how to fix the LG G3 Wi-Fi won't connect or dropping

Some people have been struggling with the Wi-Fi connection on their LG G3 handset. In some cases they can't get it to connect, but more commonly it is connecting for a period and then dropping inexplicably and refusing to come back. You can try various things to sort it out.

Potential fixes:

1.Start by turning your router off and then on again.
2.Take your LG G3 battery out and then put it back in again and restart the phone.
3.Go to Settings > Wi-Fi and long press on your router and then tell it to Forget network and set the connection up fresh.
4.Make sure that the Battery saver isn't responsible by turning it off. If it is then you can head in and change the settings so it doesn't turn off Wi-Fi.
5.Try turning off Bluetooth if you have it on, sometimes it can interfere with Wi-Fi.
6.Tap the menu button at the top right of the Wi-Fi screen and access Advanced Wi-Fi. Try changing the settings in here.
7.If you have the option to connect to the 5GHz band instead of 2.4GHz, try it.
8.Install Wifi Analyzer and check how busy your channels are. Try switching to a less busy channel if that seems to be the problem.
9.Check with your ISP or router manufacturer to ensure that you have the latest firmware for your router.

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Frustrated with whacky dysfunctional wifi

Did ALL of these suggestions AND factory reset. Still completely fluky wifi. Use to be absolutely strong at work...now it's feeble on both networks. There are a dozen wifi networks in the neighborhood...It might see 3, then 1 then six then 10 seconds later 3 again...then none....it will see my Wifi A in saved networks...then it wont...then it will...if I click on it and hit "connect"...95% of the time it either instantly reverts to Saved...or it disappears completely. Sometimes it will connect sporadically to either WifiA or WifiB...then either hold it for 30 minutes or drop it five seconds later. Or it will like wifi B one day and absolutely refuse it the next day. Sometimes it will seem steady on a network but as soon as I go to use it or pass data, it will drop out. Absolutely frustrating that I am going to have to trash this phone due to this one issue.

I started off rooted on KK for past two years, everything fine for two years. Last week this started...no updates...still on KK 4.4.2....wiped and factory reset...on Lolipop....still the exact same issues. Makes me thing that something fried on the main CPU. When firmware updates do nothing...that says to me hardware...of course nobody from AT&T will acknowledge this although there are many posts online... and I'm off warranty- so my tough luck. Try again...$700 more dollars.

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Common problem.....

Not just for this model or brand... In some cases it's a software problem, but this seems not to be the case.
You might get someone skilled to repair it, but moving on might be less of a nuisance.
But $700? No. Why blow $700 when the cell phone world is changing? The end of 2 year contracts has already cause lower sales figures and lower prices, and /or extras included with new phones.
I bought a Nexus 6p 64gb during the sale for $500. I also bought the Nexus 6 for $250 (new sealed box). Both are flagship quality, unlocked running marshmallow.
You could also buy a brand new LG G3 off eBay or G4 (piece of junk) for far less than $700. The G5 and V10 chew battery, why do you think they give you 2. So let go of LG until they correct their issues.

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Fixing your LG G3 WiFi dropped connection

I also have had this most frustrating problem, dropping connection within minutes of reconnecting (trying many of the other suggested fixes mentioned in fixes for this problem), or inability of connecting at all. I finally solved the problem by accessing my internet gateway router, and setting a static IP address for my LG G3. I am running Android Marshmallow 6.0 on my LG.

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Does this help to connect to wifi not at home? .. Mcdonalds or wherever?

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Same problems

I am having the same problem (you can see my xda forum thread here). I have flashed my phone using the .tot method as well as flashed it with Cyanogenmod (really just to test it out). No luck. At best, if I am within 5 feet of the router, I can get a couple minutes of unstable DSL quality data.

The BT/WIFI chip is located on the motherboard. I think we either fried ours or there are some loose solder joints.

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Wifi Dropping out

My wife and I both have identical LG G3's. Yesterday, her phone started automatically disconnecting and setting the wifi SSIDs to disabled. All neighborhood routers and SSID's (including both our 2.4ghz and 5ghz channels) can be seen on her phone. We can connect to the router, but the connection only lasts for about 30-45 seconds, at which time the wifi screen looks like it refreshes (periodically show "SEARCHING..." on the right side of the "WI-FI NETWORKS" label in the Wi-Fi menu). Then the wifi connection disconnects and then both channels get set to disabled. This happens with full wifi signal. My phone stays connected and works fine on both channels, so this is absolutely not a router problem.

We have reset her phone, battery is full and battery saver is off, bluetooth is off, "keep wifi on when screen is off" is activated. Both networks were "forgotton" then signed into again. The router normally serves my kids tablets and chromecasts, so I had them disable everything to make sure there was not too many devices using the wifi. Still....

Any idea how to fix this?

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LG G3 dropping WiFi connection fix

I also have had this most frustrating problem, dropping connection within minutes of reconnecting (trying many of the other suggested fixes mentioned in fixes for this problem), or inability of connecting at all. I finally solved the problem by accessing my internet gateway router, and setting a static IP address for my LG G3. I am running Android Marshmallow 6.0 on my LG.

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Battery is the problem.

