How safe is Light in the Box website/Chinese?

It is a Chinese wholesale site that pops up all the time on the side of CNET.
It has reasonable prices; but who has used it?
Is it a reputable site to purchase from?

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Reporting: How safe is Light in the Box website/Chinese?
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Can you tell me where you are seeing the ads on CNET?

I haven't run into the ad myself.

You can check out reseller rating site:

and read through the user reviews, while they do have an overall positive rating, you may want to read the negative reviews as they do go into more details as to what went wrong. But remember, user rating can be manipulated and shilled, so be careful and use your best judgement. You also may want to do a search on the company and go through the results and get an overall feel of the company overall and their feedbacks across the Web.

Good luck!

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I would not trust it

I tried using Liteinthebox early 2012 and in Feb my Master Card number was stolen. I am not sure if it was this site,but each time I tried to put my card number in, I got an error message. I got a call from MC saying someone tried 4 times in Feb/March to put thru $200. for online betting. The charges were not put thru. Is is a coincidence that this happened shortly after I used that site? I would not recommend it.

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I have used this site and will never again

i wish i could post my pic's of my order. I ordered some nice flower hair things they were packed in a bag by the time I got them the flowers were flat and the halo's were bent out of shape. the reason there are not many bad reviews is because if you give anything below a 4 out of 5 it will not post after looking for more info on the site i found out from google that there are many people not happy with there orders from gameing stuff to dresses.

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Never trust them

I bought two paints from Light in The Box. One is single framed at $50 and another one is set of 5 at $150 plus $30 shipping charge. Both of those paintings has lots of flaws in term of art and material quality is very very low. You can get much more better paintings from any USA shop in-store or online. The paintings from Light in the Box are very much photogenic, if you see on eyes directly it looks like bought from dollar store. LITB has return policy and you can return losing shipping charge and spending shipping charge to return that. There is no guarantee how much money you will get back. They also delayed to ship my order and they didnt give any compensation as mention in their website.

Do not trust their website review. I put reviews for those paints I bought. They removed it. If you want to buy product you will get 24 hours customer support and once you make a purchase you have to just send e-mail to contact them, there is no online support or any contact number. I feel they have hired one or two guys to write five star review on their website. It is very much skeptical that there is no review less than 4 start rating. if you carefully read all reviews you will find all reviews are very similar to each other.

Moral of the story: Buy product( where that product is made in China or somewhere else) from USA store. But never take a risk to buy directly from Chinese store. It worst than losing money in Casion where you can atleast get some excitement.

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Help I think I got scammed!!!!

Hello there! Did you return those paintings? If so, did you get your money back? I feel like I have been scammed. They sent me a painting that didn't accurately represent what they have posted online. They said the only reason I can return it if it has quality issues. What reason's did you give to them?

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My experience of Light in the Box

I bought an Android tablet device from them. It came with a European PSU and UK adaptor. The battery was very poor and lasted an hour or nearly two at a stretch but no more. A fortnight after I bought it I recieved a demand from DHL the delivery company for £20.10 VAT which also levied on the post charge so any saving I thought I was making was wiped out completely I was totally unaware this could happen. For very little more than the outlay this has cost me I could have bought a Google Nexus. Thwn to add insult to injury I went on a weeks holiday and when I tried switching it on after we came back it would not switch on, I tried charging it overnight but its still totally dead.

To say i'm one dissatisfied customer is an understatement

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Don't buy from Light in the Box

We bought a sword from Light in the Box for our son as birthday gift. It came on time but a week later, we received a bill from FedEx which equals to about 50% of the purchase value. I called FedEx, they said the shipper stated that the VAT and fee would be paid by the consignee. This additional cost was never mentioned in the purchase page and the buyer was never told that they would be charged an additional 50% by the shipping company. The read cost of the item is in fact 150% of what they quoted as the purchase price. If we have known that the cost was too high, we would not make that purchase. We think they were trying to lure people to buy their goods thinking they were getting a good price. Do not buy from them, as this is not a honest practice to do business.

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First time buying and Last time I will

Horrible Company! Return policy is B/S. I ordered a picture frame/clock from them and and it didn't arrive in time like the 3-5 business days they promise, and it arrived to me broken. When I say broken, it was literally unrecognizable. Packaging is horrible. Considering my item was glass, they should have put it in a box within another box. Cheap quality products. I provided them with pictures of the package and they were generous to send me another one. But then that second time they sent it, it was broken again and with the same packaging. So I asked them to send me another one and it arrived to me the worst ever! All in pieces. Glass coming from inside the box all over the floor. I asked for a refund and they told me to return the items. Why do I need to return products that are unusable... so they can send it to someone else so they can screwed over like me. It was my first time ordering from them and it will be my last time. Horrible.

