Google mail ( would be my first choice. Yahoo! mail a distant second choice.

Open a new mail account with Gmail or Yahoo!mail. Keep your hotmail account until you get everyone switched over. Hotmail and mail have been the targets of spammers who will simply find a way to access your account, steal your contacts, and then send out spam and viral graphics to everyone on your list.

This happened to me, my ex-wife, and five other friends. They had no idea what happened to them until their friends started asking why they would be sending porn links to them? And there is nothing you can do about it. Hotmail won't help you. This applies to Livemail accounts as well.

Google has some methods built in to isolate your contact lists from your normal email activity. I get the least number of spam hits with Google.
Yahoo! catches spam pretty well, but it will also take some of your normal contacts and then put them in the spam/bulk mail folder for no discernable reason. But in any case, do what you can to dump your Hotmail accounts as soon as you can.