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How to connect 2 computers at 400 mbps?

Hi i need to be able to connect 2 computers (in different rooms) at 400 mbps
i have cable but dont have a clue on how to do this
right now my dad is using a cable modem and is at 400 mbps but im on a netgear router at 24-56 mbps
is there a way, and tell me how please, that i can get me and my dads computer to run at 400 mbps???
thanks in advance.

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A cable modem that runs 400 mbps....

In reply to: How to connect 2 computers at 400 mbps?

Wow I though I was doing good getting a fast one at 3mbps. You must be mistaken. You are going to have to tell more about your set up for someone to help you. If you are talking about sharing an internet connection between you and your dad, you have to hook the router up to the cable modem then hook each computer up to the router, via cat 5 ethernet cable.

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Gigabit ethernet

In reply to: How to connect 2 computers at 400 mbps?

The thing to search for is Gigabit ethernet. Normal ethernet is 10/100 megabits/second, while a gigabit is 1000 megabits (so 10 times as fast again). Wireless is 11 or 54. Some big companies with big networks and a lot of internal traffic are slowly converting to gigabit Ethernet, but it's rather expensive.

But 100 mbit a second already is much and much faster then your cable access to Internet, which probably is in the range 1 to 5, depending on what you pay for it. is one of the many pages that let you measure the actual speed. And please note that 1 byte = 8 bits! So a download of 200 kB a second is is 1.6 mbps.

Tell us more!


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In reply to: Gigabit ethernet

we have 3 things on the network
my dads computer, my computer, and my ps2
on my computer i have a netgear WG121 (USB) which goes from 24-56 mbps
my dad gets 400 off the modem.
the router that i recieve from is a WGR614
the router on my ps2 is a WGE101
are you saying that i need to get a gigabit router/gateway/hub or switch????
and if you know of some kind of product could you please link me to a site that has it?
so the fastest they have right now is 1000 mbps?
i did a speed test and it was at 24
thank you for anything

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able to be wired

In reply to: routers

it is fine if it has tio be wired to get that fast
it doesnt have to be wireless
my dad said he could wire it through or floor so...

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netgear gs105

In reply to: able to be wired

how about the netgear gs105?? would i need to buy anything else besides that or do i just plug a ethernet line into my computer and get it to the gs105??
and how do you know which ports are 10/100/1000 or are they all the same but just capable of those speed??

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I'm afraid ...

In reply to: routers

nobody here believes a speed of 400 megabit a second for a home cable connection. But assuming your fathers PC gets so, just use the same technique as he does to connect to the same router, and everything will be fine, including the communication between the two computers (but I don't assume that's a very important factor). Why try anything else than something that works so satisfactory?


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Just following and confused

In reply to: routers

"my computer i have a netgear WG121 (USB) which goes from 24-56 mbps
my dad gets 400 off the modem.
the router that i recieve from is a WGR614
the router on my ps2 is a WGE101"

I see a USB adaptor on your system to a router.
Your Dad connected directly to the DSL modem.
Another router for the PS2
= 2 routers and one adaptor... Correct?
How are they connected together and to the Net?

Common set up is to use NIC cards on all systems.
Phone line to DSL Modem -> Router -> to systems.

Can you clarify your set-up.



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Actually, there are faster cards

In reply to: routers

You can get multi-gigabit 10 to 20 gbps, not just 1000 mbps or 1 gbps, but they're EXTREMELY empensive--don't think you want to shell out $2000 for each card and then get the appropriate router for another $500+ do you? Get a simple $35 10/100/1000 card and be satisfied with that. E-mail me if you need to know where the really fast stuff is.


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Just remember this. . .

In reply to: Gigabit ethernet

You could hook up a tera-bit/second connection but your PC hardware will NOT run that fast, or even a Gb/s speed. You're limited by the processor speed, RAM and the HD read/write speed. And it sure ain't in the Gb/s range.

My home network is the 10/100 Mb/s speed. 2 Gig processors, 7,200 RPM HDs and I sure don't get 100 Mb/s transfer speed.

Good luck,

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In reply to: Just remember this. . .

yes i have 2 routers and 1 usb adapter
but my dad isnt connected to a router
i just recieve from him
his is connected directly to the modem and the modem to the wall...
i cant really tell you much because im not computer smart :\ can firewire be used with the internet? and if so how would you connect it?
if i cant get 1000 or 400 mbps, then what is the fastest
router/switch/hub i can get
it may be wireless or wired i was thinking just about 100 mbps router since i cant find anything over that

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to my last post...

In reply to: setup

really what im looking for is an easy to setup/use router thats faster than 54 mbps and that i WILL be able to forward the ports on
ive tried looking for guides on how to forward the ports on my router here but no sites list my router
and i dont even think i can forward them
if you can list a good 100 mbps router that i can forward the ports on please

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mbs versus kbs

In reply to: to my last post...

Whenever you use the term mbs you are talking about mega bits per second, that's 1000 x 1000 bits per second, (or the binary equivalent).

But generally, modem, cable and DSL speeds are measured in kbs, or kila bits per second. Thats 1000 bits per second.

