1. Manuals.
I see Samsung has reduced user manual offerings over the last year. Maybe they'll deny it but over the past year I've seen a decline in the offerings as well as manuals that omit details needed to address issues. I have a few words on that. "Stop it Samsung. Get back in the fray and write the documents."

1. The channel editing.
Many of these let you export the channel list to some USB stick for editing on a PC. That's faster than editing on the TV and well, sorry about this but I can't write how to here. Ask Samsung how to do that.

3. The DLNA.
DLNA is a lowest common denominator design. If you've been around a while you discover the usual forums on DLNA servers and how they had to fix the servers to work with the maker's implementation. In other words, it doesn't just work. If you felt it should have, return this now and take it as a lesson that this area is far from ready for most folk. Or maybe we expected a lot better.