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How to repair my Outlook .pst file?

Jun 9, 2015 12:53PM PDT

Hello guys.

Last week I was trying to open one of .pst file under MS Outlook 2010, but I couldn't. I received this error: "Outlook.pst is not a personal storage folder file". I searched about this error on some forums and most of them declared it a corruption error.

So I tried Scanpst to determine the main problem behind this error. It didn't show any error. It seems ScanPST is not able to fix it.

Any other way to fiksorovat this corruption?

Please, any help.

Best Regards!

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what does the properties of it say?
Jun 9, 2015 1:03PM PDT

I remember in previous versions when an Outlook file got over a certain size it would have problems. How large is this file? If you are using XP and the file is about 4GB, then that could be part of the problem. Or any later version of windows that is 32 bit installation instead of 64 bit. If that's the case, then may need to do some file surgery on it, details later if so.

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Re: fixing
Jun 9, 2015 1:29PM PDT

That's a perfect opportunity to try one of the many shareware pst repair tools that are so often spammed here. Be sure not to pay before you know it works.

If no luck, you'll have to go back to your latest backup of that file.

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Are You Sure You Tried To Open It Correctly?
Jun 10, 2015 10:40AM PDT

First, if the Outlook.pst file is on a CD/DVD, then you must copy it to a location on your computer and change the read/write properties.. Outlook must have read/write access or it won't open it. So, make sure the file is in a folder on your computer, preferably in a subfolder of your "Documents" folder and name it "Outlook" and don't let it overwrite any other Outlook.pst files that might reside there.. Rename the new one to something else. Once it's there, RIGHT click on the file, choose "Properties" and make sure to UNCHECK the box next to "Read-only".

Once that's done, be sure allow Outlook 2010 to "grab" the file correctly by NOT "importing" the file. Instead, open Outlook, then click on "File" in the upper left, select "Open", then select "open Outlook Data File", navigate to the file and open the file.. You'll also want to place the information in the correct "Personal Folders" section for easy reading.

Hope this helps.


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Re: How to repair my Outlook .pst file?
Jun 14, 2015 6:40AM PDT


My first recommendation is Scanpst.exe from Microsoft, but you can also try some 3rd-party tools to fix the data file. Please remember to keep a backup before performing any actions on the file.

In case the issue was caused by the corrupted profile, you can also create a new profile and setup an account in Outlook, check if you can open the .pst file.

For reference: