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How to remove DRM from iTunes movies

Nov 14, 2008 1:01PM PST

OK, first let me just say that I'm not trying to pirate anything! But I've learned how I can stream content from my iMac to my Nintendo Wii to watch on my TV. Basically, using my Wii as a stripped-down Apple TV. But from what I've read, movies purchased from iTunes have DRM and I can't watch those over the Wii. Is there a way to remove DRM from movies that I've purchased from iTunes?

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Remove iTunes video drm
Nov 18, 2008 10:58AM PST
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If this is legal, then why the quote from the site?
Nov 18, 2008 9:00PM PST

"Please note that using programs might be illegal in the country where you are living, make sure you know what you are doing before downloading and using them."