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How to completely uninstall AVG 7.5 (The DUMBO way)

Hi Ireally hope someone out there can help me. I have Windows XP and I got a flash mesage to inform me that no more updates would be available for AVG 7.5 after the 31st May and inviting me upgrade to AVG 8.01 I went on the AVG site and found the free version 8.01 and downloaded it. got to the very end only to be told that I had to uninstall AVG 7.5 Now this is where the problems start. I just cannot get it to go. I am a bit of a DUMBO when it comes to computers so anyone out there willing to help me will need to spell out in detail each click and each move I need to make
I have tried to uninstall from AVG uninstall in Programs. It gets to a pint where the uninstall starts then as the little bar starts to move it stops and all it states ther is "stopping service"
I have been into Add and Remove, It will not go from there
I have been into Control Panel and clicked on Adinistrative Tools and then clicked on Services, a box appears with two AVG "files" in it, I cannot see anything else remotely linking my mind to AVG in there so going by the teo that are there I clicked on them a drop down appeared I clicked on Properties and were they were listed as Automatic I selected Disable. Repeated all of the uninstall procedures as above and still nothing happens. It just will not go. Now common sense tells me that it is obviously running in the background somewhere, because as above it is asking me to stop service, and it is obviously this bit that I do not know how to do. Please please is there anyone who can shed some light on this as I now do not know if AVG 7.5 is running "properly" and giving me protection, or if it is damaged in what I have tried to do, and as I cannot put AVG 8.01 on until AVG 7.5 has gone I am possibly leaving myself wide open to virus attack when I am "live" on the internet.
Please any helpers, remember I am a dumbo, clear click by click instructions. Many many thanks in advance

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Try it in Safe Mode. . .

before AVG starts. Or Google Windows Install Cleanup.

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How to uninstall AVG 7.5 completely (The DUMBO way)

I have had your reply to my question and do not understand a word of what you are advising

How on earth do I do a clean up, where do I find it etc I toild you I was a DUMBO I really do need explicit instructions


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Re: How to completely uninstall AVG 7.5 (The DUMBO way)
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How to completely uninstall AVG 7.5 (The DUMBO way)

Hi Again someone has very kindly sent me a link to something re my request for help

However once again I do not understand what you are saying or what I have to do

We all have start somewhere on these infernal machines and that is why I am saying I need EXPLICIT instructions click by click move by move I realise it is a lot to ask from you very busy people, but I am frightened to do something I do not understand in case I do more harm than good

I am sure there is someone out there who will take the time and trouble to "SPELL IT OUT TO ME"

however, Thanks

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Have you tried this?
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AVG removal

First do the uninstall from control panel, ADD REMOVE PROGRAMS, secondly go to MY COMPUTER, open DRIVE C, then open program files. If an AVG folder appears, right click the folder and delete it. Then go to SEARCH ALL FILES AND FOLDERS, type in the item name (AVG), files appearing in the list, right click and delete. If some do not delete, they may be in the recycle bin, which you can empty later. Then go to START, THEN RUN, type in REGEDIT, press OK (ENTER)..When registry editor appears go to EDIT, then FIND, type in item (AVG) if AVG listings appear, right click the item and delete. Don't delete anything not germane to AVG or you may be having other issues. Best of luck!!

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How to completely uninstall AVG 7.5 (The DUMBO way)

Thank you Phil

I am now going to try what you have said step by step exactly as written

I will reply here with any results

Thank you so much

Terry (Alias) Mr Gruntfutock)

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How to completely uninstall AVG 7.5 (The DUMBO way)


To my new found THREE FRIENDS ---- Coryphaeus and Tufenuf

Thank you so very very much for your attempted help, in regard to my query on the forum on how to UNINSTALL AVG Ver 7.5

As I said I am a bit of a DUMBO when it comes to computers and I really did need EXPLICIT instructions, unfortunately the links you sent to me, were probably OK but I did not and do not know enough about these things to try them. But hey, thanks anyway, it just goes to show that there are some good souls out there.


An extra special thanks to you, because you did send me the explicit instructions, I followed them to the letter with EXTREME NERVOUSNESS I can tell you, it took me hours to delete from the search, because most of them would not go at several at a time, so I had to do each one separately. Still all done now. I then followed all of your other instructions to the letter, finally got rid of it. I have now installed version 8, which I had no problem with. so my friend an extra special "Thank You" to you.


Mr Gruntfutock (Terry)

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AVG deletion

You are more than welcome Terry, glad it worked out for you.

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(NT) Terry, Good job & glad you got it uninstalled.

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