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Doesn't look safe

I'm pretty sure all those pics you find of people wearing the "actual" dresses are just stolen from people that bought the actual dress and posted pics. Prices are far too low, it's based in China, and they (pay to) hide bad reviews! Red flags everywhere!

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Purchased a formal dress and LOVE IT!

I purchased a formal dress from Light in the Box and it arrived today. Everything was exactly as I ordered, it was delivered in the time the website stated, and it came by Fed Ex with no extra charges. (I live in the U.S. and noticed most people who are getting stuck with extra charges at delivery live elsewhere.) I have no complaints about the dress. Other than a few minor alterations such as hemming and shortening a strap (because I am a short person who always has those types of alterations) nothing else is needed.

The only thing that bothered me about my purchase is that the website did not say clearly that these items were coming from China. Had I known that I may not have ordered the dress. I prefer to buy Made in the USA whenever possible and am concerned the dress may have been made in a "sweat shop". So I am trying to find out more about the actual workshop/dressmakers. Although looking at the quality of the dress (the quality of work is better than most dresses I have bought in the U.S.) I doubt that it is sweat shop manufactured. Those items are typically not of good quality.

I also used PayPal to make my purchase and have not had any issues with fraud thus far. So if you are going to order a dress you do not have to worry about the quality of the gown. Also the color swatches on the site are accurate.

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buying at light in the box

dont buy on this site!!!!!!!!!!!
i have bought there one electronic device and got technical problem after three weeks of mailing and chatting i loosed my money and got nothing in return

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BEWARE of Light in the Box

My mom placed an order Jan. 23, 2013 for her Mother of the Brides dress. As a business owner myself, the holidays shouldn't be reason to provide such piss poor customer service but the Light in the Box blamed the holidays as why her dress order wasn't made on time and wouldn't be shipped on time, though nowhere when placing order was this delay warned or stated. I sent emails asking where the dress was with a response coming WEEKS later thus leaving her daily waiting for the mail for the dress worrying if it got lost. This was/is truly unexcusable. The stress my now 75 year old mother is under rushing to find a dress after thinking this one was arriving weeks ago angers me. BEWARE consumers - false advertising - the order wasn't expedited, wasn't even submitted on time because of some excuse of the holidays and it took them 2 weeks to even tell her the dress wasn't coming for another 2 weeks. Not worth the savings because not worth the stress when planning weddings have stress factors in itself.

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Everything arrived today!

I had some anxiety about the wait time but everything arrived today (about 4 weeks) and the quality is amazing. Everything fits except the shoes but that was totally my fault for making a incorrect size conversion. Rather then try to send them back, I'm giving them to a friend who will love them. I ordered the clothing in a size larger then I usually wear because I knew that things ran small. I'm delighted because I'm always trying to find high fashion clothing that is unique and this website is great. Be patient~ it's worth the wait.

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do not trust them

After I got some broken Items from them, I started to research them and they are a scam. that does not mean that everyone will be ripped of or get broken items, but I did and many others have and LITB is not about helping its customers, its about selling as much junk as they can and making as much money as they can. Being in china means there is not much you can do after they rip you off.

In my personal experience with them I ordered a android tablet and speakers as gift. It took about 2 weeks to get here (understandable) and I had them less then a month when I gave them to my kids. Upon opening the speakers, we noticed one was broken and we could hear parts moving around inside. So that one item was a total loss as they refused to replace or refund it. Within a month the charger for the android tablet broke, (or maybe something inside the tablet) and now we can not use it. I asked for refund, but I was just outside the one month policy. so I am stuck with 2 broken items. I though it was a scam and took a chance, good thing I did not spend to much.

DO NOT USE THEM, end of story.

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I ordered 2 lights featured on their website, and I received them about 3 weeks after purchase direct from China, which was to my surprise since they do not disclose this information on their website. Both lights had very low standards of quality, and 1 did not even appear to be the same light as the picture online. After filing multiple complaints to the company, they said they were sorry and would not reimburse me until I returned the product to them. They did not offer an American address in which it could be shipped so I inquired at UPS the cost of shipping back to the sender. The cost $600, $500 more than the light cost me. Sad, sad, sad. So here it is 6 months after original purchase still waiting for Light In The Box to reimburse me for the really crappy product that should have never been sent in the first place. Poor quality assurance, poor communication of their customer service, no telephone number available, and the time taken to get my money back is far to long. Don't buy products directly from China if you expect American quality and standards.

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Light in the Box is horrible

We ordered two pairs of shoes and measured our feet to based on their size chart and we received the shoes 34 days late. Upon receipt the shoes clearly to do not fit one pair is a child shoe and the other is two times the size that we ordered.

Here is there response to us.

<div><div class="ticketDetails_MainBody"><dl><dd class="ticket_details" action="" jquery1363671589171="1020">Dear Customer,

We sincerely apologize for the
inconvenience caused.

