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How to convert DVD, free video to iPod?

Dec 30, 2007 3:00PM PST

I just have a iPod touch as gift, anyone know some step by step guide about converting DVD, free video to iPod?

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Such is out there on google.
Dec 31, 2007 1:08AM PST

We have a spammer that has a post about this on hundreds of pages. THAT will be deleted on sight but your question is one that has been answered many times. Just go take a look.


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Jan 1, 2008 1:24PM PST
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(NT) Please reply to the person who asks...
Jan 1, 2008 9:48PM PST
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Know this guide
Jan 7, 2008 8:52PM PST

I use Melodycan. Found such guide

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Nice, but when I can get this done for free, Why?
Jan 7, 2008 10:54PM PST

I'm puzzled at your posts. They all mention Melody Can.

You're going to get labeled a spammer and all your posts taken down if you keep doing that.