How to cure the Huckabees.

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Reporting: How to cure the Huckabees.
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You can't

A large number of people have convinced themselves that what the Don says and what Sarah says is the truth.

They don't want to be bothered with that nagging little that true?

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The same could be said about

Pelosi, Waters, Schiff, Schumer, Swalwell, et al...… THEIR supporters ask that nagging question when listening to them?

That's why coins have two sides, Bob...….and why they are flipped many times when making decisions.

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No need to ask them

Dems always speak the truth.

The Don flips his answers so quickly no one is sure whether he said yes or no.

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You seriously didn't

say your message area first sentence with a straight face, right?

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Just as serious as if

I changed Dems to Repubs.

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and some...

...spend too much time watching CNN Fake news, or as I think of it Crooked Network News.

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That's why

You can't get all your news from one source.

If you get all your info from cnn then your opinion goes in their direction.

The same holds true for fox.

I have a friend who's only source of info is the 6 pm fox news.

Care to guess which direction he's gone?

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(NT) Gosh. Trump is your friend?
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Love the Don.....just ask Toni.

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How much better would your life

or the country be if the LIAR was sitting the Oval Office?

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RE: if the LIAR was sitting the Oval Office?
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Don't know

Hillary is not sitting in the oval office.

BO is not the prez although to read your rants you seem to think that he is.

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I didn't bring BO into this thread, you did....

IF you don't want to hear about him and his policies, why did you bring him up?

Since you don't KNOW if your life would be better without Trump in the Oval Office, why is it so easy for you to complain about him? What happened to your 'wait and see' approach? It's nearly two years now.....ARE you better off now or are you WORSE than you were? How do you THINK it would be if the LIAR had won instead? WHO would you have preferred to be there instead out of ALL of the people who were candidates in 2016?

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Beat you to the punch...and your annoyed

Since you normally rant about BO in every thread you can.

Personally the Don's do nothing admin has had no impact on me.

I thought the Don was a conman and a salesman when he was running for prez.

His ability to say whatever pops into his head and just flat make up stuff has told congress and world leaders to not believe anything he says.

I have no idea how it would have been with Hill but I'm sure you have some opinion/rant you want to get out.

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So long as Obama keeps popping up from behind the woodpile,he's a valid political target even now.

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I agree

If BO wants to get back into the active political dog fight then he becomes as much of a target as the other people in that fight.

Toni's interest is in ranting about something he did 6-8 yrs ago.

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Only because he's trying hard to

keep his agenda going by bad talking this president, which other FORMER presidents don't do, and by going back to his roots of community organizer to convince new candidates to follow in his footsteps politically, which spells disaster for our country all over again.

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If BO wants to stick his nose into the politics of today that's his business.

If you want to make a comment about what he is doing or con...that's fine.

Don't start a rant about what he did 6 yrs ago.

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the past....

...often points toward the future.

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That's kind of hard to do when

he, himself, is bringing it up today, Bob....the past always catches up with the present. It just gives me more ways to point out his previous lies when he's repeating them you just can't get away from my rants because he's handing me the ammo voluntarily.

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Not hard at all

If you want to comment about something BO is doing today that's fine.

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I appreciate your

giving me your permission and direction on what is approved by you to post. lol

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You have my permission

Now you know what the rules are.

No more rants about something that happened 6-8 yrs ago.

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Yes. Which is why I'm puzzled by his apparent

re-entry. He got out of politics alive, had the mud cleaned off his suits, changed his email account, but now he's back.

Go figure.

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(NT) "woodpile" of course being just a figure of speech ...
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(NT) you prefer the turnip truck?
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(NT) Yes. The metaphor is more apt.
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Hit the wrong button on my phone again.

Good thing SE'ers are so tolerant.
It's somethong else that jumps out of woodpiles, they said, long ago.
You didn't know that, of course.

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Re: How to cure the Huckabees.

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