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how to make a web directory

hi. I've been using Front Page for years. So, i am limited on Html that's all been done for me and I've learned a little bit of HTML, but there's a lot i don't know about creating different elements on my website manually.
i wanted to add a dollmaker on my site. but i wanted to make it with my own designs, and to do that need to have the designs on my site in a web directory. Also because it is a dress up program i need to have each set of graphics in separate folders. For example. faces needs a separate folder for different graphics of different faces, then say hats needs a separate folder, which would include graphics of hats.
the way i do things now is I create my page. put my graphics directly in it no coding or anything. just click insert and the pictures there.
But this program needs to have the graphics in separate folders on my server. I'm just not sure how to do that and i was hoping someone might know or point me to some place that might be able to explain how to do this. or explain what a directory is and how to make one.Wink I am sooo new at trying to do this stuff so please be simple and patient with me. any help at all appreciated.
I'm uing windows XP, if that matters.

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You will have to learn a little bit more basic HTML code, if you just want to use HTML for this purpose, all you have to do is reference the images and the directory they are in, so say you wanted to have a picture of you friend on your website, you will have to have all the images you have of said friend in a folder labeled "friend" this folder will be on your server along with your webpage file. We will call this Friend.html so your friend HTML code should look something like this
<TITLE>Your Page Title</TITLE>

//these are paragraph tags so you can have paragraphs on your website.

Here is where you will write a nice message about your friend and you will want to show the image of your friend to show how nice he is.

// The next is following example of how to display the pictures on your site and how to reference your friends folder you have already put on your server.

<img src="/friend/friend1.gif" alt="My Friend" width="90" height="90"/>

// That is all there is to it, you just have to tell the browser in your code where to find the image, you can use jpg files as well or other image file names you just have to be specific in what you put when you write you line of code. If you file is a jpeg image and you friend1.gif in the line of code the image will not display you will have to change the.gif to friend1.jpeg for the image to be displayed correctly.

Here is a great link to basica HTML code that should help you along the way that has editors to show the code and the results of the code.

Also another name for directory is folder, you probably have music saved somewhere in a folder, Directory = Folder if you need to create a new directory best way is to right-click->new->Folder, that will create a new folder in whatever windows Xp window you have open. I know you said you use frontpage, but to good freeware programs to try for HTML coding that are PSPpad(you should learn to code in notepad) and Alleycode HTML editor, just google those you will find them

I hope this helped you out. I think I have everything explained out for you fairly well. Good Luck!!!

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thanks fro the help

thanks for the help.
And for explaining it so nicely. I realized a lot of what you were saying. In the front page I do have folders, that i have my images separated in; like I have one page for drawing tips on lips and i keep all the images for that page in a folder called lips. I just didn't realize that his was a directory. Thanks for clearing that up. SO I guess i just didn't realize it was what I needed.
I kind of get how to insert a picture in HTML cause like i said although i don't install my pics by HTML there is on section in 'front Page' that I can see the actual code for the pic I just put in. What I am saying is I totally get what you are saying.
But i do want to learn more about HTML So I will follow your links.
and try those coding programs you're talking about.
thanks so much!

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