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How to reconnect an installed camera on an iMac OS X 10.5.

Since obtaining my iMac desktop Model 1224 I have only used my camera a few times, this is located at the top of the window. Recently when I went into Applications / Photo Booth I could not find my camera to use for snapshot. Instead I receive a message. " Image not connected."
Where has it gone, and, how do I get it back again?
The photos I have taken previously are there.

Thanks for any advice.

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In reply to: How to reconnect an installed camera on an iMac OS X 10.5.

When was the last time you did that?


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Reconnect iMac Camera

In reply to: Reboot?

I last used my iMac camera about four months ago?

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When was the last time you rebooted,

In reply to: Reconnect iMac Camera

shut down and restarted, your Mac?


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Image Camera reconnect

In reply to: When was the last time you rebooted,

I boot every morning as I close down my computer every night.

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Well that rules out that,

In reply to: Image Camera reconnect

Does the little light, just below the camera, ever illuminate?

What happens when you fire up iChat and select video?


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Image camera reconnect

In reply to: Well that rules out that,


When I clicked on the Image Capture and video camera a green light started to shine, but is not there now, neither a red one.
I presume that means the camera is still working! I am still getting the little window " No image capture connected."

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Is this in PhotoBooth?

In reply to: Image camera reconnect

I don't see anything marked "Image Capture" unless you are referring to the Red button with a camera on it.
When launched, Photo booth should activate the built-in camera. This is indicated by the green light at the top of your monitor.

As there are no preferences with Photo Booth, there does not seem to be a way that you could have got another, now not connected, camera involved.

What happens when you do NOT select the video option and just click on the Single picture choice.
What were the video results in iChat.
Try opening iMovie and selecting the camera. What happens?


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Image reconnect

In reply to: Is this in PhotoBooth?

Photo Booth when launched only shows previous pictures taken by camera. No red light.
When clicking iChat the small window states: Aim Buddy List. My name View as name /
View as Handle.
Off-line. Video Camera.
Blue Button click shows Recent picture. ( old )
Edit Picture. Clear recent picture.
Video Camera switches on - green light - and My Built-in iSight, and picture below of self sitting in front of PC.
On launch of iMac small window called Image Capture opens " No Image Capture Device Connected."
Opening iMovie shows iMovie - My First Project - Have never used.

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I think you have proved

In reply to: Image reconnect

that your Built-In iSight camera is functioning correctly as it shows you sitting in front of your Mac.

Where is this Video Camera of which you speak? Could you perhaps be referring to the Built-in iSight camera.
This functions as a still & motion camera and unless you have another video camera attached to your Mac, is the only camera device on your Mac.

Not sure I understand "On launch of iMac small window called Image Capture opens " No Image Capture Device Connected.""

Do you mean when you first turn your iMac on?


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Reconnect camera

In reply to: I think you have proved

The video camera is under iChat. Perhaps that is under iSight camera, but I have never used this program as I only Yahoo.

As soon as I open up my iMac this little window appears " No Image Capture Device Connected."
Although I can see myself sitting in front of the Mac I have no red or green light to say it's connected.
I can make this message close down, but it will reappear at the next start up.

I cannot seem to get the camera to take a picture, which I presume is why the little window above appears?

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There is only ONE camera

In reply to: Reconnect camera

it is in the center of the part section of the screen surround.
When PhotoBooth is launched, there should be a green light there.
When iMovie is launched, and you have the camera selected, (Built-in iSight) there should be a green light there.
When iChat is launched, and you go to Video Preview in the Video menu at the top of the screen, there should be a green light there

Go to your System preferences. Open Accounts. Select your account. Select Login Items.

Do you see anything in that pertains to a camera, iMovie, iPhoto, iChat, PhotoBooth, etc>

If you do, click on it and then hit the minus sign to get rid of it.
Let us know the results


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Reconnect Camera

In reply to: There is only ONE camera

Under System Preferences/ Account/ Log-in there are no items ticked, all grayed out?

When I go to Applications / Image Capture when clicked this folder will not open.

Photo Booth is launched no green light
iMovie launched no green light
iChat there is a green light

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my built in camera on my MAC notebook isnt connected .

In reply to: I think you have proved

when i open iphoto or ichat it both doesnt gimme the option of using my camera . they both say my camera isnt connected . i dont see how it isnt connected if its inside my computer !!

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How to reconnect camera

In reply to: Reboot?

