How to install hard drive?

I was recently given a gateway laptop with a crashed hard drive(?). My funds are extremely limited so I thought about replacing this myself. I looked online and found a compatable one at for around $50 which I can do. MY question is how difficult is this? and do I have to reinstall the operating system. If so, how?

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Reporting: How to install hard drive?
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Yes, You Can Do It, But The Specifics Depend On....

...the items you have at your disposal.. The actual hard drive "hardware" reinstall is easy.. Depending on the model, (which you didn't give us), unscrew, or slide out the old hard drive after unplugging it from the wiring inside, then plug in the new one and slide in or screw the cover back on..

And yes, the operating system plus all drivers and software will need to be reinstalled on the new hard drive.. If you're lucky enough to have been given a set of recovery discs, or wise enough to have creating such discs using the recovery disc creation tool on Gateway machines, then the reinstall should be fairly simple.. After backing up all your important documents on the existing setup, remove the old hard drive, replace with the new hard drive, then boot from the first recovery disc.. (As long as the system is set to boot from the DVD/CD drive first, then disc will automatically boot at start up. If the system is not set to boot at startup, then you need to access the BIOS settings and change the boot order so it boots from the DVD/CD drive first.) Once the first recovery disc starts up, you follow the prompts to create a new partition on the drive, format the drive, then reinstall the operating system and all the other stuff as well. Much of these steps are automatic as long as the recovery discs are specifically created for your computer.

If you don't have recovery discs, then you'll want to contact Gateway and obtain them.. Generally, computer manufacturers will provide such discs at a fairly inexpensive price.

If you don't have, or can't get, recovery discs for you computer, it gets a lot more difficult.. First, you have to purchase a new operating system installation DVD/CD.. The cost depends on where you buy it and which version you need.. Think $100 - $200.. Next, you'll need to obtain all of the driver installers BEFORE in attempting the reinstall, then burn them to a CD for use after the operating system is on the machine... You probably can find the drivers at the Gateway site, but if you're wanting to install an operating system which is different from the original model, it can get problematic as to whether such exist. Finding the correct driver isn't always and easy task. (Writing down all the device types, device manufacturers, and driver versions from "Device Manager" is a good step to help you find those drivers later.) And after that, you'll need to find all the various software titles you want to install for your personal enjoyment.

Hope this helps.


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Re: installing hard drive

The service manual of your laptop (you didn't tell make and model, so I can't tell) will tell you the specs of what you need (probably a 2.5" SATA-drive) and how to replace the old one by the new one. Probably, all you need is the right screwdriver.

However, before buying another disc you should be sure it IS the disc that is broken. When my daughters laptop said it couldn't find the hard disk a few years ago it turned out to be a defective motherboard in stead of a defective disk. So definitely the first thing to do is to get the old disk out and try it elsewhere (for example via an USB to IDE/SATA cable). Or run the manufacturers diagnostics from a CD or USB-stick.

And yes, new disks don't come with an OS. So you would need either:
1. The manufacturer supplied original system recovery media.
2. Your own copy of Windows 7 (assuming the manufacturer has all necessary drivers)
3. A version of Linux to install (that's free).
To install any OS, you'll need to use the DVD-drive. So you must be sure that functions OK, before you start spending money.


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Skill level

Goto the Gateway support website, it *may* have info on changing the HD. If not, at least locate the HD to replace. depending on the model#, remove and swap out. You will need access to the recovery/restore discs for your model# laptop. If this isn't that old, Gateway should sell to you for a small cost. However, google away and buy from online sources that offer such for that model#, buy from trusted source. Otherwise, you have to get your hands on retail OS install or similar to re-install the OS. I leave alot out, but common sense of return here for more details. Also, once the HD is replaced, Again Gateway offers the detailed info on OS reloading. I don't consider this a difficxult task but that depends on your skills.

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