How to get music back?

I cannot play a music disc in windows media player via cd-rom. Worked before.
In device manager I have cd-rom but no optical drive listed.
Open cdrom, a blank page.
In network diagnosis I have failures :
Network adapters/fast ethernet adapter hp en1207d-tx pci 10/100.
dhpcserver, pings for numbers, all failed.

How do I fix this? No slang please, I need descriptions in the words I will find in utility boxes.

I do not have a factory boot disc.
Clean install costs me days of upgrades., very last resource.
ms fixit doesn't support xp anymore, endless run around.
Need a manual solution, thanks.

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Reporting: How to get music back?
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Re: music

It's not clear what the network issues have to do with playing music from a CD-drive. So I neglect that for the moment.

Three questions only, to get a better picture of the situation:
- Can you see the contents of a data CD (folders and files) in Windows Explorer?
- Can you see the contents of a music CD in Windows Explorer? What do you see?
- Anything remarkable (such as a yellow triangle) in Device Manager for the CD drive?


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Its not clear to me either. Thats why I'm posting for help.

I browse with firefox, no idea what ex. does.

In d.m. cdrom/working. All drivers are updated. There is no yellow at cdrom.

cdrom flashes, won't play.

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Let me repeat my question.

- Can you see the contents of a music CD in Windows Explorer? What do you see?

And other questions:
- Does this happen with all CD's (include a standard retail CD in the set) or only with burned CD's or maybe even with this specific CD only?
- What exactly "can't play" mean? Does WMP show the contents but not play, or doesn't it show the contents either?
- Does any other CD player program work? Choose a free one from for an experiment.


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I do not use windows explorer. I have explore 8 in the utility, only use it for a map program similiar to google earth but local & multi-year, including 1934 arial photos. One can go back & forth in the same magnification level.
How do I get to your question in explorer? I'm not familiar with the functions. i use firefox because its on one page, don't need to know how like windows.

It happens to factory cd & my backup dvd discs, #1.

Inserting a cd results in some light inside, WMP does appear as usual, so there is no contents.

Other cd player, tried one several times this year, doesn't work when WMP did. The usual slang used in directions, words not listed in opened utilities. I can try cnet freebees.

Thanks for your patients, I'll try your link now & get back soon, thanks \.

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I'll only use the terms used by those that fix such things.

Your comment about the fixit is odd. lists both the fixit and manual steps to correct one of the most common missing CD-ROM issues yet I can't find where you did the work.

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PS. About factory media.

Many don't come with such and now that you know about this, I have a question.

How would you recover if the hard drive failed or a bad trojan wiped it out?

Why not make a full backup of this before that event?

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I go to restore point & it wipes out ALL my restore points for 5 weeks from clean install.

ms "windows media player" is NOT removable in the "add/remove programs utility". Its factory installed. What are talking about? This is xp media edition pro 5.1.2600.

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The MS fixit is still there for XP.

You didn't note if you used that or the manual method noted there.

"I go to restore point & it wipes out ALL my restore points for 5 weeks from clean install."

Nothing new there. XP's System Restore and even today is not reliable. You sound like you've been around so by now you've learned that and more.

"ms "windows media player" is NOT removable in the "add/remove programs utility". Its factory installed. What are talking about? This is xp media edition pro 5.1.2600."

I don't see where I mentioned removing windows media player. As to the more specific version of XP, that's good to know.

-> Sometimes you encounter an owner that expected better from Microsoft. How would you bring them up to speed?

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MS, days of downloading fixes that go nowhere, mostly to "you need .net 2.0".

Download 2.0 (link supplied by a member here,), results: " you don't need 2.0, you have higher" ,sp3.0 is installed. Endless run around.

Your link has been tried, exactly as above. Several dozen ms links are tried, endlesss run around. ms does not want it supported, expires in 2014 is a joke.

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Re: fixes

The only fix for a drive gone south (that's still an option) is replacing that drive. I don't read anything in your story that's related to .Net. In fact, I see nothing in your post that points to any issue or fix, so it's quite unclear what "several dozen ms links" could have been.


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I have been 5 days trying to fix this, every download from ms & hp fails. So I don't know whats wrong, whats failed, whats turned off or whats been altered/lost. I was hoping someone will say open this & look here, we'll trace the problem.

