with firewire and Windows 7. I can't guess why anyone would make such a statement.

The transfer is done on firewire so what do you have with that?

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Firewire and Windows
Nov 20, 2013 2:53AM PST

Since Windows XP firewire has not been compatible period. It will see the port but nothing plugged into it ie: a camcorder or what ever the device may be. That is the purpose of the original question

Sorry if I insulted someones intellegence


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XP and even before that.
Nov 20, 2013 3:10AM PST

I would capture with Firewire. I was not insulted at all but found that such a claim may be untrue. However if you have a client that believes such things you give them a lot of bills as you rack up the hours supporting them. Sometimes they pay to learn. Sometimes they pay to have folk agree with them!

You didn't answer my question so I can't move forward. But I will share I used WinDV from XP, Vista and Windows 7 even when only noted XP, it still ran fine last year on Windows 7.

Did you want to discuss this or posture and bicker?