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How many peripherals did you retire after upgrading to new Windows OS?

How many peripherals have you had to retire after upgrading to Windows Vista or 7?

-- None at all (Lucky you!)
-- One. (What were they?)
-- Two. (What were they?)
-- Three. (What were they?)
-- Four. (Wow, that many? What were they?)
-- Five. (Wow, that many? What were they?)
-- Six or more. (Wow, that many? What were they?)
-- I haven't upgraded.
-- I don't do Windows.

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None yet...not even my 12 year old HP laserjet

BTW, running 64 bit Win7.

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What peripherals did I lose upgrading to Vista or

I upgraded from XP to Windows 7 and was thrilled. The OS actually worked, and ALL my printers, scanners and everything worked as soon as I plugged it in. Even my old Canon BJC 85 portable printer. Worked perfect without downloading drivers or programming(which by the way was not available with Vista.)

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Nec SuperScript 1260 Laser Printer

I have kept my desktop as XP Professional, and will do so until the cartridges are finished. I would have to buy a new laser printer so am hoping this one will last quite awhile longer. It would be great if there were new drivers to work with my Vista 64 bit laptop . . . If anyone knows of any I would love to hear where to find them.

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Continue use of HP Laserjet with Windows 7

How did you connect the HP laserjet and what drivers did you need to download. I have a Laserjet that is probably twice as old and would hate to retire it. It is an HP Laserjet 4L.

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Peripherals with Vista!!!

Even though hardware makers said they were not going to create drivers for either 32 or 64 bit Vista, when you install the peripheral, Vista went out on the Internet and found drivers that worked just fine with them. I even installed a 10 year old Laser printer that had a regular printer input. I was able to get an adapter cable that converted from a printer cable 50 pin output to USB. I was surprised to find that Vista actually installed a printer for this old war horse of a printer. It also installed a printer than I though that I wasn't going to be able to use to work with both Vista and Windows 7. Both of those programs are very user friendly for installing printers and other peripherals that you might think would work with these new peripherals.

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re: How many peripherals did you retire...

I have upgraded to Windows 7 Ultimate (32) on my laptop and just finished building a new desktop with Windows 7 (64). Didn't have any trouble obtaining drivers for any of my peripherals, though none are older than 3 years. I might just add here that I am basically a Microsoft hater, but I think they may have finally gotten Windows right with Windows7.

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No problems

Everything has worked just fine, even my old Dell Axim pocket PC. Windows 7 (in a new Dell machine) automatically downloaded a driver for it.
I had to download a driver for an Hp laser 1020.

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Vista 64 caused just one perpheral to be retired

The old HP scanner on the XP system just couldn't be coaxed to work with Vista 64. Neither HP nor any other source had advice other than buy a new scanner. So I did. Works much better than the old one.

John Blair

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Vista made my digital tablet obsolete


A couple of years ago I upgraded to a new computer with Windows Vista. Downloaded new drivers for Epson scanner and HP printer. They worked fine. However, Wacom had discontinued my digital tablet model and no driver was available. I was forced to buy a new tablet. It added around $150 to the cost of the upgrade. Annoying, but I got over it. :o/

Jim in sunny Florida

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None to pasture - yet

I'm getting close to retiring a Seagate external drive, once I find some way to inspect its contents for anything I may have missed.

The bummer is this thing is less than a year old. I'm certain it's a driver issue, but nothing they offer helps.

So it goes.

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Replacing Peripherals

Only one a Hp Scanner about 6 years old.
It wasn't so much replacing the scanner it was the attitude of the guy I spoke to at HP. He was of the opinion that as my scanner was so old I should by a new one, even though on XP it worked perfectly.
Yes I bought a new scanner. No it was not a HP

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HP's attitude is Screw you, go buy a new one!

We had an expensive 3 year-old HP Printer/Scanner/Copier/Fax. Couldn't find a driver so we called HP support. The guy's attitude was clearly that they can't be bothered to support existing products more than two years old, so go buy a new printer. We bought a Canon and have been very pleased with it's quality and lower ink cost than HP. That has saved us a lot of money. Now, we've upgraded to Windows 7 64-bit and guess what? Canon had new drivers available for us, no problem. I wonder how many customers HP has blown off with their attitude?

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I lost three devices after getting a vista 64 system

I lost two hp printers and my diabetes meter. I didn't really care too much about the printers, but to not be able to interface my meter has been a real pain. I must now wait to get to my doctor to down load my readings. would have been nice if the meter company ad upgraded their software to work with vista 64 or microsoft made vista 64 truly xp compatable.

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I can't use...

I can use my Sony MD Walkman. Uses mini-disks.

