"How many times per day do you use your computer? / telephone or other electronic device in working purposes?"

At work? Several million times per day at a minimum. Constantly. All day, all night, weekends and holidays included.
At home? More often that that.

"How much technology increases your efficiency? from 1 to 10"

I take it that English is your fourth language?
Assuming that you are asking: "How much does technology increase your efficiency?" : this is an impossible question to answer. My entire job is technology. Much of my homelife revolves around technology and tech keeps me alive. If I had to quantify it I would say my efficiency was increased by an infinite per centage by technology.
Maybe more.

"Do you spend more on technology when your income rises?"

That's a hypothetical as my income *doesn't* rise. Hasn't since 2008 or so. You have heard of the "Credit Crunch" and the "Austerity programs" imposed shortly after it?
Answering hypothetically, no, my spending on technology depends on three factors, what I need, what I want and what I break.
I haven't needed anything for a number of years, I haven't wanted anything new and shiny for about as long and so far nothing has broken for ages.
I sometimes wonder whether that's why the global economy is stagnating.