Connecting phone to the charger fixed wi-fi drop out for me. I didn't try pull out and replace the battery yet but i don't get what is the connection between battery and wi-fi connection :S (marshmallow 6.0 d855)

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Removing the battery WORKED for me.

My LG would not connect to wifi. The button for wifi would not switch to on. I first tried restarting my internet and router to no avail. I also tried to connect plugged in, and fully charged. I found this article and FINALLY opened the phone up took out the battery counted to 65 just a random number then slipped the battery back in and the wifi instantly worked. So removing the battery somehow fixed the problem.

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Awesome Guide

Thanks for giving us such a informative guide. It works for me.

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the problem is usually deals with the hardware.you can change it and enjoy the wi-fi

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Wifi connected

This solution may work i have tried its bit working for me not sure how long. cuz it got disconnected after few minutes then again i have restarted and it's now connected for while

Reboot your phone, and press volume down until your phone is in safe mode.
Now go to settings and turn off bluetooth.
Turn on your wifi.
Turn off safety mode and reboot your phone.

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Problem fixed!

I had the same issue with my LG G3. Just forget a few networks that you don't use anymore, which are saved. To do this, go to Wi-Fi settings --> Saved Wi-Fi --> Long press on the saved networks that you don't use anymore --> Forget Network.
It works like a charm! Happy

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I have trawled endless forums and someone mentioned a credit card technique. It worked!

My issue was my phone 'seeing' the wifi network but instantly dropping the network as soon as I tried to connect and showing it as 'saved' or it would disapear completely. From reading other user's comments this solution can also fix the Wifi/Bluetooth problem some users experience.

Credit card technique can be seen in this youtube video:

I also used this link to help me understand and navigate the motherboard:

I used TWO pieces of credit card rather than paper, then I carefully screwed it back together. It isn't the best youtube tutorial but you should be able to follow it easy enough.

I imagine if this doesn't work you would need to actualy re-solder the connection.

Very very happy!

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The Credit card trick works

Spent months trying to figure this problem out I found this forum today and went and watched the YouTube video that was posted and I used one piece of credit card rather then the two pieces but it actually worked I'm glad i decided to watch the video and actually test the theory honestly it takes all of like 2 mins to complete this and have everything back up and running including the Bluetooth

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Real Fix for WiFi dropping in and out.

So I've tried the hardware hack for anyone that is starting to get issues with their WiFi going out and so far it works like a dream. Here's the YouTube link.

This is a real fix for the problem.

It in a different language, but you get the idea. He used two pieces of paper in his video. I found that most people cut a thin credit card to the same size and had better luck. It may give you a few initial problems but It was starting to get more consistent as time went on. I was about to write my phone off and this has saved my WiFi for now. Definitely an easy fix. My WiFi was worthless 10 minutes ago and now I'm actually using it. Don't give up one your phone til you try this. Also helps with heat issues and Bluetooth issues apparently. This took me 10 minutes tops. Hope it helps guys.

Update: Been about 4 hours now and WiFi hasn't died once. This is a big deal for a lot of G3 owners. I'm so damn happy. I thought I was about to have to give up my favorite phone. This is the real deal fix, for 10 minutes time and no money. Except an old credit type car. LOL.

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Turn off Cricket wi-fi manager. It very unstable for the stylo 3

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Wifi dropping on androids

I finally fixed my husband phone we coupdnt find a solution to why his wifi kept dropping. And i finally took off the cricket wifi manager which explains that it will connect to the nearest wifi or hot spot goes on to saying connects to the nearest wifi or wifi hotspot so i uncheck that box to see if a changes keeps his wifi on.. And it did!!! He has been connect to our home wifi with no problems. Maybe that might work for you guys too

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LG Stylo 3 Wifi problem.

i am on LG Stylo 3 and of course THERE ARE NO TUTORIALS ON HOW TO FIX MY ISSUE. I would like to get a solution on how to fix this wifi issue on LG Stylo 3. i am currently operating with no data at the moment so half of the answers or solutions dont work on my phone. i cant turn off cricket manager. my problem is as follows: Wifi continuously disconnects and then wont show up for a time on my connection list. Half the time when i restart my phone the wifi wont even turn on. and it continues to kick me off whenever i use something that requires internet. But the thing is that it only happens to my phone and no one elses in my house. so i was just looking for a solution to fix this problem on LG Stylo 3

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Have you tried...
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Try but
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LG Stylo 3 refuses to connect to wifi

So it started off randomly when i turned on my phone and it wasnt connected to wifi, so i went to go connect it and my wifi network would just not appear. So i refreshed and searched and no result... And finally i got my network back, connected, and..... Disconnected gone off my list, and after it connected for maybe 5-10 mins and disconnected. I tried again and disconnected. So i took my phone apart and looked over my phones motherboard and nothing wqs fried, at least to what ive seen. And after it just would not appear and then... Now it just will NOT show me any connections. So i had someone else look at my mother board and they said nothing was wrong. And now current day its just saying connection not allowed... Help???

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Have you tried...

telling the 'phone to forget that connection and tried again?

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how to fix the LG G3 Wi-Fi won't connect or dropping

You can reset your phone.

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