First, recognize that IE doesn't really allow itself to be opened maximized in multiple windows after the first one.

But to assue that the first one opens maximized, have you tried this?

1. Right click the IE icon by the Start button, (If you don?t have one there, click on Start-Programs, the RIGHT click on ?Internet Explorer?) choose Properties, change it from 'normal' to 'maximized' open IE. It will be maximized.

2. Now right click any link on the page, choose ?Open in New Windows?, resize that window with your left mouse button until it's the size you want it to be.

3. Now close the FIRST window you opened, leaving the resized one on the screen. Now close the resized one.

4. Open IE again, and then right click any link, choose open in new window and it will be the size you created

Hope this helps.