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How to convert a RAW drive to NTFS?

Okay, I got to give this a fresh try... I've been very helpful so far, but the problem is still there, and it boils down to this:
How do I convert a FAT32 formatted drive which the system says is a RAW drive into NTFS without losing all my data on there? I would hate to have to install all my programs again...
And if that is not possible, how do I format D: into NTFS? I tried the setup CD, but it didn't really get me there. Rather with a 98 disk and FDISK?
Thirdly: Is there any way to divide my D: (64GB) into more partitions via Windows? Could anyone help me to convert it without loosing any data there?
Gee, I hope, anybody has a clue to this...

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Look into...

You have a working HD, then back-up any critical data. You want the easy way out. The plain fact is any so-called s/w that does this will claim, "back-up" before use anyways. You proceed at your own risk using whatever s/w. Take that as a warning and decide whta you want to do.

Quite franky, if you have another HD, then clone one drive to another. Once you verify everything is OK, then re-use the HD and reformat it to the way you want it. You mentioned W98 disk and FDISK, these are old OS tools, so just what are your end uses? devide a 64Gb HD may not if you use XP or better in more than 2 partitions wouldn't provide much storage once done, etc. Even, if you did this and then try using in W98 setup, that won't work period or hic-up in some way. .

Checkout Parition Magic and/or Gparted or even Norton's old Ghost s/w. Freebies or shareware, check website filebases for all that. I look at these or goolge away:

Check below and find the DOWNLOADS area of CNet as well for any helpful s/w.

tada -----Willy Happy

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I have used iCare Data Recovery Free

Thank you firstly.As my HD has become RAW, the computer cannot let me do anything, and i also cannot access to my data, so i have tried the iCare Data Recovery Free to take c achance. I am really happy that i have recovered my data successfully,and owing to the tips of the forum, i havenot save all these recovered dqata on the same HD,and all of this recovery data is definitely simple, so i am really happy. I HAVE TO THAK YOU ALL THE SAME.

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Do you ever used iCare Data Recovery Free?
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Good show

Glad you got the results you wanted. I want to point out, too often when it comes to saving data after some mishap or misstep it becomes even harder to recover it's out of the end user's hands any more. As a tech that tries when the poor results or even during a 2nd attempt at recovery is nil or hapless as any s/w won't do especially if there is a h/w fault at core of problem.

You seem to have a working HD, but some condition that made it less capable or as expected. Again, you did well and the s/w used was able to get good results. Please, take all this a lesson and checkout the "storage forum" sticky that has many hints, clues, and tips for similar recovery problems.

enjoy ------Willy Happy

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Thank you very much

Thanks a lot ! Thank you for your concerning my problem all the time and your thoughtful tips!

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Before you do anything,
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How to convert a RAW drive to NTFS?

thak you very much for your answer
But ,i am confused. I have checked my problem on the internet and find there are many recovery programs that can help me out. and i have tried one , iCare Data Recovery Free,it is really like a miracle and saved my data. moreover, it is free to use, i get it in the link:
have you ever heard about it? .How do you think of it?

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