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How many have 'blinking' issue with Samsung led tv

I am trying to get the number of people affected by this nagging blinking issue with the latest Samsung led tv's. If possible it would be useful to include as much details about the tv including the model number, firmware version, the input source which is causing the problem, frequency of the blinks etc.
My aim is to get the numbers together so that Samsung will take note, so far it doesn't look like they are treating this as a major issue, but we all know it is.
My TV: Samsung UE46C8000 ( 3d led )
Firmware version: T-VALDEUC-3005.1
Problems with: Sky hd box ( Thomson ) which has been reset by sky and has had a software update. Also had hdmi cable change.
Sony bdp s-370 bluray player again had a software update and has changed several hdmi cables to make sure it is not a connectivity issue.
WD passport 500gb external hard drive connected to usb port on the tv.

Frequency of blinks: Variable and random, sometimes the tv works just fine, but once it starts blinking which is just after putting it on, the blinks might happen anyway around 2 seconds to 20 seconds.
What i have tried so far:
Changing hdmi cables, disconnecting all equipment completely from the tv and trying one input at time, to rule out individual input as an issue.
Setting all auto settings to off, like auto protection, mpeg noise filter, digital noise filter, led motion plus, smart led, auto 3d.
Resetting the entire system to default settings.
Software update which gave the above version, previously it had 3003 in the end instead of 3005.
None of these actions seem to have had any benefit and the blink still remains.

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Reporting: How many have 'blinking' issue with Samsung led tv
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Having seen this on

Many makes and models connecting with HDMI I can't agree it's just Samsung.

TRY THIS TEST. Connect with Component cable.

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Clarification needed

Hi Bob,
Thanks for the reply. You mean to say any hdmi connected television would blink? Or is it to do with all newer led tv's? Because my previous tv was a toshiba lcd which was just hd ready, but it never flinched in the last 3.5 years, the setup is the same but only this tv blinks randomly.
Also what is the point of having hdmi output if you can't use it?
Two of my friends have full hd samsung lcd tv's but i have never seen the blinking and their setup is similar to mine.

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Sorry no I would not write that.

But I will write that if I encounter a setup that blinks we connect up with component cables to see if it goes away. There's a theory being batted about that HDCP (part of HDMI) is at play here.

It's a shame they did that to such a nice interface.

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Mine blinks too! UN55C8000 3D TV

This is very frustrating. My TV blinks (screen only goes black for a split second or two) mostly when streaming movies from netflix. It completely went black screen when streaming movies from amazon. I have the 20mbps with comcast and this happens with a wired or wireless connection to my samsung TV. I have contacted Samsung multiple times about this and each time they say they have never heard of this problem (what about the past 5 support chats I've had with them?). I have tried resetting the TV, switching hdmi cables, plugging the tv directly into the wall (not a surge protector), no software update for this tv so thats not an option, and have even exchanged the TV thinking I had got a lemon. Both tv's have had the problem so chances are its more a common glitch that samsung refuses to acknowledge or they had a bad batch of tv's. Regardless its frustrating that I can find no fix for this issue and that samsung claims they have no knowledge of it. For a $2500.00 TV it should work flawlessly. My cheap vizio tv has wifi built in and works flawless, if vizio can make it work why can't a big company like samsung. GRRRRRRRRR......

On a side note; the person saying to use a component cable doesn't know what they are talking about. HDMI is far superior to component and the cable doesn't even apply here because its using samsungs internet tv meaning the picture is being displayed by the tv not via a video cable.

Here is a link I found that shows my exact problem

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Sorry but

I never wrote that component was better or worse. I only noted that the blink went away on it and I seem to have upset you for writing that.

Sorry about that.

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Samsung 40ES6200 Screen Looks Like No Reception?

My Samsung 40ES6200 3D Smart TV purchased on APRIL 2012 used lees like 1/2- 2 hrs a day. Its connected to SD DTH Airtel.
No wallmounted. Even walls are never wet. Not even cleaned with any liquid.
Problem- Suddenly it stopped and shown No error msg. Its like no reception on cable 20yrs back. Disturbance small dots and u see nothing not even Menu of your TV.
Not a problem with my Cable or DTH.
Called Samsung engineer came took 1145 rupees and said Pay 32000 and get a led Panel. Your display is damaged.
Now what should I do!
A small workshop person told i can repair but asking for 8000.
Should I buy a new one or repair it?
I bought it at 80000rupees i m lost
Samsung Suks

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Exact same blinking problem with my Samsung TV and Netflix!

I was wondering if you had any success finding a solution to this problem - I just bought a samsung tv, and it's great that I can stream Netflix, but it blinks every few seconds. So annoying.
Please let me know if you had any luck finding a solution, or if you would like to team up and pester Samsung to fix this issue!

