How to change bluetooth device name

Hello, I have a device specific question. I was wondering how/if it would be possible to change an aftermarket device's bluetooth name? For example, this bluetooth dongle. I need to be able to connect multiple bluetooth transmitters to either 1 receiver or an equal amount of receivers without the 'same' devices interfering with each other, and these dongles are the cheapest on the net. Does anyone have any experience in doing this? I'm assuming I'll need to get into it on my computer somehow to change the name.
If this seems impossible, are there any other options out there? I have looked at FM transmission but there is too much static on almost all the stations I try.
Thank you,

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Clarification Request
In short, no.
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I love when people are rude and arrogant when they clearly misunderstood my question...

"I need to be able to connect multiple bluetooth transmitters to either 1 receiver or an equal amount of receivers"

My question was specifically asked how to change the name of an aftermarket bluetooth device, not how to send more than 1 channel of audio on a BT link. I am able to "wrap my head around" the fact that there is only 1 audio channel (stereo nonetheless).

Thanks for being so helpful.

Quoted from my post:
"I need to be able to connect multiple bluetooth transmitters to either 1 receiver or an equal amount of receivers without the 'same' devices interfering with each other, and these dongles are the cheapest on the net. Does anyone have any experience in doing this?"

That definitely explains what I'm trying to do... Thanks agin.

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Yes I do.

My background includes Bluetooth programming and hardware design. You call my reply rude but it's deeply entrenched what's stopping you from doing this.

If you want to change how the standard BT system works, just dive in and start reading then coding. Then you'll understand that as presented, you have asked it to do something non-standard.

There are ways to build a network or PAN but I take it that was not acceptable.

I'll listen and see if we can get a clear bead on what exactly you are trying to do but rude? I understand folk that don't get a "Yes, you can do it like this" answer often have bruised feelings and some lash out rather than talk some more. Don't worry, as I wrote code and designed bluetooth hardware I don't mind at all.

Are you sure we can't use some other system? Little data RF transmitters and receivers are now plentiful and cheap. Example at:

Now with that on an Arduino or other we can have many transmitters to a single receiver!

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Bluetooth name

You can do it, buy a bluetooth module from , their bluetooths allow you to customize the pair name

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Olde post. Dredge spam?

Today it's a new world with 5 dollar computer boards that can deliver. Try to avoid 1+ year old posts or risk being labeled a spammer.

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Question for you :)

Hi! I apologize if you have already addressed this before, but you seem to be knowledgeable about Bluetooth, so I'd like to ask you a question. Is there a way to physically rename a Bluetooth device? As in the bluetooth device's preassigned hardware name. So far, I have only found solutions regarding the name that a specific device (computer, phone, etc.) recognizes the device as, but this is only after the device has been paired. What I am looking for is a way to rename the Bluetooth device hardware, so that when a new device discovers it for the first time, it has the name I have already chosen.

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Only in very very custom hardware.

For most of us, this is not an option. I don't see any good reason for this as it's just cosmetic.

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not cosmetic at all

I disagree that its just cosmetic. I have memory problems and when I go to connect my headphones, I have a long list of options. I have a difficult time remembering which is which since I have multiple speakers and headphones around my house, including a couple of devices for my truck. Not everyone is created equal and those of us with brain injury would prefer to be able to name the device in the connect screen.

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Read where someone claimed it can be done.

I see someone claim there is a fix or other hardware. Now if you have the money, you can commission this sort of work but no progammer, electronics designer I know will do this. So'll you have to ask those that say it's possible.

Post was last edited on January 8, 2017 5:48 PM PST

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Hi how can I rename this bt device name after paired?

Hello a hint would be greatly appreciated Happy

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Clarification Request
Not clear if a solution was found

This is the only post I found on the internet on this subject.

I have 4 tplink bt receiver in my house. Every one is attached to different hifi system in different room. I want to connect my iphone to one of this bt receiver at time but I struggle to find the right one. I find 4 tp-link-music on my iphone bt list of available devices. I would like to rename the name of each bt receiver with the name of the room where is locate to simplify the connection.

Does anyone can help me to solve this issue?

Thank you all

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Only been at this since about 2003.

We had hoped to get low cost RF links in our products so when Bluetooth showed up we hoped and along with others began research and testing.

The name issue in this thread might be solved with some middle ware but I find many folk are just users and not coders. While I code and more, I get folk upset that I won't work on projects like this one. That is, there's no money in it and the end users are usually too demanding.

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Hey, been a **** since 2003

No one cares about your coding. It is a question with a yes or no answer.

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Yes, and no


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Then no.

No one does this today. I know it's possible but will folk pay for this? No.

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Totally Possible

I was looking to rename my Bluetooth device name in windows as well and didn't get anywhere.
What I wound up doing is to connect it to my Mac and rename it under Preferences>Bluetooth.
After that my windows laptop (Win 10) picked it up just fine.

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Possible, but not easy.

I know this is a 5 year old thread, but I ran into it asking the same question.

The short answer is "You can change the Bluetooth name of a ongle, but it requires special equipment to do so."

In my case, I had an I-Link (MPOW) 30-pin Bluetooth transceiver. I found it had an OVC3860 chip driving it. I eventually found the OVC3860 programming kit, which allowed me to use USB-to-RS-232 3.3V converter attached to the TX and RX testpoints to program a new name into the unit. It was not a walk in the park, but it was possible,

The name can be the same and they won't interfere with each other. It's just hard to tell which one a given transmitter is connecting to.

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