Typically DVD players come with a manual that shows several different ways to hook the unit up, but skipping that, use a direct, simple method as follows by connecting your DVD player video connections directly to the TV:

1) Connect your DVD player's video directly to the TV. You didn't mention what model of DVD player you have, but for the last several years, DVD players have come equipped with 3 different methods of connecting to a TV:

A) Composite, using the yellow RCA cable. Along with this, there is a red and white (typically) RCA connection for Left & Right audio. All 3 of these need to connect to the TV's Input that has one yellow RA and two RCA audio connections.

B) S-Video. This is better than the yellow RCA video connection, but it also needs the red & white audio RCA connections.

C) Component. This consists of 3 RCA video cables (red, green, blue) that connects to the Component Video Input on your TV. You will also need the red & white audio RCA cables to go along with this.

For optimum video image I suggest using the Component video connections.

Following one of the methods above, you should get video and audio to the TV. To get audio to the Yamaha for surround, you need to use the Optical Audio Out connection on the back of your DVD player to connect to the Yamaha. If your DVD player does not have an Optical Audio Out, then I suggest you toss it and buy one that does since 99% of the new DVD players have an Optical audio connection.

Ideally you want to be able to get audio to the TV and in addition, get audio to the Yamaha for surround.