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Same problem here!

Model number UN55D6003. It's a 55" Samsung LED 1080p 240Hz TV. I only see this happen when streaming Netflix. I haven't tried streaming from other movie service providers, but it sounds like we're all getting a problem in the same area. I have mine streaming via Samsung LanStick because my model doesn't have an ethernet port. My internet speed is 6mbps and am currently in the process of upgrading to 15mbps. However, reading through this thread, someone mentioned they have a 20mpbs stream speed and still has this problem???!!! I have a feeling there's a major problem in the firmware. We can toss the idea of it being a cable, as I have no cable connected to stream Netflix. It's not the movie provider's issue. It's not the speed of the internet connection in this case. Has anyone had any luck since this last posting?

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See link.
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I have a 55" Samsung 3-D LED TV [UN55C7000]. I have the same problem (screen blinks/blacks out for a second FREQUENTLY)while streaming Netflix and playing movies on my Samsung BD-C6900 Blu-Ray/3-D player [Run by Forest HDMI "w/ Ethernet, Audio Return & 3D" cable].

However, I do not have this problem when streaming Netflix movies on my computer. Anyone have a fix for this yet?

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Check this out
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Blinking with Wireless Connection

I have a Samsung un46c6500. I blinks when I connect wirelessly to the Internet and use the TV's Netflix app. Not sure of the firmware.

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Be sure

You notice all the other posts about this. While there are some that seem unaffect, some that find a cure, it appears that many are still blinking.

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I have taken back 1 7000 series tv due to this issue and my new one does the same thing... my tv will go black for 1 to 2 seconds here and there. i am about to take it back and get the 8000 series, from what i have saw they do not have this issue. Bestbuy/ geek squad tried to tell me its my streaming that was the issue, but i told them my tv blinks when i am watching direct tv as well. Then they tried to tell me its my directv chaning resolution from 720 to 1080 but i explained to them i would be watching a movie on hbo for an hour then it would blink, i did not change the channel... the final step was when it started to blink while i was watching blurays and playing games on my 360.... There is no doubt this is a issue with these tv's and not hdmi cables or streaming or cable boxes.

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Ive got an 8000 series & it does the same has yours mate,it is also flickering while the picture is on at the moment................................................not impressed at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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same here

I am havin the same problem on my 40 in tv. It started on on day and has got worse i think im going to have it serviced but it is less than a 1 1/2 old and should work great for the money that I paid for it.

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"Blinking" Samsung UE46C8000

I have had this 20 mins to 90 mins 1-second sound and vision off/on "blink" feature with my Samsung UE46C8000 since the summer of 2010. I do not experience the intermittent flickering that seems present in many Youtube postings. My issue is present on both the on-board HD free-to-air tuner and external feeds (i.e. Cable TV, etc.). I have upgraded the firmware from v1013 all the way upto v3008.3, to no avail. I have had a main-board replaced by a Samsung agent and a full diagnostic test completed by another maintenance outfit. I have also had (asked) for a visual soak test to be performed - but the issue was not observed in their 90 min test. I have since posted a video on line to provide evidence of the fault and am now taking action to seek a refund or a replacement set. Otherwise, its a great piece of kit! I do find it concerning that Samsung seem to be in denial of these issues (they do not appear to have access to a database of known or reported issues on their Customer Service desk). They seem at a loss of how to fix them, other than to send a maintenance engineer.. Preferring to focus on new (buggy) innovations and world-wide domination! Unless you have a good F2F retailer, in the age of the Internet purchase, you are wholly dependent on the manufacturers Warranty terms. Against which it appears hard to prove faulty goods and to seek a replacement without a lot of investment of your personal time. Good luck! I know I still need some.

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I have a UN47D7050

My Samsung blinks with a black screen for a second at a time while watching Netflix. It does not happen while watching Youtube, dvds, or Dishnetwork. While watching the DVR recordings on Dishnetwork it stutters or freezes for a second and loses sound. While watching dishnetwork channels, it freezes or skips for a split second. I called Samsung and they said that the tv acts like a computer monitor. The tv only shows what is being streamed through it. They said to hook up a dvd player. If the images do the same thing with the dvd, then it's the tv, if not it's what is ever being streamed through it. I did that and the dvd image was fine. We play the Wii on it and those images are fine. When I go on the internet through the tv, there is no blinking.

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It's widely discussed. The sad part is

That Netflix writes that app. No one at Samsung is writing or fixing that app. What's worse is that it doesn't do that to everyone. If you feel this is a warranty type defect, be sure to make that call.

