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How to connect my Samsung led smart tv with my wireless plan

How can i connect my Plantronics wireless headphones with samsung led tv

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Reporting: How to connect my Samsung led smart tv with my wireless plan
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Re: How to connect my Samsung TV with wireless headphones

Hi Shab69,

Could you post the model numbers for both the TV and wireless headphones?

HD Tech

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Wireless headphones

Hi I have a UE46ES6100P Led Smart TV.
Is it possible to connect my Plantronics BackBeat 903+ Stereo Bluetooth Headphones to the TV?
Thank you for the answer

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Re: Wireless headphones

Hi Ear74,

Normally, I'd send you to your country's support, as I support US products and customers and since from what I can tell, this model is for Italy. (Correct me if I'm wrong.) However, in this case, I'll say that I'm almost certain that you won't be able to, as I didn't see Bluetooth as a feature on your model. Admittedly, I don' read Italian, so I could have missed it. However, if you want Samsung Italy's help, here's their portal for support on that product:

HD Tech

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Thank you

First of all I want to thank you for your the kind and fast reply.
Sorry if I posted twice, but I get a bit confused with the forum: in fact, I live in Italy so I posted in the wrong place Blush . Actually, I don't think that there is a service like this for Samsung's Italian customers.
Anyway, I can connect a bluetooth keyboard (Itek mini) to my Smart TV: there are 3 menu, one for keyboard, one for mouse and one for Samsung Sound device... or something like that.
From this third menu it's impossibile to connect the headphones, because it looks only for Samsung products (I believe speakers or so..).
I'll try to send an email to the Italian support centre, because the italian manual doesn't help me.
Thank you again and if you can give me another hint I'll appreciate it.
Best regards

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Just wondering. and if I look at the back I see what appears to be an Analog Audio out mini-jack as well as an Optical Audio output.

Here's the picture I snagged from that ->

I can't read Italian either but it looks to me it is possible to get some headphones to either output using adapters and cables. But some consumers are not able to do so even when the connections are there. That is, they need to call in a technician.

So what I see is that headphones are possible. Even your bluetooth ones as I look at a mini-jack to bluetooth adapter such as follows.

Let's be clear that such things are rarely supported by the maker.
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bluetooth with Samsung smartv
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getting wireless headphones to work.

I know this quite is an old post, and for a foreign TV model, and you've probably already figured something out like the adapter suggested. However I recently purchased as similar TV, and have been searching for the same thing and found this just a few links down, so perhaps this can still help other's who still have questions, or fill in a few gaps. Here's a few additional things I've found so far:

The built in Bluetooth, or wireless, audio options in the
menu (on sets that have it available) are designed for
the Samsung sound bar accessories, and are locked
(as far as I know) to specifically work with those.
[Just speculation, but I know there are service
menus that can be entered by a key combo,
maybe at some a dev will figure out a tweak, or
make an app through this that could unlock the
built Bluetooth drivers for accessories... maybe
even ir controllers like xbox 360.*]

Usb adapters won't work for sound, just like built in Bluetooth, just keyboard/ mouse with usb dongles will work (at least on the models I've used) Maybe service menu could do something here FOR DEVS ONLY

Okay, PRACTICAL solutions, that were only just recently suggested in the other responses... umm almost two years ago. A wireless/ or bluetooth adapter that plugs into the audio output on the TV. There are usually two direct audio outputs, a digital (optical) and analog (a standard headphone jack.) Although, it could be digital (spdif) and analog (RCA) depending on the model of the tv. You would just have to check the tv, or the manual. The easiest would be the headphone jack by far: (A) ... That being said the digital may have better options, but it may also require purchasing a few more things to get it going: (B)

[These instructions are for UN46F6300AFXZA but most samsung TV'S tend to offer many of the same menu options (just with a different interface)]

Take stereo headphone to Bluetooth adapter, and plug
it into audio out (ext. speaker/headphone jack)
*MAKE SURE IT IS THE AUDIO JACK, AND NOT PLUGGED INTO EX-LINK (that is for setting up the universal ir blaster on some models. THERE IS ALSO A SERVICE PORT THAT LOOKS SIMILAR ON SOME MODELS. DOUBLE CHECK THE LABEL. (this could be why some people have trouble and have to get someone to come in.

In the sound menu:
Find and select speaker option,
Set to Ext. Speaker.
And that should get it going

This is pretty similar, but where you select ext. Speaker,
You also have to go to audio out and select digital.
(Then the appropriate format: pcm, bitstream, dts,
dolby, etc...) This may seem over the top, but it gives a
lot more options: Most importantly adjusting the audio
delay/advance incase of annoying a/v lag where you
feel like you're watching an old Japanese dubbed film.
an optical to Bluetooth adapter might be much harder
to find. This might be good if you were thinking about
going for wifi/ radio headsets so you could get more
than one pair for the. It would also be suitable for
using a surround sound receiver, you could use the
headphone jack from the receiver for Bluetooth. Or get
one with Bluetooth built in.

Ohhh kay. My apologies for spelling/ grammar/ format/ I'm typing on a small phone screen good luck, I'll keep trying.

oh and good luck with the wifi.

Dropped... Dropped... dropped... The only way to re connect is to go to network test, then fail, then go to network connections, and re select the ssid. If it asks for the password again, back out, and go back to n/w test and you're good. Or just shut it off and on again.
3 different carriers. 4 routers. Wired connection is the only fix.

Oh then good luck with freezing.

This tv WAS great

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Wireless Headphones to Samsung TV

I have a brand new Samsung LED Smart TV (Model UN40H5201AF) and an older Sony Wireless Headset. The TV has only one Audio Output but my headset has the two RCA leads. What type of an adapter do I need? Also the Audio Out port seems wider than the 0.5 mm leads. Help please. Thanks in advance.

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Please avoid burying your questions.
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Wireless Headphones to Samsung TV

Thanks. I am in the good old USA! I went to Best Buy and purchased an adapter that looked like the one shown above, but the RCA jacks were both black. The clerk said it would work. Well, it did not. I'll buy one with the red and white leads from Amazon. Sound like a plan?

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The color should not matters. Here a test.

Try headphones to the minijack first. That must work. If not the TV may have a faulty minijack.

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Headphones for Samsung Smart TV

The headset has two leads, one red; the other white. Which one should I try directly into the SINGLE Audio Output hole?

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Sorry I was unclear.

I carry one of those other headphones with the minijack to test the minijack outputs. If you don't have such you may have to call in a TV tech to check it out.

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"Other headphones"?

What do you mean by "other headphones'? Also, the fit of the adapter I purchased is not snug. The male lead is not long enough to fully penetrate the Auto Out hole. BUT, the photo you sent me of the adapter shows the male lead longer than what I have. Thanks for your help and patience! We continue---

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I discovered that the headset also had two additional jacks, both for "Input." I simply reversed the leads, the two-leads into the headset jacks and the one lead into the "Audio Output" jack on the TV. It worked, of course! Thanks for helping me troubleshoot the issue. I was the problem!

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(NT) Thanks for the update. Glad it worked out.

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