I already said in my first post cdrom is listed in device manager, expand it & there is nothing there.

I try to play in ms advice, leads to network issues, so I wrote what I found in the first post.

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Am I getting my replys mixed up here, wrong person response? If so, sorry.

"fgone south", the light inside the cdrom activates on inserting a disc, does that indicate its broke or it works?

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Do you read all the posts in a topic???

What does the post immediatly abovr yours say? sp2 & sp3 issue is mentioned.

Wht do you answer the questions instead of evading in your follow up post?

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Let me repeat my questions.

- Can you see the contents of a data CD (folders and files) in My Computer?
- Can you see the contents of a music CD in Windows Explorer? What do you see?
- Does this (WMP not playing) happen with all music CD's (include a standard retail CD in the set) or only with burned music CD's or maybe even with this specific music CD only?
- What exactly "can't play" mean? Does WMP show the contents but not play, or doesn't it show the contents either?
- Does any other CD player program work? Choose a free one from for an experiment.

All we know from 14 posts:
- Device Manager doesn't show anything wrong for the drive.
- If you put the CD in the drive, some light appears inside (mine doesn't this, it has only a very small LED on the outside)
- You applied numerous fixes and setting and changes already.
- There seem to be some errors with your network, but it's unclear what exactly.
- You don't know the difference between Internet Explorer and Windows Explorer (that's why I changed it to My Computer now)

That's enough to say that the Fixit Bob referred to (the upper and lower filter fix) doesn't apply. And that's all I can say.


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Yes I have confused internet & windows explorer. I can stay on this topic for a period convenient to you if you have the time to walk me through cd info showing in the computer. I don't understand what I am looking for or how to get there.

WMP page appears after inserting disc, does not list contents. Opening wmp from desktop results in c00d1197 code, network streaming issue (?). My first post says that but nobody will comment directly to my questions, just waylay topic somewhere else.

Your free player link: first is a 404. Second doesn't appear to be free at all, signup to the unknown crap to get into your harddrive them we talk fees bs. Its a common hook gimmick with ms & its 3rd party vultures "its free but the fee is", usually $29.95 for any of the gimmicks. Won't be looking at the 3rd. You should know a links function before you recommend it as a test link. You complain above the post count, but creating a good deal of it.

Upper & lower limits fix has been tried, I forget the wording , the reg key of letters & numbers had maybe 10 items identical. Expand the first & the words there are not the same as instructions. If the help topic was correct it would state which of the 10 or so to open. So you write off the deadend, just another armchair expert rehashing the correct help topic & hiding behind a link decoying as ms OR paid to by ms. Don't ask who, its gone by, no longer in downloads or my memory.

Now the topic of help downloads & sp2 & 3. Either a ms "fail enough" counter kicked in or I have a guardian hacker shining on me. Update auto-downloads is on "notify me", .net / sp3.5 appears, as many times previous, so hit the download for maybe the 20th time (20 not 2) & wait. IT WORKED !!! Go to the ms program utility & its a bundle of sp's & .net's. Now the fixit's & other ms downloads are working / may work..

I adjusted services last night, info from "elderly geek", checked dependencies before any resetting. this did not fix wmp.

Your first post yesterday at 7:32am "whats a network issue got to do with playing music". The computer stated thats the/a problem, not me.
My guess is there is nothing wrong with the player or discs, its blocked via network/privacy issues, whatever that "fast ethernet adopter" problem is.

Lets deal with the software issues before inventing hardware "gone south" issues.

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Re: error
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My first post is 7:25 yesterday morning. What does the 5th line say??? 4th & 6th too.

If you read the first 5 words in line 7, we would not have all these off top posts you complain about.

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Re: kees

That first 5 words are "how do I fix this?". And "this" is 'network failures'. That's impossible to answer without more information, so in my first reply I said I'd only say something about your lost ability to play music from cd with Windows Media Player.

My advice now is to do what you wrote in the first 2 words of line 9.
And I doubt if you will get any better in this thread.


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You complain about the number of posts. If you cannot help fix the network issue in my first post, please quit with the off topic posts. If the issue/repair stated by my computer does not fix wmp, them I will progress into a tangent. Thank you.

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I was going to offer ...

some assistance but after reading through the ENTIRE thread and seeing that you were doing a lot of complaining but NOT answering the trouble shooting questions you were asked and then insulting Kees for what he offered ...