As we mentioned,if there are no quality problems
with the shoes while you just don't wish to keep it due to personal reasons, we
are sorry but we are unable to arrange a refund or replacement for you. The
reason is that all of our shoes are made from scratch and are specially
requested to tailors to be made for our customers when ordered.

But we
truly treasure you as our customer and your satisfaction is uppermost.And we
will deal with your case as an exception.

In this case, we are wondering
whether it is fine that you keep the item. We will offer you 20% of the item
price in amount of USD9.92 for you.

If you still want to return the item
for a refund, we can fully understand and will provide you the return form and
the return instruction.

Please note that the return postage will be at
your cost and the shipping for your initial order is non-refundable as it is
paid to Courier Company. Sum up, the refund for you is the value of product
which is in amount of USD49.58.

We are looking forward to your early

Fiona Lin
LightInTheBox Customer

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I ordered some ballroom shoes from light in the box

The first time I ordered dance shoes from them, I ordered my normal shoe size and confirmed it by measuring my foot as they recommended. When I got the shoes they were 1 or 2 sizes too small. I thought,
my bad. When I tried to return them I didn't know you had to do it within a week of receiving them. I got stuck with the shoes. A couple of months later I ordered another pair a size larger. I was convinced the next pair would fit better. They didn't. They were at least the same size as the first pair or even smaller. The the heel of 1 of the shoes was bent in a little bit and it wouldn't sit flat on the floor even with me standing in it. You can't return anything without emailing them first and getting a confirmation number. When I emailed them and explain the problem, they wanted pictures showing the problem. I was going to send them a picture of my foot in the shoe and my toes hanging off the front and the band heal, but when I realized I would have to pay another $30 for them to ship another pair back, I decided to just forget it because the shoes didn't cost much more than that.

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LITB beware..

I bought a tablet, was defective and didn't support what it promised, was promised a refund, and then reshipped a replacement that was of course useless.

They send things quickly, but you get stung with the duties and clearance costs (can be as much as 60% of the originating cost), which is not posted, so the lower costs are not always what the final price is

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Stay away

I should have known better not to use this company and listened to my intuition. I needed a dress for my dad's wedding and I thought I ordered in plenty of time. Looks as though that is not the case even though it's well over a month. Then I sent an email to ask what the hold up was and they said that it takes a couple weeks for processing and that it would be mailed out soon, but it wouldn't be there on time for the wedding. So then I cancelled, and they stated that they can only refund me the $23.00 shipping charge which was outrageous to begin with. I'm so not impressed with this company. Save your money and go somewhere stateside. This place is the worst!!!!

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As I was having my bathroom renovated I went on line to order things. I came across Light in the box. I did not realise that they are based in China..otherwise I would not have bothered as I needed my taps and accessories quickly.They sent me another item instead of a soap dish...promised they would send it out..never did.....Also got a message from customs care of DHL for charges customs and tax..over £41.00...was not happy with this, and again they asked for copy of the recept which I copied and sent to them. Got message saying they would refund in 3 days..So far Nothing..also they closed the ticket on this complaint.
Be warned..this is a company in not order anything from them...


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I did a trial run of this site by ordering fashion jewellery and hair accessories. I am very disappointed and will never order from this site again. I received my order in 4 weeks. If you have a wedding or special event, this might cause you problems.

"Please be kindly advised that Airmail basically takes 10 - 20 working days which is equal to 14-28 ordinary days to arrive. So your order was not delayed. We appreciate your kindly understanding in advance"

The fashion jewellery itself was very poor in quality. It does not match the pictures provided on the site. The colours are totally off. One of the items, I ordered was a peacock feather necklace. The feather part was broken, the paint was missing, and it was dented. Poor, poor workmanship. The other necklace had beads missing from it. I would never buy these pieces if I saw them in real life. If you live in Canada, there a lot of other shops and sites that provide better quality items for cheap...stick with them.

I am worried about my credit card information after reading the other reviews Sad

I got what I paid for....

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Buyer Beware!

Let me tell you my story. I ordered a $250 dress from Light in the Box. The Canadian government added $60 in import duty.When it arrived, there was obvious shoddy workmanship: lace had been sewn onto the sleeve in such a way that you couldn't put your arm through it. The waistband was all puckered and uneven. I contacted Light in the Box with photos of the problems, and they authorized a return, but refused to reimburse me for the initial shipping charges. I returned the dress as instructed: and paid another $60 in shipping. I tracked the package, but even a month after it had arrived in China, I still hadn't received the credit for the dress on my credit card statement. I again contacted them, and they claimed they couldn't find anything wrong with the dress, so I was not entitled to a refund (OK, so now I've invested $370 in a dress I don't even have in my possession). They offered a $50 store credit instead (as if I'd EVER order anything from them again.) I am now taking action through my credit card company.

DO NOT be lulled into thinking you're going to save money: this company is a scam, selling poor quality goods and then refusing to provide customer service!

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