How To Geek destroys PC using CNET/ service.

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Reporting: How To Geek destroys PC using CNET/ service.
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Jen Support

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Face Palm

So how do you explain the article Jen?

Care to elaborate? Do you feel Download.Com is providing a good service to the average customer?

Your thoughts please.

Or am I talking to a bot?

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I think she's a real person, but...

...this is the same old drivel she posts to every poor soul who's fallen victim to It's a shame, but this is CBS' policy and they've said they simply aren't going to change. Makes you wonder doesn't it. Sad

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Hey, this is old news

it's all over the net .I disagree with the poor souls viewpoint as everyone has a choice to download or not.
If you don't want the Dware, go to the source and than be careful to read the fine print too.
What do folks really need that MS doesn't supply or doesn't offer to sell you without the bloat?
Buy it and be safe, or get it for free and forever regret it.
One way or the other, you're gonna pay.


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...for not really helping there.

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The implication of your post, Digger... that nobody should download any free software. Would you include Linux, AVG, Avast, Picasa, LibreOffice, Adobe Acrobat reader, backup software many of us have posted about, Classic Shell, Belarc Advisor, Adware Cleaner, Firefox, Chrome, Windows Live Essentials, etc. etc. in your opinion? I don't think so, but that's the implication of your post.
While it's true that the problems with are all over the net, it's also true that (1) a lot of folks (me included) had to find out about this the hard way when they made this change, and (2) by your logic would it be OK for me to put broken bottles and nails in a road as long as it's documented on the net? There's always going to be some who don't get the word because for years had a great reputation for being a totally safe place to download from, then suddenly there was a change before it got documented "all over the net". I was among the first to get hit. When the original victims started posting about it, not even the staff here at the CNET forums knew about it. Even if 99% of the population knew about this shady practice, it's still very sleazy policy to booby trap that other 1% so they can make a few extra bucks.

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I'm not saying

it isn't sleazy . And I'm not saying it's ok for you to put broken glass in the street for folks to run over .
You don't own the road so it's illegal to do that ,However you do own your computer and can put whatever you choose to on it.

I didn't say not to use those programs at all, I said to download them from the source and even then read the fine print as you still get offers for Dware.
And yes, it is all over the net , even at Download .com's own feedback site .

We were'nt talking about Operating Systems like Linux so I don't even know where that came from.


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"Buy it and be safe, or get it for free & forever regret it"

That's where it came from. You mentioned Microsoft in that post as well. While MS does send out bloated software that's not often bug free, they don't put malware in their products like does.

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Maybe a little overboard there

Whatever Mischief


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Followup to last weeks article! Much much worse!
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Ninite looks cool.

Anybody used it or have opinions on it?

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Keeps getting worse!
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Keep looking. Lavasoft, Comodo, who else?

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