When ANYONE comes asking for help no one here can help much unless that person offers FEEDBACK of the suggestions made and one of the early suggestions was to verify that the CD-ROM was working by using Windows Explorer to see if the content of the CD could be seen -- you STILL haven't done that and that was from Kees initial post -

You have to help us help you but it appears that you would rather complain about the troubleshooting process than participate and tell us what happens when you try each thing suggested or asked about.

I don't think ANYONE here is going to offer more other than maybe it is time to reload Windows and your applications and don't forget to load all the drivers after installing Windows.

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Thank you for advice.

The .net downloads restored/fixed my fixit issues. An MS auto utility fixed the network issue that the "help" would not acknowledge, also other issues got fixed.

"using windows explorer to see if the content of the cd can be seen". I said early I do not go there...I do not know how.

Every question I asked in the thread are ignored. Had someone said "nope not the issue", then said lets look at this... Then I would reply "how to".

Perhaps I should have said I am handicapped.

I went thru maybe self help links & topics before I came here. If I ignore links above its because they were already tried. The links I did try are deadend as stated.

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The current problem

is cd-rom is not working because of software issue(s).

Fixit scanned wmp. Instructs check the registry U & L keys. Open the key, I don't see upper or lower words used.

Another ms help topic discussion says "if U & L keys are there". So the keys I'm looking for do not have to be there at all.

How do I find out if they are supposed to be there?

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In short, no filters are needed.

Did you try the old fashioned boot to SAFE MODE to remove all CD ROM in the device manager? It's pretty simple. Select and tap delete. Reboot and Windows will re-detect.

Some owners get into an endless loop looking for CD ROM drivers. Again, here are none. I'll stop here because that's a discussion that's been done and done.

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Thanks for beening here. I can get to safe mode from restarting my computer. I don't know how to use it (sm).
I have tried to learn, follow an instruction, the word to find is not there. So I assume the instruction is in slang or wrong.

Your suggestion is likely the cure.

In the device m. cd-rom is listed, click the heading & there is no other listing. If it was there,

For reference, not a tangent, I have fixed wmp before in the registry by following the same fizit instructions as i posted. That time those keys(?) were there & succeeded. I remember sometimes on repeating forgotten topics, not how, just I have been there...5 years into adjusting to brain injury. Sun will shine.

If & when its convenient for you, can u instruct on how to do the safe mode fix? I sure like delete it so windows will fix it.

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There isn't much to this.

You click on the item and then tap delete.


Not to confuse you but it takes me time to recall past repairs and one came to mind. Their PC had a similar plight and it was doing very strange things like the phantom CD ROM.

What was it? I was just about to slide in a new IDE cable (you always do that first) when it felt like the existing cable wasn't fully seated. Sure enough that was it for that machine.

Remember that these machines are made for the lowest prices so in almost all PC there are no cable retainers or locks.

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I was replying to your last entry. I had "downloaded" wmp & it worked for a bit, then cut out, in, out fade. Thought this was a bad connector as you posted, not so, ends up a black screen & had to unplug the computer as it would not shut off or respond to task manager. Did not get to see if more than 1 wmp was running, was in processes not aplications. Maybe thats a crash. Loaded the cd again, similiar noises, then 3 colored bars across the screen, kinda staggared, unplug to exit again. I'm missing an icon on the start bar too, no clue which one till I see it again, there was only 4, now 3 & no memory of.

I have ebikes & repair them, no problem to work the connectors inside the case...once I know how to deplete the cap energies & how many circuits needs this.

I'll go thru my fixit downloads, find the "diagnose all of wmp" again, see what ms can fix. I'll be back tomorrow. Thanks again for your help

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listed & repaired issues except 2 in wmp utility: 1. class filter not recognized. 1. cd/dvd not recognized.

Last night after the magic re-appearance of wmp it played 5 minutes, then 3, down to 10 secs. Screen appeared minutes after putting a disc in cdrom. So I left it will going thru all the utilities in fixit. The wmp screen had behavior issues, fading, etc. but did not crash (not sure what definescrash).

Should I proceed with "inside the case" maintanence?

I'll continue tonight, sunshine today, a week of rain/cold coming.

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Isn't the inside the case maintenance a yearly affair? And certainly done first given the above!

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