Under System Preferences/ Account/ Log-in there are no items ticked, all grayed out?

When I go to Applications / Image Capture when clicked this folder will not open.

Photo Booth is launched no green light
iMovie launched no green light
iChat there is a green light
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Also: R/click Image Capture and SHOW Package Contents. = Code Resources / Info.plist /
MAC Os ( when opened Image Capture? ) / Pkg Info / R esources Version. plist

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Image capture

In reply to: How to reconnect camera

is an application that is used with an external device. Movie camera or still camera/iPhone to import the images from that device.

Without a device attached to your Mac, you will get the message "No Image Capture device attached" This is normal.
Somewhere in your startup items, you have got Image Capture to run at startup.
Go back and check the Login Items on your account. Authenticate if necessary.


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Reconnect Camera and Image Capture

In reply to: Image capture

When I click Applications / Image Capture this device will not open. Also, I only have a green light showing under iChat. When I see myself moving in front of the computer I cannot click on anything to open the camera and take a picture?

Further to this I have now discovered that my Canon Printer Pixma MA 520 will not send a scan of a photo to my Mac computer destination - iPhoto / Events. This is because before I scan I must open Image Capture to send to iPhoto.

I think the whole problem is connected with Image Capture and bringing it back to life?

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Image Capture

In reply to: Reconnect Camera and Image Capture

1. Have you ever been able to send pictures from your Canon printer to your Mac
2. Applications/Image capture is not a device to be opened. It depends on you connecting a device with which it can connect. In this case, you think it is your Canon printer.
3. The green light indicates that your built-in camera is working correctly. The built-in camera has NOTHING to do with image capture.

Go back to the user manual for the Canon printer and read the part about scanning pictures into your Mac.


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Reconnect camera image capture

In reply to: Image Capture

Herewith instructions in my new Printer manual: To Scan to computer Macintosh only, Set MP Navigator EX as the starting application software via Applications / Image Capture. Turn on Printer insert photo under glass, select type. OK. Selection screen appear - choose photo. Select Scan OK
Save To PC. Press Color Button.
The settings configured from MP Navigator EX apply when Scanning.

Currently to send a scan of a Printer photo to my Mac is as follows.
Applications/ Canon Utilities/ d/click MP Navigator EX 1.0/ Jump to Main Menu. MP Navigator Screen opens/Point to Scan/Import. Place photo under glass on Printer/ select type. On Mac click specify/ Scan setting dialog box opens/ Click Scan/ Scan complete Box opens/ Select Exit/ Click Save to open save image to destination folder. My Mac opens where I can choose to send my photo/ the manual suggests Applications/ MP Navigator EX 1.0/ Pictures - This works as the thumbnail picture appears, but I have to drag the photo to iPhoto/Events and eventually Library folders. I cannot get the destination folder iPhotos to appear where I wish to send directly as iPhotos is greyed out.

On my other Printer which broke down completely I just placed the photo under the glass and clicked the button SCAN on the PRINTER and they always went direct to iPhotos/ Events. I have no idea why they went this way, but I never had to alter anything. And I scanned 1,000 photos very quickly this way.

This new Printer a much later and dearer model, but so slow. All my troubles seem to have started with the installation of this Printer. As per the Canon technician I uninstalled and re-installed. He insists I should be able to send the scanned photo to iPhoto via the directories, but I can't because they are greyed out.

You say my camera is working. How do I take a photo then of me sitting in front of the PC and how do I get the red light to appear? Whatever I click in Photo Booth only shows previous old photos. Somehow I think the camera, or whatever controls it has moved to the Video camera where the red light shows.

I have checked the start up and it doesn't show Image Capture. Once I have my backups OK would it be best to uninstall and reinstall via the recovery discs? With Windows I always found it best to reformat as it solved things quickly. Thanks for all your endeavours and I very much appreciate it, but I am puzzled by this.

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Red Light/Green Light

In reply to: Reconnect camera image capture

My iMac has one (1) camera. It is a Built-in iSight camera. It can be used for taking still or moving pictures.
When it is on, there is a green light. I have never seen a red light.

Do you have the picture taking icon in PhotoBooth? The Red Camera icon directly underneath the video window?
What happens when you click it? Anything?

Have you followed step one of the setup for the Canon printer in regards to the Image Capture application?
(set the Image Capture preferences to reflect your Canon printer)

Could it be that you cannot scan directly to iPhoto because the preferences have not been set?


