The windows update page (assuming you mean your downloaded history) can be scrolled, then copy/paste to the document and print it out. However, once you format the drive, the installed history will no longer be true. There is a difference between 'downloaded history' and 'installed history'.......

Downloaded History means those are the files you have separately downloaded under the Personalize option and they are all located on your harddrive in a folder called SOFTWARE/EN/COM_MICROSOFT (these are subfolders) and they can be burned to a cd so you don't have to download them again.

Installed History means that these are programs that you didn't download separately and just let the Update Center install them for you from the Update site, and you won't have anything more than a paper history of what they are (again scroll, copy/paste), and they will all have to be downloaded and installed again......either directly from the update center after the format of your drive, or in the Personalize area to download them again as separate files that will go to your harddrive and you will manually install them yourself.


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