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Games Loss

All I seem to have lose are some games I bought when I had XP.
They worked fine on Vista but not on window's 7 64 bit & the 32 bit???
HP-Pavilion AW17AV-ABA e9200z Desktop 2.60 gigahertz AMD Athlon ll X4 620

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Win7 64bit

All my peripherals worked with Win7, 3 Printers, an older HP Laserjet, Epson Wide format inkjet, A Canon inkjet. Also found drivers for an old Epson Scanner. The best part, I turned everything on before install and Win7 found them all, one worked with Vista 64bit driver. Even an 11 year old program that wouldn't install with Vista, works fine with Win7.
Win7 the best upgrade yet.

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Palm, I hardly knew ye!

My not so venerable t5 is not compatible with Win 7 (64) and even though I tried the bluetooth connection it was not successful. After a couple of months of this and that.. I simply dual boot - using my WIN XP partition when I have to backup or install stuff on my Palm. Eventually I will find a PDA device that does what I want with Win 7. Because of work related security issues I can't use a cell phone device so the smart phones are out... although I think the Ipod Touch will apps will handle the program requirments.. TOO BAD PALM..

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RE Palm, Win 7 64 Bits Pro and XP Virtual PC will do the...


Hi if you have pro you can use the Palm, I have that and work perfectly for me for sync.

Just in case you were not aware of this possibility.

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How many peripherals did you retire after upgrading to new

none-as yet

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Few problems

I was running Vista 32 bit when it first came out and an old Canon printer would work, but the Vista wouldn't accept the drivers for it or the software for it. Also an off brand webcam would work, but not the software or drivers for it. I could use it for Yahoo Messenger, but no adjustments could be made. Same with the New Windows 7 64 bit system. Both would work, but only partially.

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With each version of Windows, you lose something

For me, it was a few pieces of software that have gone by the wayside. But unlike Vista,which was a real pain, my printer was up and running within minutes.

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HP scanjet 4200 flatbed scanner.

The only thing I have not tried is going into XP mode and trying to install it there.

64 bit 7 Ultimate with new motherboard CPU and RAM.

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Win7 64-bit: Canon LBP5000, Logitech webcam

I like Windows 7 a lot! But I'm disappointed with Canon, who chose to abandon their old color laser installed base by not providing 64-bit drivers. My LBP5000 still has more than 50% of its original toner, but I now need to copy files over to an old notebook if I want to print to it.
A software casualty of the move to 64-bit computing was my wife's beloved PrintMaster - the replacement of which by an incompatible name-alike has left many loyal long-time users without a home DTP option - especially when Microsoft's Office Home and Student Edition doesn't include Publisher.

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None have H.P. W7,64bit

I started with Vista 64bit by H.P. New H.P.#5180 Photosmart
Up graded to Windows 7 has Vista sp1 messed up big time

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Microtek 4100 USB Scanner for Windows

I have searched numerous sites for a driver for my 64bit Win 7 OS to no avail. The manufacturers site times out when I try to reach it looking for a new driver. Various sites answer when I search but they all require their Scanning Program to be installed and with no guarantee that they actually have a driver. There is absolutely nothing else I think I can do. I have tried the 3000 and 7000 scanner drivers but they don't work. Maybe this scanner is just due to be retired
Any help will be valued.

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Just one - or by Using XP Mode not even that

The only device giving some headache when I changed system to Windows 7 64 bit was a CanoScan D646U ex scanner but it operates normally in the virtual XP Mode, which can be downloaded from Microsoft, assuming your processor supports the Virtual Technology.
It seems that Canon isn't overall very fond of making new drivers for old devices. My friend had a Mulifunction printer and Canon has no Windows 7 drivers for it. 32 bit Vista drivers exist but these won't work in 64 bit machine, otherwise it would be worth a try.
But my opinion is still that 64 bit is the way to go. On my second machine based on a Intel Q8200 Quad Core processor, 4 GB RAM I had XP before changing to Win 7 64 bit. It became a totally different machine, faster, smoother and very joyable.

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WHQL Shows Its Value

I moved from 32-bit Windows XP to 64-bit Vista when it first came out and it worked with al of my hardware.

When I made the move from Windows 98 to Windows 2000 in college I found that some of my hardware didn't work. I noticed that all of my hardware that had been sold with the Windows logo on it (WHQL Certified) worked fine. Some of the hardware I had picked up from other computer stores didn't. So after that I figured I would be better off with hardware that was WHQL Certified.

When I made the move from XP to Vista all of my WHQL hardware moved over just find. Additionally my Windows Certified software all moved fine and had none of those problems with the Allow/Deny prompts that many people reported. The WHQL drivers from XP worked on Vista. Overall the transition was smooth.

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Minolta QMS 2300DL Color Laser Printer

A perfectly good printer, half full cartridges, over half the life of the rest of the consumables, and it is garbage on my Windows 7 64 bit PC. Microsoft Windows 7 compatibility site says "info coming soon". It's been like that for months.
At least I kept my trusty XP and it works there.

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Software is the problem, not hardware

I had to retire one external backup drive because W7 wouldn't load the software. W7 cost me over 75% of my software and still haven't found an Adobe Photoshop replacement.

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