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Reconnect Camera/Image Capture/ Green light

In reply to: Red Light/Green Light

Yesterday I left a message on the " Main Apple Discussion Forum " and within one hour this message came through
There is no such directory as iPhoto / Events

iPhoto is a database, and like any db, it can only see data that has been imported to it. You cannot insert your scans directly into the Library structure in the File System as iPhoto won't know they are there.

Some scanners will facilitate that import process in the background, - some won't. But the best way to do it is to scan to a" folde r" on your desktop and when you've finished scanning import the contents of the folder. Why? Because otherwise you'll end up with a new Event for each individual import or scan.

You can automate the process by using a 'watched folder' system, and set an app such as Hazel to watch your destination folder.

Regards "
I thought this was brilliant with such a simple explanation, and I tried same immediately - very fast scans. I didn't know about " database " and apparently, the Canon technician does not understand about Mac either. This also explained why my previous Printer was excellent, and this new Printer is not.

When I open PhotoBooth I only have old pictures taken by my iSight camera. There is no video camera icon to click, in fact I can do nothing with this window.

I have never used iChat, but in January when I purchased my Mac I briefly perused and decided not to use as I prefer Yahoo without camera/video use. Just text messages.

Open iChat/ Opens Built-in iSight Camera/green light shows. Accounts = Bonjour/ My name and underneath offline/ click Video Camera/ green light, but no Red button to click/ Preferences shows nothing of interest. When I click Video/Video Preview I receive a picture of me moving, ready for picture, but no buttons to click that opens the camera that takes the shot.
Why is this here in iChat and not in PhotoBooth?

I noticed under iChat many things are ticked which I did not do, so I presume Mac must do this automatically. I never typed Bonjour in Accounts.

I cannot follow the path that the Canon Technician suggested because I cannot click Image Capture next to Navigator Ex. I presume now that Image Capture is like iPhotos - a database. Anyhow I feel that I have the best method with my Printer as outlined above. Having a folder on the Desktop speeds the process up with regard to the Scan Directory deliverance, and Import 50 or more pics' at once.

All I have to carry out now is this operating of my iSight Camera.

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That camera

In reply to: Reconnect Camera/Image Capture/ Green light

1. Image Capture is not a database. It is a utility (program) that allows you to import images from an external source like a camera, scanner, iPhone, etc.
In Image Capture preferences, you should see your printer/scanner listed as an outside source. You should be attempting to associate your scanner with Image Capture and in the Image Capture browser window you can tell it where you want your pictures to be downloaded to.

2. I thought that you were already scanning pictures onto the desktop ready for importing into iPhoto. At least that is what I understood from your posts.

3. The fact that you get a picture of yourself when using iChat or PhotoBooth would indicate that your camera is functioning correctly.
iChat does not have a picture taking option. When connected to another iChat user, the video produced by your iSight camera is streamed across the internet to the other end as moving pictures.

For PhotoBooth, try this: Make sure that PhotoBooth is not running. Go to the following directory.
Users/YourName/Library/Preferences/ and delete this file:

When you relaunch PhotoBooth, it will automatically create a new set of preferences.

Now is there a Red camera icon?


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That Camera

In reply to: That camera

I tried your suggestion of deleting file com.PhotoBooth.plist and relaunched, made not the slightest difference. No red icon.

However, with my own resources I discovered this:

Open iChat/General/Default IM Application/I typed Image Capture. Next, to Video Camera/ Picture outline/ click picture/ Edit Picture/ Camera picture Shows/ Click on camera and it operates, taking a picture of me ( no Red Icon, but a camera ). Plus all the effects to have an artificial scene behind me in the snapshot.

Regarding what you stated I have no idea why this works in iChat, but it doesn't operate under PhotoBooth!

I only want the camera to send a occasional photo to friends, nothing more. Now that it is working I am satisfied. This would go on forever.

Should I return the PhotoBooth file from Trash. I don't understand plist files?

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No need to move that file out of the trash

In reply to: That Camera

PhotoBooth created a new one when you launched it again.


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Reconnect Camera

In reply to: No need to move that file out of the trash

Thanks for all your advice and help, much appreciated.

Will close down now!

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just had a thought

In reply to: How to reconnect camera

is there any icons below the picture but above the old photo's?
Something like Email, iPhoto, Account Picture or Buddy Picture?


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