Hi there

Well, I can get line-in to work, and I'm truly tech-challenged. ATM I'm slowly getting my old premixed cassette tapes onto my harddrive, then copying to CD (these were tapes I made when I taught aerobics so they're kind of special to me). I simply put one end of the plug in the headphone jack, the other in line-in, fire up Audacity, hit play on the boombox and record on Audacity.

If it works with a bitty boombox and cassettes, it should work with just about anything, I would think.

Streaming music? If that's coming from a site that shows video (like Roadrunner used to), as far as I know there is no way to save that to your harddrive. I could be wrong, but I never found a way to do that. I think it's made close to impossible so you have to buy the music via an online music store.