EG a standard V90 modem transfers data into the computer at a maximum of 56Kbs, or 56,000 bits per second. Modems and DSL increase this to over 100Kbs, up to 1 or 2 or 3 Mbs, (or 1000 Kbs, or 1000,000 bits per second, or 2, or 3).

I have not heard of ordinary home use land line based connections capable of transferring at 400-500 Mbs.

If there is, I want one.


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If there is, I want one

In reply to: mbs versus kbs

Me too.

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With two hardware routers ...

In reply to: setup

why use your fathers computer as a software one? The days of ICS (internet connection sharing) are almost gone with the advent of cable and adsl and cheap hardware routers.

And yes, common routers for home use support 10-100 mbs Ethernet, which is more than fast enough for .5/5 mbs cable internet. You'll only note a difference with more than 10 on the LAN (computer-to-computer transfer, not Internet related).

Hope this helps.


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im not mistaking

In reply to: With two hardware routers ...

on my dads computer, the little computer monitor that teels you what network youre running on, and your speed says the speed is 400 Mbps
its in the little running programs in the far right corner
all i want now is a 100 mbps router. And what router is the easiest to install and which one has the steadiest signals. Like it just wouldnt just happen to get disconnected
if you have any routers that ruyn constantly at 100 mbps
and for the people that said that u never seen a 400 mbps cable, the company that we have (cox communications) says its 100 times the speed of dial up, and 10 times faster then normal dsl (referring to Qwest)

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You are mistaken..... do the math

In reply to: im not mistaking

dial up never connects a 56k, it's always a little less at best. But for the sake of argument let's say it's a perfect 56k, now 100 x 56k is 5600k which is 5.6 Mbps not 400 Mbps. Now everyone has been more than patient with you here but you will not listen to them. First you say you are hooked up to a router as a matter of fact you say you have 2 routers but you get your internet connection through your dad's pc.
Here's the deal, any 4 port router you buy now a days is capable of running 100Mbps on your network, that means sharing files or something between you and your dad. That is more than enough to run any cable connection from cox cable.
The standard way to network your machines to share that cable connection is to hook a 4 port router to the cable box with a ethernet wire to the wan port on the router. Then hook a ethernet wire to the network card on each computer then hook the other end of the ethernet wire to the ports on the router. It doesn't get much easier than that. I saw a 4 port router on sale at compusa for $10 the other day.
My network connection says connected at 100.0 Mbps but that does not mean my internet connection is that much, that is just what my computer is capable of running on my network at home. When sharing files with my son or playing a network game with my son. Or backing up my wife's computer to hard drive space on my computer. I'm not going to say it's impossible for your dad to have a 400 Mbps network card on his computer because they come out with new things all the time. I've seen 1000Mbps cards, I've never heard of a 400Mbps card but that don't mean there isn't one. But one thing is for sure if you're a normal cox cable customer from the omaha area you don't have a 400Mbps internet connection. If you get 4Mbps you are doing good.

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Firefox0099. . .

In reply to: You are mistaken..... do the math

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little computer monitor

In reply to: im not mistaking

Just following again.......

Looks like Firefox0099 is looking at his Internet Connection speed. Just activated mine and showing 100Mbps on LAN. Don't think this will be the transfer speed.

[This tower is connected to a linksys router (befsr41)(3 Work Stations) uplinked to a Cisco router (Catalyst 1900 series)(6 repair stations) and Westell DSL Modem.]

If your are looking at your internet connection speed don't expect it to last of achieve this on a network.


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ok so...

In reply to: little computer monitor

sounds like 1 of you is mad
but ive come to a conclusion that the fastest available internet (that i can have) will be a 10/100 adapter?
all I want to know is if i what do i need to get either an adapter, router, gateway, etc...
and do i need 2 of the same kind/brand for them to work

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Here's the easiest way...

In reply to: ok so...

Get 2 adapters and then get 2 chicnways put the 2 adapters in your computer then hook 1 wire from each adapter to each chicnway then from there hook up each chicnway to a port on your router then hook the router to the cable modem. You're sure to get double the output then.

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(NT) (NT) OK ... I'll bite... what are chicnways?

In reply to: Here's the easiest way...

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What's a chicnway?..about a pound and a half...

In reply to: (NT) OK ... I'll bite... what are chicnways?

chicken weigh... HeHeHe
an old one from grampa

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(NT) (NT) Needed That...... Thanks

In reply to: What's a chicnway?..about a pound and a half...

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In reply to: ok so...

NO not mad just trying it understand and this applies to all parties involved..... we are trying to point the way.
You must visit the web sites given to understand your issue better.

What your need in Hwd is a Broadband Router and Cat 5 cable. Connected as follows....
Phone line from wall to DSL modem -> cat 5 cable from DSL Modem to Router -> Dad's tower to Router/ Your tower to router/ PS2 to Router with cat 5 cable.

Go to the various web sites and read. No other way to learn and understand.



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thank you

In reply to: conclusion

finally someone puts it into ******* perspective

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