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How to find old drivers when no obvious maker?

Due to recent challenge (and move) I cannot get my ancient no name CD-Rom to work. It is attached to a Centris 610, which functions--word, excel, games--when someone else needs/wants to use the "newer" Mac. This CD-rom a SCSI device which the Apple profiler acknowledges at the SCSI number assigned.

I tried loading a cd-install disk for my Zip 100; but no image of CD loads on desktop, it just spins. I have successfully used cd installs with this unit before. No go after reloading the OS system. (I'll give reason for that in another thread, trying to keep one subject to thread.)

I believe I bought this through CDW??? It has a product code of 06130. My thought is I need the "correct" driver since the Apple generic doesn't seem to "fill the bill". Only other identifiers are the Serial Number and Ext .12X-C.

Can you give me a starting point? I have tried CNET search just to get the correct vendor name/url and couldn't even do that.

I had made a backup but creatively filed the info and disks. My chart of files is likewise filed and missing with the move.

The CD rom worked to install the OS 8.0, but nothing else will work in it. I checked the extension folder as "suggested in the "Help". It has an Apple CD-rom listed. Nothing even addresses this question in "Mac for Dummies", the "Bible", "Little Mac", Apple knowledge, etc., probably my mind set isn't keyed to the authors. "Ring-around-the rosey..."

(Editorial: How do people who buy on eBay etc., manage to make things work when this info is missing?)

Thanks for the read.

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You have got caught in the "no support for this CDROM" trap. Back in the day, the Apple CDROM extension only supported Apple supplied CDROM devices. They got better through the years but still did not support all the drives out there. At this point, enter FWB CDROM ToolKit. This piece of software allowed the use of almost any CDROM drive that you could fit into your Mac. Surprisingly, it is still for sale today at This will almost certainly solve the problem.
Alternatively, you could try using a later CDROM extension.

hope this helps, let us know


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No-Name cdrom drivers

Thanks for the info Mr.Fixit. I'll check out the

I think it probably will be my best hope.

"Alternatively, you could try using a later CDROM extension."
At this moment, I have the Apple generic driver that came with the OS 8.0, which I am now using incorrectly??; and the one on iBook, Apple CD/DVD Driver, which I'll bet won't work because it'll need PowerMac and let alone the DVD element. My Centris is a lowly 608040(?).

I checked the Toast Plantinum box and it works only with PowerMacs.

That is one of the problems that started my challenges, trying to use the Norton I bought--only PowerMacs need apply. My earlier copy for 7.5, wouldn't work with the OS 8.0 upgrade. Caught in the middle when I needed to defrag the hard drive. Try finding something for that betwixt and between.

If I had not previously used the CDs on this "no-Name", I would have dismissed it as incompatible. I am thinking that I could copy the the cd on to the iBook and try transferring it to a Floppy (I have a VST attached the iBook). I am still trying (not claim testing) anything and everything. When I finish this note I will use the URL.

Thanks again, I'll post back any results.

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CD Rom extension

the one from the iBook "might" work. Before you replace it though, move the existing version out of the extensions folder.
Don't want to end up with no extension for the CD at all.
Defrag on a Mac is highly overrated. Norton include it because it is also on the CD that they sell to our less fortunate friends.

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Still trying

The FWB reference gave a helpful reminder. This came with the CD-ROM. I found the Toolkit Application on a backup and was able to copy most of the files to a 1.4mb disk . I couldn't copy the Cache files, they're 2.9mb. (VST doesn't even do the 2.0mb--still stuck if it did, shucks). Copied the files to the hard drive and double-clicked Toolkit. The cd-drive is not recognized with the Zip cd. It did when I put in the Epson cd. The Toolkit said provide the CD's driver, back to square one looking for the lost.

Installed the Zip 100 on the iBook hoping the files would be small enough to do the same trick as with Toolkit, no luck. Tools is 1.6mb. On the PC used to break the files over several disks when backing up, forgot how to do that too. I have never done it on Mac. Is there an application?? Hope VST would be able to handle this task. Probably won't have any more luck than the CD-ROM but would like to try. (Can't use the Zip 100 machine on the iBook, it is a SCSI. I'll need to uninstall after I call Uncle)

Is "extension" the same as a "Driver"? Can I just put the "extension" in a folder on the Desktop or remove it to a floppy??

