Like i said try Firefox and get the extension Download Embedded which i found on the Firefox extension page. Now I'm sure theres a script out there that save the information thats streamed from the MSN servers i just haven't found it. When you have download embedded installed go to the web page you wish to download the content from, and when the page loads (not the object your downloading, since it doesn't have to be to do this) click on the download embedded sign when it appears in the bottom left (at least in my browser) as a little red arrow anf when you click on it your get two options "download embedded" and "view embedded objects", click on view embedded objects and look for the object you wish to download, it shoudl have an extension like .wmv, .mpeg, .avi, .flv, or more depening on what your downloading. I'm not guaranteeing that this will work since ive never tried but if it does please let me know.