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TV blinking while using Netflix

There was an issue a while back where Netflix would keep buffering. When the service buffered, the picture would freeze while Netflix loaded the buffer with a lower resolution. People complained about the continual buffering so Netflix 'upgraded' and rather than showing the buffer-bar on the screen, the resolution changes behind the scenes and the TV will blink when this happens. As Bob says, Netflix owns and writes the app. It is not a Samsung problem.

Hope this clears things up for you,

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And it happens on other makes.

Blinks happen on Roku and my newer Revue. I find that if I pause the playback on those things the blink stops for the rest of the show. But again, this may or may not help folk.


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Thank you to all to responded

All of your replies helped alot. I now understand this issue better and I can now start by contacting Netflix. Thanks again

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Just bought this TV and I am experiencing the blinking only when playing Netflix movies
I have never experienced blinking issues in the past when I downloaded movies directly from my wireless PC hooked up to my old analog SONY TV.

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How many have 'blinking' issue with Samsung led tv

Hi been reading all your posts about blinking , had my tele UE 46C 8000 about 6 months now and noticed the blinking while watching sky tv on HDMI 1 , went off to Hughes electrical for 10 days said nothing wrong with it ,they said that the firmware needing updating and the auto off function was on, which i new it wasnt as i had already checked this, now its doing it on Sky and Xbox HDMI 1 ,HDMI 2 But seems ok while watching freeview hd or sd. So i'm going to call them again to come and take it away to fix , and also tell them if its not sorted out i will be seeking a refund....... if anybody has a solution i would love to hear it as this is an awesome telly .

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Blinking problem streaming Netflix through Samsung Smart tv

I have a Samsung led UN55D6300 smart tv. I have blinking issues when I stream Netflix using a samsung usb wireless adapter and also when I tried a test running a long ethernet cable plugged directly into the tv I had the same issue that when I watched anything on Netflix there was blinking during playing a program. Now I also tested using a Playstation 3 and when I use that to stream Netflix it works just fine. I called Samsung and they said they were going to send me a firmware update 1009 for my tv, still waiting for it, and I'm not sure if that was going to cure it or not, they didn't say for sure or not. I'm looking for advice and help here, my opinion is that the tv itself using the smart feature to stream Netflix is just not strong enough for it and you need to use an external device to stream like a ps3 which I already tried and worked fine or maybe a Roku device which I haven't tried??? Any help would be appreciated.

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Same thing since August

I have two Samsung TV's. The blink problem is with the UN46D7000 which uses built in wireless and the Samsung Netflix application. Although the other TV is network enabled, I use a Roku box with an HDMI cable connected to the same wireless network for Netflix. It has no blink issues. The picture quality visually changes with the blink which hints that the UN46D7000 is too closely trying to adapt to changes in network bandwidth. This is consistent with a post in a Samsung forum by what I think was a Samsung representative. The Roku will also try to adjust to bandwidth but it seems to just adjust quality downward until it can maintain the video stream. The mystery for me is why this problem has dragged on so long and is so well known and reported. Buffering and caching is not new computer science.

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Blinking problem

I had same "blinking" problem. I tried this and it has worked so far. I went to Settings and changed Digital output to "Fixed" as opposed to HDMI/DVI (however, do note, you will still get 1080 signals processing because of HDMI cable hook up to TV) I then called cable company and had them "reboot" my cable signal. As such, my "blinking" stopped as my TV had liteally been "blinking" every 5-8 seconds. I hope it works if you try it. If not, nothing lost.

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I have a PN50C7000 Samsung plasma and it has had the blinking issue since I bought it in December 2010. Blinking occurs when watching tv through all sources -- cable box, dvd -- connected via HDMI cables. I've seen the suggestion to use component cables but why own a 1080p when you are just going to degrade the picture by using components? I have also had the problem when streaming Netflix but I think that's a different issue.

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Blinking led Samsung

I had experienced same problem.. -however, I went to Settings and changed Digital out to "Fixed" (from HDMI-DVI =even though you change, you will still get 1080 feed through as broadcasted as I do have HD channels also).. -I then called cable company and asked them to reboot my cable signal.. -It's only been 30 minutes.. but I have not experienced the "blinking" anymore as my TV had been "blinking", literally, every 5-10 seconds... -I'll see whether it continues to "hold". -but so far so good.. -but nevertheless, do try this step as it won't hurt your situation any worse.. -Good luck to us both.. -and Blessings each..

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Same issue with brand new UN55D6050

I bought this Samsung model 3 months ago at Costco and it had the same blinking issue you describe. I exchanged it at Costco lately because they had the same model for 300 dollars less and I was still within the 90-day return policy.
The new TV does exactly the same thing. Sometimes it works fine and sometimes it blinks like crazy.
Not sure what to do... maybe return it and buy a Sony or Panasonic.
It's really too bad because it has a great picture, even though the screen uniformity when it's dark is not the best but it is another issue.

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