I think it is time for a cup of tea and a game of Sol.

Thanks for the help.

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Although the term driver is more associated with the PC world, it also appears in the Mac world too. If you double click on an extension, in the extension folder, it will tell you that it provides "functionality" to the system. Like making a CD work, a printer print or a modem mode(?) All those little icons that march across the bottom of the screen at startup are extensions and control panels. CDROM Tool kit used to come on a floppy disk. You got me a little confused when you said you had installed the ZIP 100 on the iBook and then said that the ZIP 100 machine is a SCSI device. ZIP support is built into the OS on the iBook, nothing to install.
Are you saying that the ZIP drive, when connected to the Centris, does not work? Depending on the OS in use, the Centris should recognize the ZIP. If it doesn't, try rebooting with a ZIP disk in the ZIP drive. That was how the ZIP driver (extension) was installed, back in the day.
Yes, you can drag the CD extension to the desk top to keep it safe. When you put in the newer extension, just drop it onto the system folder. The system will put it in the right place.


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Just call me Alice in Wonderland, always thought I was more

the White Rabbit. It just gets curiouser and curiouser.

Just turned on THAT other machine to test a Zip in-place thought; and got a Black bomb, "Sorry a system error occurred--bus error--To temporarily turn off extensions, restart and hold down the shift key". All well and good but now what??

The first time thru this message, a box came up wanting to name and initialize the Ram Drive. (I've been trying to get back to the menu area to turn it off while doing all the reloads). Never thought you could/would initialize the Ram Drive.

The answer to the Zip 100 effort was to get the files onto the hard drive to sneaker net them on the only removeable memory that I thought still worked.

" If it doesn't, try rebooting with a ZIP disk in the ZIP drive". I will when I get passed the above challenge.

This poor machine has been ignored for quite a while and all my memories of configuration, disks, backups and ?? are missing-in-action.

My latest efforts, before shutting down for the night, was to try reestablishing this machine to the internet and email the larger files to the machine; but that is another story and probably the cause of the most recent "challenge" so it is back-track time. At least I can still play Sol on this machine.

I guess this qualifies for exercising the the "little gray" cells to keep us younger (than what?)

Thanks for the info be back later.

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How to find drivers

A great source of drivers that I have used before on my old PC a few years ago is from
It used to be a free download.
Really don't know for a Mac.
Anyone have info for for a Mac?

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I had hoped that Apple would redirect

to the necessaries for third party peripherals such as the Zip and CDROM; but since they wouldn't license out the OS, why would I think they would do that?

I bought the CDROM from CDW, an Apple licensed vendor, and am trying to contact them.

I am hoping there are others out there like for Apples. I am going to explore the Mactopia: Downloads.

Thanks for the info.

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Let's be fair here. Apple do not own the drivers and tools for the Iomega ZIP drive, Iomega does. However, Apple license it from Iomega and has added it to the Mac OS. You said yourself that CDROM Toolkit came with the CDROM so it was known at that time that the Apple CDROM Drivers(extension) would not support it.
If you still have a startup floppy for the Centris, you should be able to boot from there, turn off the unnecessary extensions and try again with the ZIP in.

Good Luck


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Had an interesting experience.

I recieved the below as part of my emails with a CDW tech. The interesting part is when I dble-clicked the url, I was directed to Welcome to (I went back to my History list.) After a few clicks I arrived at the below named URL.

I am now hoping this misdirection is not the newest and worst of phishing. It required a registration at both sites and neither was accepted only it/they had my keyed info.

I am now backing out of all the cdrom challenge. If I find the missing box with the old software, I may have more than a clumsy doorstop or two.

Thanks for your attempts to help. vr

I have checked with our sales team regarding your message. I was able to come up with a single scsi cdrom drive that may work. Our part # is 149692. I am uncertain if the drive will work though, due to the age of your computer and the version of the operating system you have installed. Also, the drive is a whitebox device, which means it will probably not come with a driver diskette. This driver may work though:

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